Sean McVay On Lincoln Riley

You knew it was only a matter of time before Rams coach Sean McVay was asked about Lincoln Riley.

“I’ve always respected the way they operated at Oklahoma,” McVay said. “It looks different than the way we’ve done it offensively but that’s part of the exciting thing is, is being able to kind of pick his brain, learn from him.”

  • The Pac-12 announced it will relocate from San Francisco after the end of its current lease in June 2023. The location for the new production facility has not yet been determined. The conference has spent $92 million in rent the past 11 years since relocating to San Francisco.
  • Non-production employees will go fully remote for work. Others will move facility to be determined.

29 thoughts on “Sean McVay On Lincoln Riley

  1. hmmm,loop hole any one? know thay got mor couches couching and thay stil aint win a gaim yet,,,seams like some one is tryin to put the wood over thare eyes,smdh

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      1. couches = coaches
        coaches = couches
        wood = wool
        wool = wood

        On the other hand, we have commonality with “smdh” = “smdh”

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    1. You like posting content all the time on here Charles. Which is useful. Check out my post below. Sounds like another 5* coming to SO Cal. In Conerly Jr.

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    1. It’s up your butthole along with the cucumber that you stuffed up your ass! Just shut up and enjoy the free content that I provide for you ingrates!


  2. You knew it was only a matter of time before Rams coach Sean McVay was asked about Lincoln Riley.

    Only a matter of time? This quote from McVay is from last November.

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  3. LR is an offensive genius that has always produced explosive offenses. Nothing will change at SC. It’s his defenses that need improvement. Get that right and a NC is just around the corner….maybe another Pete Carroll dynasty.
    It’s always nice to hear about people who like USC football. Because there are a lot of USC football haters out there. I know some people who( if they could see the future and knew that USC was going to win the NC in 2022) would say “Break out the nukes….let’s light a match to this Ukraine war and start WWIII for one year….maybe a couple of H-bombs will hit the USC campus and when we pick up the rubble in 2023, USC will be gone forever”.

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    1. Hey are all those RBs and WRs going to play O line and defense too ? I have a bad feeling for you fan boys your savior QB is going to be in traction by mid season


      1. A heartbroken bruin fan after news of chip’s extension:

        “Wow…THE WORST coach in UCLA history who has gone 2-22 vs winning teams and is an anemic recruiter gets a 4 year extension. Martin is no better than Dan. Combine this with THE WORST Non Con schedule in UCLA’s history, and Chip will further his own worst home attendance record”

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      2. Now it’s time to bring in a big time d line men from the transfer portal. Lil by lil Lincoln is building up the program, ruin fan boys. Fight on!

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      3. I actually think that they have a pretty good O-Line coming back. They had a pretty good O-Line last year. They could use maybe one more quality O-Lineman and some depth. Jimmons and McKenzie should not have left. Both have potential to play at the next level but they are not ready. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are not drafted at all. I don’t know why these players keep leaving early.

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      1. Believe me, I’ve actually talked to people who felt that way. I don’t know what it is that they hate about SC. They seem to think that SoCal boys make for better surfers than football players.


    1. Jim Carrey called out the Oscar crowd for being the spineless POS’s they are, for acting as if that is in any way acceptable behavior. The fact he wasn’t immediately escorted out of the building shows they do, no matter what kind of lip service they’re giving us now.

      Actions speak louder than words.

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  4. I’m glad Jim Carey had the balls to speak up about the crap show that’s become the Oscars. What a fucin disgrace on Sunday night. Where’s Ricky Gervais when we need him. Actually he told all of Hollywood to go get fuced after that debacle at the Oscars.

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