USC Assistant Coach Dave Nichol Dies

Some tragic news today as USC inside receivers coach Dave Nichol died this morning. He was 45. According to sources, Nichol had been battling cancer since December.

I’m told USC coach Lincoln Riley flew Nichol back to Texas so he could be with his family before he passed away.

Nichol had coached at Mississippi State, Washington State, East Carolina, Arizona, Baylor and Texas Tech. He and Riley coached together at East Carolina.

USC previously announced Luke Huard would fill in for Nichol at inside receivers coach.

“We are heartbroken and devastated,” Riley said in a statement. “Dave was such a tremendous human being and a fantastic football coach. He absolutely loved the game and constantly poured his heart and soul into his teams. He will be dearly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. We, as a program, look forward to playing and coaching for him as we move forward.”

25 thoughts on “USC Assistant Coach Dave Nichol Dies

      1. Then enlighten us, Ted, explain death to us.

        The fact of the matter is no one but the dead truly know what is on the other side.


      2. LJ, it’s always best to just ignore the trolls. Some people don’t know how to respond to death, so they do so very awkwardly.

        FYI, he was trying to imitate tough guy Sargeant Barnes from Platoon. At least he’s been paying attention enough to know we enjoy quoting movies & TV.

        Even with the lack of social graces, I’m glad he joined the discussion. I know we have a lot of lurkers. Always nice to have more participants, even if I don’t agree with everything they post. One of many things that makes this country great.

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      3. Teddy,

        I know this, if you don’t have Jesus as your saviour you better to hope that you live forever. Because if you die without him as your Savior, you better take your sun screen and a whole bunch of water.


  1. It is of course easier to be objective when someone you don’t know dies. But what if our time on earth is for the purpose of preparing us for a spiritual existence. If so, then “death” should have no sting for us.

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    1. Indeed!

      “He who pleased God was loved;
      He who lived among sinners was transported—
      Snatched away, lest wickedness pervert his mind
      Or deceit beguile his soul;
      Having become perfect in a short while,
      He reached the fullness of a long career;
      For his soul was pleasing to the Lord,
      Therefore God sped him out of the midst of wickedness.
      But the people saw and did not understand,
      Nor did they take this into account.”
      – Wisdom 4:10-14

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  2. Dave would’ve had an inkling in December that he was sick. Decided to follow his old Texas Tech friend Lincoln Riley to LACA 90089 in the pursuit of football glory and to fight this treacherous enemy Cancer. This guy was riding the whirlwind. Rest in Peace Dave Nichol and Fight On✌️

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    1. Maybe, George, maybe it is sad news and maybe not.

      Of course, it is sad news for the deceased’s loved ones, they have lost a big part of their lives.

      But for the deceased, maybe not. Whether you live one day or 100 years on earth, it is still a very short period. Most of us believe in a spiritual world after our “death,” and who knows what surprises that holds for us?


  3. Wow talk about a mind blower on this beautiful Friday. May he rip. For tomorrow is not promised. When God calls your number it’s time to go. My heart goes out to his family. As a person that has seen family members die from cancer and a survivor as well from it. May God bless Dave Nichol. You are a Trojan forever fight on!

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      1. Thank you lawyer John for the words of encouragement. You don’t even know know how much it means to me. I thank God that I’m still on this earth fighting to survive to find my purpose in life. I was lucky the Dr caught it early. A mass on my kidney that was removed without having to lose it or go through chemotherapy. Fight on God is good. Love all my Trojan brothers on here.

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  4. Condolences to the Nichol family back in McKinney, Texas and Dallas. Dave would’ve made a fine addition to the USC coaching staff.

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  5. RIP in peace Mr. Dave Nichol… Wow.. diagnosed with cancer back in December after he took the job at SC, but stayed on the job away from his family in Dallas up until a week before he died which shows you how much he must have loved the game of football, Lincoln Riley, and his players.

    Life is short folks……..treat each day as if it is your last nothing is guaranteed or to be taken for granted.

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    1. And that is why I keep on going to work everyday. Because it makes the day longer i.e. when it’s 3 o’clock I am saying ‘When is 5 o’clock ever going to get here so I can go home?’

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    1. And I thought I was the only one in Los Angeles that did that, George.
      Darn-it-all if you didn’t beat me to the punch again.


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