Bill Lee Still Has It

Bill Lee was the starting pitcher in USC’s 4-3 victory over Southern Illinois in the championship game of the 1968 College World Series.

He gave up 2 earned runs in 7.2 innings and went 1 for 3 at the plate with a stolen base. He then won 119 games in the major leagues from 1969-82.

And the “Spaceman” still looks great at 75!

Watch him pitch in the video below.

14 thoughts on “Bill Lee Still Has It

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    1. Being poor will always be about not having enough money, Ed… [& because poor people have less money they frequently fall into poverty]…

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      1. Didn’t Frank Sinatra do a song about that…?

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  2. Bill Lee was a great pitcher would have made an even better astronaut!! He did not throw hard, but boy could he keep hitters off balance. Flaky yes, but played baseball for the love of the game, and still today loves the USC Trojans.

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