If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Who will win when USC plays Miami today in the NCAA Tournament?

It all depends on what you think of the Hurricanes?

I’ve made it clear what I think of Andy Enfield, so when USC gets into the tournament, its best chance is to either overwhelm a team with its talent (Drake), hope the team is overrated (Kansas) or lays an egg (Oregon). That sums up last year’s tournament victories.

If Miami falls into any of these categories, forget it. If Miami is well-coached and has its act together, USC could be in trouble.

  • Here is your viewing guide for today’s NCAA Tournament games:
  • USC and Greenvile, S.C. have something in common: The same clock towers.
  • The Hollywood Bowl is celebrating its 100th anniversary and part of that will be a June 11 free concert that includes the USC and UCLA bands.
  • USC 800-meter runner Isaiah Jewett will be the USC Bovard College commencement speaker. Jewett competed in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics; earned his bachelor’s from USC and is graduating this year from the masters project management program.

Jewett went viral at the Olympics after he was tripped from behind by Botswana’s Nijel Amos and the two collapsed on the track. Jewett got back up and helped Amos to his feet. Amos apologized for the mistake, Jewett put his arm around him and the two finished the race together.

  • USC board of trustees chair Rick Caruso is going for Hollywood endorsements first in his run for L.A. Mayor. Fill in your own punchlines.

And now for some history:

Here are some first-time color photos for this blog.

  • I’m always up for a color photo of Willie Brown with John McKay. This photo is between 1961-63.

In the 1963 Rose Bowl, No. 1 USC played No. 2 Wisconsin. Brown had 108 yards receiving, returned kickoffs 41-and-31 yards and made perhaps the key play of the game with an interception in the end zone.

  • I’m also happy when I can find a rare color photo of wide receiver Bob Chandler. This is from 1969. Chandler’s helmet has the 100 on it for the 100th anniversary of college football.
Top row: Michigan wide receiver Anthony Carter, Pitt offensive tackle Jimbo Covert, Tennessee wide receiver Willie Gault, Nebraska center Dave Rimington, Ohio State guard Joe Lukens, Pitt quarterback Dan Marino. Second row: North Carolina running back Kelvin Bryant, USC offensive tackle Don Mosebar, USC offensive guard Bruce Matthews, Oklahoma running back Stanley Wilson. Bottom row: Georgia tailback Herschel Walker, Washington coach Don James, Washington kicker Chuck Nelson.

I’ve run pictures of past Playboy All-American teams but this is the first time I’ve run this photo of the 1982 offense. That’s Don Mosebar (72) and Bruce Matthews (66). You want to tell me Lincoln Riley has USC back? Wait until he has offensive linemen like this.

  • Some readers who grew up in the San Gabriel Valley tell me they used to like El Poche Cafe in San Gabriel.
  • The Velvet Turtle had at least 12 locations throughout Southern California.
  • Van de Kamp’s coffee shop and bakery had their windmills throughout the Southland.
  • OB’s Pub and Grill in Manhattan Beach has the “Julie’s Sandwich” on the menu, a “grilled roast beef and cheese on sour dough sandwich with Au Jus. A tradition for over 50 years.” This is the same sandwich that featured at Julie’s restaurant at USC for many years and was the most-popular item on the menu. OB’s used to be owned by Steve and Jim Obradovich, who also ran Julie’s. 

Julie Kohl opened her restaurant in 1941 and sold it in 1975 but it remained unchanged until it closed in 1997.

  • Here’s a color photo of Wrigley Field in Los Angeles, which was at 42nd Street and Avalon Blvd. See the homes in the background?

One night, a woman was taking a bath in one of the houses. Steve Bilko, the famous slugger for the Los Angeles Angels, hit a home run that broke through a bathroom window and landed in the bathtub. The ball was cut from the glass. The woman was unharmed.


27 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

    1. Just one question, of which I am greatly confused, Ed. Is a mazing someone who lives in a maze? I think I met some of them when I did a big corn maize once. Those people looked lost.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. “That’s Don Mosebar (72) and Bruce Matthews (66). You want to tell me Lincoln Riley has USC back? Wait until he has offensive linemen like this.”

      – Scott Wolf (Comedian)

      They don’t make linemen like Don Mosebar and Bruce Matthews anymore. And even if they did Lincoln “Mule Shoe” Riley would show no interest in them. He’s too busy scouring the country for more WR & RB commits.

      Mule Shoe doesn’t know anything about physical football, he’s cut from the same cloth as Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian and the other idiot Clay Helton, otherwise known as The Three Stooges.


      1. Tebowobama,

        I will give Riley this year in regards to recruiting linemen. However, next year’s class will need 4 to 5 olinemen and 4-5 delinemen. If he doesn’t get them, then I will start to believe that he is another Helton. We will see.


    3. I love the picture of those USC All American Offensive Linemen, and you’re right, the Trojans won’t be back until Lincoln Riley recruits the big boys. All I see coming in are lots of skill players, so he obviously Riley’s shooting for the playoffs, not advancing to a championship. But then again, that’s all he did at Oklahoma, so why expect anything different. 😂😂


  1. Great photos, thx Scottie! Bobby Chandler, taken way too soon.

    As for LA mayor, a termite could do a better job running city government. Caruso should be able to beat that. Maybe Folt can move over to be his campaign manager.


  2. That was quite a year 1982, with Herschel Walker (one of the Top-10 running backs of all time), Dan Marino (Top-10), Dave Rimington (when Nebraska ruled football with its linemen), and SC’s Mosebar and Mathews.

    Always thought Gwyneth Paltrow’s acclaimed beauty was over-rated, just not my type, and that picture of her hiding her face reinforces my opinion.

    Guess Wolfie believes last year’s run to the Elite-8 was all smoke and mirrors. If SC makes it that far this year Wolf will probably write that it occurred because of smoke, mirrors and the grace of God!


  3. Do you know what Folt’s Mexican service staff at her mansion calls her? Contsuelo (say it out loud you’ll get it) And yes it was racist but I’ve seen worse.


  4. Tomorrow March 19 is St.Josephs day —-For many many years the birds would return to San Juan Capistrano mission exactly on that same day, year after year—— Then Alfred Hitchcock made that movie—- The Birds starring Tippi Hedrin—— and the birds got mad and aren’t so faithful anymore—- I am posting this one day early because I may die before midnight—-and also because I love the little birds just like St. Francis and also because I want to inspire our Trojan basketball team this morning before our game—- I know at least two of our players read this and they’ll pass it on to the others to make everyone play their best today—— if they can do that then victory is assured !!!!

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    1. When you eventually go, ol’ GT, be cautious about entering the right gate! I hope one of my dogs will be there to help me, when I get there.

      The Hunt – Twilight Zone 1962


    2. Come on, GT, don’t do this to us, about your imminent death unless you truly have some disease that a doctor has given you no chance of surviving in 2022.


    3. Geroge Tirebiter,

      The birds will retunr to the mission in San Juan Capistrano. I think they are swallows. I have been saying a 9 day novena to St. Joseph. He is one of the most underated saints in the Catholic Church, but one of the most powerful.


      1. Hi PasadenaYeah they are swallows—- I remember you went to Mass in the evening of Ash Wednesday. Pray for me bro


  5. Bob Chandler- One of the greatest USC athletes, and nicest guy ever. A true legend from the great City of Whittier just like Scott Wolf where I believe Chandler’s father was the Mayor at one time.


  6. Scott,

    The color picture of John McKay standing next to 26 is not Willie Brown. C’mon man. We all don’t look alike. It’s my uncle, Ray Cahill who was a split-end, and his best friend was Nate Shaw. Ray Cahill and his SC teammate Harry Wells won the city championship at Manuel Arts. You need to do better.

    David Goodman

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Also, I believe that picture would have been 1966, Ray’s last year. I recall talking to him on the practice field and saying how he should be a lock to start for McKay, he being All-City. Ray told me there was no sure thing, and sure enough, he was right when he was beat out by Ron Drake.


      1. He suffered a leg injury in the spring of his sophomore year and never really recovered. My grandfather wanted him to redshirt, but he wanted to graduate with his class. He passed away in 2004.

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  7. Nice move Caruso, you jackwagon. The number one reason politicians are despised by us working folk is that they’re pathological liars. The number two reason, Demcorats, like yourself, usually align themselves with the Douchebag Hollywood Elite, like the skank you’re in the photo with. I really thought that with all your billions, you would stay away from that element and run a campaign for a majority of the people of Los Angeles, but I should’ve known better, the Hollywood Elite is your peer group.


  8. I knew Rick decades ago and he’s a great guy. He may not be able to fix all of LA’s problems but it won’t be because of lack of effort or heart

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    1. My wife was the psychologist at St. Paul’s School in Westwood, and Caruso donated a lot of money to the school, and to the Catholic building on the SC campus. Most folks with big bucks are stingy with their money, but not Caruso.

      Of course I don’t know what kind of mayor he would make, that is another story.


      1. LJ. That was Our Saviors Chapel—- I used to go to the old one a lot. It was used for the Newman Club. Two blocks north of the campus back then.

        Liked by 1 person

  9. There are lots of color shots of old Wrigley Field in the film Damn Yankees. One of the musical dance numbers was done on the field there.


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