USC-Miami Ready For Matchup

Who had Richmond over Iowa in their NCAA brackets?

  • Andy Enfield said today guards Reese Dixon-Waters (groin) and Isaiah White (wrist) are still day-to-day.

“Reese is a lot better now than he was last week,” Enfield said. “We missed his outside shooting and his ball-handling, but we’re hopeful he’ll be ready tomorrow. Isaiah White as well, but we’re not sure, it’s day to day.”

  • Miami coach Jim Larranaga hopes the crowd will cheer for the Hurricanes because they are the underdog.

“We’re the 10 seed,” he said. “We’re way down underdogs to the big, giant Southern Cal basketball program.”

10 thoughts on “USC-Miami Ready For Matchup

  1. Hyperbole is a-flyin out of the mouth of the Miami coach, You are only a
    1-point ‘dog. Oh, and coach, don’t call the Trojans Southern Cal!

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      1. I remember watching Syracuse beating KU in 2003 with Carmelo Anthony and admiring “Mrs Boeheim” and now their spawn Buddy Boeheim is punching guys in the nuts.


  2. I did…I watched them upset Davidson in Atlantic 10 tourney…Told my wife Iowa is good but Richmond is hot right now and can play with the Big Boys.Longwood was different no real good basketball teams in Big South. I moved here 18 years ago and live between them,after being a Calif native from 1943-2004.


  3. Anyone notice the smaller schools with smaller teams in terms of height are giving the big schools tons of trouble in the NCAA includng UCLA tonight. Guards control the game in the NCAA tournament, and if the SC guards don’t play well tomorrow it’s see you next year. UCLA got lucky tonight in the end their point guard Tiger Campbell bailed them out.


  4. hello sports fans, well the final 4 observations, arizona v tcu arizona a mediorce unit stunk it out vs tcu a team of thugs and deg enerates dixon a perpert! auburn goes down with a thud chocks ! duke is sucking what little it has out of itself via coach k could make the final 4 !!!! Regards , E


  5. hello fan dom, its lockheed martin whos targeting civilians with there weapons under us government contracts !!!! Evil !!!!!!! Regards , E


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