USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Lincoln Riley

It’s hard to justify not paying players when Riley can buy a $17.2 million house in Palos Verdes with seven fireplaces.


USC opens as a 1-point favorite over Miami. The over/under is 141.

USC baseball

Won 2 of 3 vs. vaunted UCLA over the weekend. Not many USC teams have won Crosstown Cup points this season, with football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball losing the season series to the Bruins.

Jordyn Jenkins

The best player on the women’s basketball team is entering the transfer portal after USC’s 12-16 record.


USC women’s basketball

On the day USC women’s basketball gets a story in the L.A. Times on rebuilding the program, the best player (Jordyn Jenkins) enters the transfer portal. She was the Pac-12’s co-most improved player and a first-team all-conference selection.

USC fans

You can fly to Atlanta and then you have a 145-mile drive to Greenville, S.C., for USC’s first-round game Friday. Or you can fly into Charlotte and make a 102-mile drive. Pick your poison.

USC’s NCAA seeding

When you play a weak schedule, you get seeded No. 7. Like Coach Bohn says, “it’s about the seed!”

NCAA selection committee

Maybe UCLA athletic director Martin Jarmond (who is on the selection committee) can explain how Duke got a No. 2 seed ahead of No. 3 Tennessee. The chart below doesn’t factor in it’s Mike Krzyzewski’s final season.

27 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. The Biggest Loser Donald J. Trump’s “Truth Social” website has completely bombed…just like everything else he touches.

    The other biggest loser’s Elsa Mobley and the Ladies of Troy enter into the NCAA on a historic losing streak.

    The Ladies of Troy’s season will come to a merciful end on Friday when Miami pulls down their shorts and spanks then out of the tournament


    1. Everything else he touches?! LMAO

      Oh yeah, the country & the world are much better & safer in a Joe Biden world. You must be seeing a whole team of psychiatrists.

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      1. Trump and the Trump Virus put 40 million Americans out of work…Americans are now experiencing the aftermath of that catastrophe


      2. I don’t get into political arguments because there are never any winners, but did you see where China closed down one of its cities of 16.5 million because there were 60 COVID-type cases the other day?– And yet in Los Angeles County we celebrate the end of the crisis because we had ONLY 1060 cases on the same day.

        This crisis is far from over, and America leads the world in cases because we are individualistic and not group-oriented.


      3. But how can that be, John?! He had a plan to defeat the virus! Then the idiot admitted he lied and said in December that there is no federal solution. (“You people actually believed me?!” LOL)

        On the rare occasions he came out of his basement in 2020, he just blew a lot of hot air. Same as the tough talk he spewed about Putin not wanting him to become President. And now we see that Joe is so scared of Putin he’s probably going to poop in his pants AGAIN.

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      1. I have always loved small towns and a slower pace to life. And with a name like Greenville I would presume the area is quite green.

        But I will just listen to the game on the radio. And if you have not heard the pleasant voice of SC basketball he is very good.

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      2. I think people just tend to want what they don’t have. People with curly hair wish they had straight hair and vice versa.

        When I’m in Maui or even Julian, CA, it’s easy to say, “Man, it would be so nice to live here.”

        But after a while, I’d probably be bored as hell.

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    1. The realtors probably had to reduce their rate to 3%, but still, that is a better than a half million dollar payday. But getting a sweetheart deal like that is almost akin to winning a lottery.

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    1. I don’t like those odds, GT, especially for a first round game, when a team hopes to get a rollover.

      So if Miami and SC played 100 games the score would be:
      SC 54
      Miami 46

      Whereas Arizona and Gonzaga are something like 98 to 2.

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  2. If there’s a double loser category, then USC fans can jump right in because Friday’s game is on TRU TV (whatever that is) So you can fly and drive or listen on the radio. But if by some quirk of fate USC loses the game, there will be a triple loser category next week.

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    1. I don’t think it will take a mere “quirk of fate” for SC to lose this game,
      Ghost, it will be a very close call.

      BTW, did PT light a fire under Wolfie when PT mentioned on a prior segment that our Blog-Hero was remiss in not mentioning SC baseball handling sucla over the weekend?

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  3. Lincoln Riley invested millions into some Palos Verde property, so what ? If he ever leaves the Los Angeles area a few years from now, who’s going to get the last laugh on that investment? 😂


  4. USC winners: Malachi Nelson, USC 2023, my son just sent me his season highlights, pasted in below.

    Granted, these are the highlights, but check out not just his mobility, accuracy, and arm strength, but he is way ahead of the curve in being able to see the field and find secondary or tertiary targets. From his jr. season.


  5. Scooter,

    Bright spot, SC baseball is doing well. Better fundementals, hitting and pitching. SC might have found a coach. SC has to take 2 outy of 3 from the long haired hippies. If that happens, then this helps. SC needs to win around 35 games to get to the tournamanet.


      1. Hey buddy
        Cal baseball is no pushover. Middle of the month and they got their showers in. Fresh as a daisy.

        On a loser note, I see TboneMeObummer has had his internet access restored. Loose mule, gain obummer. It’s a wash. But I’d take Mule over Obummer if I had a choice.


      2. Cal hippie’s middle name was “push over” or was it bend over, when he flunked out of Pasadena City College and had to go work the Castro District.

        The Castro District is about as close as that hippie clown got to Berkeley.



        AHA HA HA HA HA HA!


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