USC Friday Notes Column Supplement

Look at how similar the USC coaches’ clinics are from 1959 and 2022.

At least the 1959 clinic featured Al Davis and more importantly, two “Coke” breaks.

19 thoughts on “USC Friday Notes Column Supplement

  1. Did they have to charge $20 to get in?– Wiley could have taken out a second mortgage on his new home to pay the $15,000 freight for the alleged 750 in attendance.

    And I never heard of this before– did Ton-o-Hel ever put one on?– And if so I would imagine that 750 minus the 0 would have shown up.

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    1. Helton did these too, John —but he was always careful to do them in conjunction with REAL coaches….

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      1. We’ll all know that Pete has lost it when we read, “Seahawks interested in J.T. Daniels if the price is right”……


  2. gee,so thay taik all the playurs with the loop holes end know thay gonna get all the couches with moar loop holes,i aint the onley one seeing wuts goin on,ncaa neads to stop this loop hole bizniss be for it get to outta cunttroll,smdh

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    1. I want to see Carol in one…


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