Mike Bohn Named An Athletic Director Of Year

It’s not often you get Carol Folt and Rick Caruso to make official statements together but both praised Mike Bohn today for being named NACDA athletic director of the year.

Bohn was actually one of four Football Bowl Subdivision athletic directors of the year and one of 28 overall as the list below shows. USC is omitting that, of course, and saying Bohn is “the” winner.

Now when you fire Clay Helton and hire Lincoln Riley, you should get an award. When you oversee a football program going 4-8 and having the worst attendance in decades, that’s a huge negative point.

Former UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero won this award . . . three times! Twice at UCLA and once at UC Irvine.

“Mike is transforming the culture of USC Athletics in so many ways, and I want to congratulate him on this well-deserved recognition,” Folt said.

“Since Mike came aboard as Athletic Director, he has been a visionary leader and has ushered in a new era for USC Athletics,” Caruso said.

27 thoughts on “Mike Bohn Named An Athletic Director Of Year

    1. Lynn Swann should’ve won some Athletic Director of the year awards, he was good at his job, and he loved the reach around’s I use to give him on Monday mornings.


  1. Wasn’t it Mike Bohn who made Donte Williams the interim head coach?

    That move alone should get Bohn the “Idiot Of The Year” award.


    1. I’m laughing at the schools he was up against for this unheard of award 😂. Check back when Lincoln Riley is in his third year, and the program resembles Clay Helton, and Steve Sarkisian’s USC’s teams.


      1. Yep, nothing but skill position players and total neglect of interior linemen.

        ‘Ol Mule Shoe is Clay Helton 2.0


  2. How is he a visionary? It took him 2 years to fire Clay Helton and that only came after Stanford beat the brakes off of you. If Oklahoma doesn’t lose to Oklahoma St. who knows where you sad saps would be.


  3. This is like a participation medal. Bohn sat on his hands for two years. What has he actually accomplished!?


  4. firing hellton is a huge plus, taking too long is a big minus,hiring a good replacement is a big plus,retaining bsktbl coach a big plus…wish the other sports were like the 50’s and 60’s with great coaches coaching ncaa championship teams…but times are different with ncaa mediocre as the standard for all private schools…so he gets an ‘attaboy’


    1. Watch your step there, GT

      It’s not everyday a man can be one of the top 28 in his field
      (out of about 110 1-A football candidates)

      By the way, Wiley should get a piece of that coveted award
      along with Bon-Bon. And of course the cherry on top of the cake is getting an endorsement from none other than Without-a-Folt.

      So take that George, this is quite a news day!


      1. Let’s liven things up a bit LJ——Hillary was sanctioned by Putin today——. Supply your own joke to that one—— it’s a pretty easy shot right counselor ????

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  5. President Flo basically using this phony award to publicly congratulate herself for hiring lughead.

    “Mike is transforming the culture of USC Athletics in so many ways, and I want to congratulate him on this well-deserved recognition,”


  6. Fellow winner John Currie widely criticized/disliked at Kansas State and got run out of Tennessee. Another example of failing upwards. Fight onward Flo!


  7. ugh,no a ward fir ol’ed,seams like the poeple aint reckognizeing me and every thing i wuold do if i gotta a job,but u getta job and every one maiks u getta partissipashun trophey of som sort and then thay maik u get moar munneys wile the ressed of us aint gettin nuthin,smdh

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  8. Responding to Mr. Tirebiter above, what did Putin do, take away Hillary’s Russian vodka privileges.

    Or maybe he has withdrawn any endorsement of her making a 2024 presidential run.

    P.S. I did not see it. Did Putin actually use Hillary’s name in a sentence?


    1. LJ. Yeah. It’s on every news channel. Putin sanctioned Biden too——— in retaliation Joe is thinking of outlawing Russian Roulette


  9. By the way, returning to basketball news, if SC can get by the Miami pygmies, they matchup well with Auburn, who present a 7’1″ shot-blocker (but he is white so Mobley can take care of him), a 6’10” forward (who could spell trouble), but then they drop to 6’6″, 6′ and 5’11”.

    Troy can take them, and if they do, then there is Kansas up next, and Troy killed them last year. So Elite-8 here we come!


  10. Bill and Hillary do this good-cop, bad-cop routine with Putin. With the ever-courteous Obama, he would use Medvedev as a go-between with Putin until at least after the 2012 American Presidential election. They’re ALL paid-for.


    1. I don’t know, Charles, the NIT is a tough sale, and even March Madness cannot usurp football on any American campus except sucla


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