Friday USC Column Supplement (Restaurant Edition)

I’m hearing from so many people about restaurants, I feel compelled to add another post. So here are some more.

Hof’s Hut in Long Beach (1955)

Paul’s Kitchen in Los Angeles (1946)

Fox’s in Altadena (1955)

The Castaway in Burbank (1963)

Coral Cafe in Burbank (1957)

House of Pies in Los Angeles (Vermont Ave., 1969)

Saugus Cafe (1885)

Watson’s Soda Fountain and Cafe in Orange (1899)

Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop (1948)

Steven’s Steakhouse in Commerce (1954)

Feel free to add your own favorites/memories.

40 thoughts on “Friday USC Column Supplement (Restaurant Edition)

  1. Paul’s Kitchen- great egg rolls, baby ribs…….. Use to eat there on occassion with Tommy Lasorda, and Bill Russell often. Great food, and is still there today.

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  2. Some DTLA spots from the memory vault:
    Gorki’s – seafood omelet w/caviar*
    Italian Kitchen – baked cannelloni**
    Eastside Market – #7***
    Carl’s Jr. Hot Dog Stand (under the Macy’s on 7th & Olive) – chili cheese dogs and a pitcher of beer

    *with beer(s)
    **with old fashioned(s)
    ***with brownbag’d beer(s)

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  3. –Have not been following too closely the restaurant listings, but I am sure Pink’s Hot Dogs in Hollywood was named (nothing like a chili dog at 2 a.m. on a Saturday)
    Or the Kettle in Manhattan Beach (what a variety)
    Or Yamashiro’s in Hollywood (Food is not great, but what a view and setting)

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    1. Snowfall had a scene shot at Yamashiro the other night and it reminded me that I’ve always wanted to try it.

      Inn of the Seventh Ray doesn’t have a great view, but love the outdoor setting.

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    1. Kelbo’s! Combo plate –pork sandwich and ribs. Deep, dark molasses sauce. It was right across from my Catholic Grammar School, Saint Joan of Arc. We 12 year old boys enjoyed the menus with the multiple illustrations of nude women —- my buddy Larry even swiped one.

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  4. I’ll throw in El Tarasco in Manhattan Beach (did they ever clean the chile pot?), The Shack in Playa Del Rey (Shack Burger, with a Louisiana Hot Link, sliced in half, on top of the patty, and Giovanni’s Salerno Beach Restaurant in Playa.

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    1. Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit the royal family?

      Yes, that was hard on all of us, but you have to move on, John. Somehow, some way, I think they’ll be OK.

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      1. Yeah, MG, not sure why Harry settled for someone else’s sloppy seconds.

        I’m sure that the royal family held the fact she was divorced against her more than being black or being American. Many old fashioned parents would have.

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  5. Maybe this is something Wolf can confirm, but one of the great crimes of the McCourt ownership era was goin’ cheap on Dodger Dog prep by eliminating the boil-in-beer before grilling step. Musta saved all of 30 or 40 cents annually with that move. Way I hear it is the dog stands, on all levels, closest to 1st and 3rd base, still do it the old school way…

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  6. Those of us from the Long Beach area remember Hof’s Hut very well. Great chili size, and a patty melt to die for, then they had their own bakery for deserts. They all became Lucille’s BBQ except for a couple still remain Hof’s.

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  7. Played high school football at Long Beach Woodrow Wilson HS 59 to 62; ate lunch at Hof’s Hut almost every day. Great Memories. Too skinny and slow for USC, but graduated USC in 66. Lived the great years of USC football.

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  8. The House of Pies was great as long as you stuck to the pies. Everything else kinda tasted like dog food. The place was still there a couple years ago.

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      1. Yeah. When I left I always left them something in the parking lot that after two days in the sun became a TURD———by the way that cute little dog that was nicknamed turd—- wasn’t that owned by Pete Adams our great lineman ?? Someone else said they thought Steve Riley.

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  9. Speaking of Long Beach- Hamburger Henry’s in Belmont Shore was quite good.

    Let’s not forget El Cholo…….the original site on Western was super good as were the margarita’s.

    The Malibu Seasfood Company on PCH in Malibu is the best for fish and chips.

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  10. I dig that french dip sandwich in downtown, Philippe’s. I believe that’s been around for about a century and may still be going strong.

    Would love for the Blogger to wrote a blog post on the history of Chano’s on Figueroa even if it hasn’t been around for 80 or 90 years.



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    1. Cole’s by the old Greyhound Bus Station in the Mission District was great for french dip too –and brisket — and pastrami —and cherry pie. And it had plenty of dark corners for USC assistant coaches and cheerleaders to get to know each other better.


  11. Castaways in Burbank was sweet! 30 years ago, I would play a round of golf at De Bell with some good friends on Fridays, and then dinner at the Castaway to enjoy the view. Had my wedding reception there too. Good job guys with the restaurant nostalgia. I’ve been to many of the places you guys mentioned.

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  12. There is no good Mexican food on Maui= Gringos trying to make a buck because the tourists are craving for it while on vacation, but they don’t have the El Chapo-Cartel original recipes from Mexico.


  13. Scooter,

    I live one mile south of Fox in Atladena. It is okay. Le Roy’s in Monrovia is better. House of Pies was awesome, they had one in Beverly Hills and Alhambra as well. Steven’s Steak house is good.


  14. When I was playing football at USC, 1966-1970, my teammates and I would go to Tommy”s for late night food. The Pantry, for great old fashion food from the 1930′ and 40’s, Great Servers… Looked like the just got out of Prison!! But Friendly and efficient..


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