Allyson Felix And Ron Howard Headline USC Honorary Degrees

Olympic sprinter Allyson Felix and actor-director Ron Howard are among six recipients of USC honorary degrees to be awarded at the graduation ceremony on May 13, the first in-person commencement event on campus since 2019.

Felix is also going to be USC’s commencement speaker. She never actually ran track at USC but was a student. Howard also attended USC.

Also getting degrees are Howard’s movie-making partner, producer Brian Grazer; former chairman of Columbia Pictures and MCA/Universal Motion Picture Group, Frank Price; USC trustee David Bohnett and science journalist/policy expert Bina Venkataraman.

Among the movies produced by Grazer was the Academy Award-winning best picture “A Beautiful Mind.” Among Price’s credits is the TV show, “Columbo.”

Howard was asked today about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Academy Awards.

“I wouldn’t have expected that kind of behavior,” he said.

16 thoughts on “Allyson Felix And Ron Howard Headline USC Honorary Degrees

  1. ugh,givvin degress and not evin atending clases,gee a nuthur scandull at usc,,,,jussed wate til the ncca poeples heer abuot this,onley so menny frute baskits ol’ed can by and send them to keap them happey,sort of uhnoyed how much i do to help usc and this is the kined of thanx i get,and the addminustrayshun at the scool all ways tel me to keap a way,probaly a frade of wut else I diss cuvur,smdh

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      1. Hey Pudly76, where’s my weekly reach around, you promised you’d stick in your mouth that last time. 🍆 😃


      2. Clay Helton still has a love/hate thing going for Pudly….
        –[Guess who’s been listening to Carol’s “Good Girl Me” Podcast]?


    1. Ed –You really are a treasure. I hope the InsideUSC crowd figures out how to grant honorary degrees.
      btw, Howard really came down on Will pretty damn hard, didn’t he? “I was filled with surprise.” Maybe we need to amend the jury verdict forms to read, “Guilty, Not Guilty or Filled With Surprise.”

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  2. WHERE THE HELL IS OWNS-?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    PERHAPS WE NEED LIEUTENANT COLUMBO to investigate his disappearance.

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  3. Why does Grazer need an honorary degree? Wikipedia says he graduated from USC in 1974. Wikipedia already updated to show Ron Howard an alumni. Let’s start running through all the rich, broken-down Hollywood acting, directing, producing old farts for USC honorary degrees. President Flo: “We need the [alumni] dues!”

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