One Reason Things Fell Apart At USC

I spoke to a USC coach over the weekend who said one of the toxic issues last season revolved around the secondary.

“It was a bad locker room and then when Donte Williams became the head coach, he took his eye off the ball (with the secondary) and things got even worse,” the coach said. “It wasn’t a great idea to make (Williams) the interim coach. It was an awful environment.”

26 thoughts on “One Reason Things Fell Apart At USC

  1. Hey wolfman, your source claims “It was an awful environment” Please, post the details or I’m calling your so-called source Bullshit.

    For years, Wolf’s “insider” was actually the nightly custodian….. pathetic!

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      1. pudly outs himself again by showing that he’s triggered



        AHA HA HA HA HA!


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    1. It makes no difference who took over the head coaching duties, because Clay Helton built a 7 on 7 flag football team, then hired a pass happy cock sucker in Graham Harrell, to call passing plays in the red zone 😂😂 I loved watching Helton’s fat ass marching up and down the field dropping F Bombs , then preach “God, Family, then Football” to the media, and his team. 😂😂 Fat Bastard Hypocrite .


  2. Interesting but no surprise. Two DB’s left for the NFL and two transferred. Did Riley run-off Isaiah Pola-Mao?


    1. The entire starting secondary is gone — Steele, IST, IPM, Chase and Greg Williams.

      It is notable that Steele and IST opted to go pro when another season would have helped answer questions about maturity and work ethic and improve draft position, and that neither IPM nor the Williams’ have transferred to other teams. Plus this exact rumor floated around The Peristyle a few months ago. So I give this rumor credence.

      Seems like all of college football knows how toxic the Secondary room was last year.

      But it’s unfair to lay all the blame on Donte. All have were Clancy/Bradford recruits.

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  3. Can’t you just see Wolfie interviewing Donte Williams about Donte Williams:

    Wolf: “So how was the SC environment in 2021 Coach Williams?

    Donte: “It wasn’t a great idea to make me the head coach, because I took my eye off the secondary, and things got even worse. It was an awful environment.”

    Wolf: “Can I quote you?”

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  4. SC thinks it has positional problems. Ha!

    LSU MBB has problems. So that’s how the SEC gets players. The old fashioned way. They pay more. And they’re ferners too boot. They should pay to get a visa to this country. Gotta go. Duty calls. And I just got my soap and warm water allotment for the month. Hoorah!!

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  5. Basketball odds on SC winning it all are 100-1 in Vegas—-_ ucla is 20-1——Gonzaga has the lowest odds. 4-1. Or 9-2 depending on where you go. ——- I like #10 Chicago Loyola over #7 Ohio State in the first round. ——-but don’t bet the house LJ.

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    1. USC will be lucky to get past Miami, unless they can disrupt Miami with their height without getting into foul trouble.

      A team with active guards who can draw contact and score, which Miami allegedly can, is a matchup nightmare for USC.

      One and Done Andy.

      Thanks Enfield!

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    1. Are you referring to our very own Ton-o-Hel, I thought so.

      But if he were an octopus, he had many tentacles of sub-par coaches and players to aid him in his destruction of SC football as we know it.

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  6. Thank God, that’s all past history. There’s a New World Order at SC now and this one is a good New World Order, as opposed to the political New World Order.

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  7. Helton- was the No. 1 problem. The second was poor recruiting resulting in a lack of talent on the offensive line, defensive line, and linebacker. You can’t win football games without being physical, and compared to most of the other top teams in the Pac 12 USC had far inferior talent. If it’s was just flag/touch football USC would be at the top with wide receivers, qb’s who can throw the ball without a pass rush, and defensive backs.


    1. Spot on tommyd, Not only was Helton a strategic coach, HS coaches wouldn’t talk to him and real college coaches broke into his backyard and recruited players out from under his nose. Helton was afraid he’d be replaced if he had better assistants. Many of his in game foibles were made as if he was in a passing league.


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