USC Morning Buzz: The Transfer Portal Keeps Churning

I thought USC freshman tailback Brandon Campbell showed flashes of talent in very limited carries last season. So it’s disappointing but understandable that Campbell has entered the transfer portal.

Oregon transfer Travis Dye is No. 1. Stanford transfer Austin Jones came to USC to play and improve his NFL draft stock. Darwin Barlow thinks he can start. And incoming freshman Raleek Brown is a five-star, so he’s going to play.

It all added up for an overcrowded running backs room. And Campbell decided to get out before spring practice.

  • USC guard Reese Dixon-Waters (groin) didn’t practice Monday.
  • USC is set to open spring practice a week from today but hasn’t officially announced it. Is Lincoln Riley trying to keep it a secret?
  • USC has hired Cecilia Snipes as associate athletic director for equipment operations. She previously worked at UCLA as assistant athletic director for equipment operations.

25 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: The Transfer Portal Keeps Churning

  1. It’s hard to keep such a good back like Campbell when there are 3 backs in front of him. Somebody that talented is not going to want to be 4th string. Usually, only the Alabama’s and Ohio States have 4th string backs that are that talented.

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      1. That’s what I was going to ask LJ. I like him. Let’s find out. By the way I saw some of those games at Venice Beach—- no refs—. Call your own fouls. Those were tough games bro

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      1. The ‘World according to Garp,’ or Ed– Lines man are the Big Uglies who line up against each other, and “John” is a throwaway phrase much like how Babe Ruth called everybody “buddy.”


  2. Interesting complaint this morning Scott. Opening spring ball next week and everyone knows it, but USC hasn’t announced it. But we all know that if USC announced the spring practice, we’d hear about the hideous media machine.
    As for a running back leaving in a crowded field, it is sad to see someone leaving. It’s obvious that the portal givith and takeith away. The kid should have taken a closer look at history. Way back in the day a football player named Morison didn’t play much, so he worked at a Hollywood backlot as an extra. The director saw something he liked and put the kid in moving pictures. There was a crowded field when Moody Emanuel transferred to a Florida team. But when numbers one and two went down he was gone. History can repeat.

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  3. Kenan Christon – no coach has ever wasted talent like the village idiot did. Plus the kangaroo court against him. 78 carries in 3 years, 68 of which were in his frosh year. smdh

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      1. I have not the foggiest where Christon is, GT

        But back to your comment about the Venice basketball courts, yes, you obviously were an observer, especially about calling your own fouls. I once had a guy foul me 6 straight times, slowing the game down, and when he did it a 7th time I let it go to keep the game moving.


    1. Who’s knows what LR could have done with Kenan if he had him the last few years. But I think we will have a pretty good idea with Raleek Brown. he’s going to get all of the touches Kenan would have gotten. Raleek is not quite as fast (close), but more physical, shifty, and an elite pass catcher. He’s a better back. We shall see.

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  4. Scooter,

    Who is going to block for all of these rb’s? I don’t see any linemen coming in and SC is in dire need of them, on both sides of the ball. Could Riley be another Helton? His desfense needs improvement. I hope not

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  5. It sounds like Lincoln Riley has favorites before spring practice has even started, which is another thing that Clay Helton did . Travis Dye gambled by transferring to USC, because Oregon had a much better offensive line, so his production may drop off quite a bit.


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