USC Notes: Why Is Kenan Christon Still In Portal?

Former USC running back Kenan Christon is still in the transfer portal after entering it in mid-December.

It’s might seem surprising especially when you consider he also runs track and can help a college in two sports.

But I suspect Christon wants to earn his degree from USC before he transfers, which he should be able to do in May. So he can find a new school in the summer.

  • Speaking of tailbacks, USC’s Darwin Barlow on the difference between Graham Harrell and Lincoln Riley offenses?

“Me and my homeboys were joking in the running back room the other day, if you didn’t know the play, you could just run a swing last year. Now, you gotta know.”

But here’s the thing: The same people who were championing the simplicity of USC’s offense a couple years ago are now going to say Riley’s sophisticated offense is the answer.

It’s more about being a good coach and having good players, whatever you run.

  • Don’t call it “Southern Cal.” But in 1978, even the USC game programs referred to the Trojans as Southern Cal.

49 thoughts on “USC Notes: Why Is Kenan Christon Still In Portal?

  1. I’m really going to miss them running short yardage running plays out of the shotgun.

    Seriously though, I would like to see the old split backfield he ran under Stoops. That thing was a pain in the ass to defend. Gonna need to find a TE though

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    1. “USC Notes: Why Is Kenan Christon Still In Portal?”

      Umm, maybe because he’s a troublemaker and he’s not worth the trouble.


      1. I suspect Bru is focused on his degree and not worried about transferring at this time as well.


      2. There are plenty of other players who’ve done far worse and still got accepted to other schools as a transfer. Let’s not pretend that Keenan committed a capital offense.


    1. Is that a trick question? It is a huge falloff after RoJo. By default it has to go to Vavae. Keontay doesn’t count, since the village idiot was fired so early last season.

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  2. I never took offense at the term “Southern Cal”. Hearing those words out of Keith Jackson’s (great college announcer IMHO) mouth never got old. I remember him remarking back in the day during a broadcast “Trying to stop the rushing attack of Southern California is like driving through a field of stumps. That opposing defensive line is going to pay a big price.”

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      1. It was Mike Garrett who REALLY hated the name Southern Cal. I have mentioned this before but it is one of the early names for UCLA which was the southern branch of CAL. But beyond that it’s also like saying “South Car” for the other USC (watch out for those Gamecocks) OR how about Mich for Michigan? Wash for Washington? It’s disrespectful in the least to shorten someone’s name for your convenience.

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  3. Why does Southern Cal piss you guys off anyway? What is it that strikes a nerve? Does it make you feel like the Cal Bears after thought?


    1. I think the possible confusion about an association with Cal is why the official policy frowns upon it.

      Obviously, I’m not against So Cal. But I have used that for decades when I tell people where I live, never as a reference to my beloved alma mater.

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      1. Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. – now those guys could teach today’s Hollywood a thing or two. And it would start with how to mix a martini. Which I doubt few in attendance on Sunday would know anything about.

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      2. Hate when I ask for a martini and they ask if I want gin. OF COURSE I WANT GIN!!

        If I wanted a bastardized martini, I would have asked for one, thank you very much.

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      3. Dean pretended to love booze. Frank didn’t feel he had enough until he “had to hold onto the floor for balance.”

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      4. When I was still at USC I drove a bunch of friends to Big Sur. We stopped at a little restaurant where we ordered steaks, eggs and Bloody Marys —the waitress asked if we’d mind it if they made the Bloody Marys with white wine.

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  4. gee,seams like riter gotta problum with any one that gotta opinyun on the sports evin if he think the saim thing as them poeple,its probaly wye he shuold be the couch and not jussed a riter,he waysting his time with u liebrulls and republicants,smdh

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      1. Ed IS running D.C. [Obamas, Clintons, Bidens —all answer to Ed]…

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    1. Yeah, that is so fucked up. [Worse yet, he’s only in the early stages —things don’t get better from here —and he knows it]….

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      1. You made my wife LHAO. At least one in the franchise is on each & every week. Unless something really good is on, I generally watch it.

        All she will say is, “AGAIN?!”

        Armageddon is on now.

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  5. Hello 1967. I see you asked Michael if he had heard from me lately. I left him a nice note under usc morning buzz yesterday but he didn’t answer me. I don’t know if he saw it or not but he didn’t answer so probably not. You can tell him if you want to. I really care for Michael. But I don’t want to be a nuisance. Ps I’m a friend of Charley Buckett. Well not a friend. An acquaintance would be more like it. By the way I love your posts on the board too 1967 Are you free ?


    1. A heartbroken bruin fan after news of chip’s extension:

      “Wow…THE WORST coach in UCLA history who has gone 2-22 vs winning teams and is an anemic recruiter gets a 4 year extension. Martin is no better than Dan. Combine this with THE WORST Non Con schedule in UCLA’s history, and Chip will further his own worst home attendance record”

      HAR, HAR, HAR!!


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  6. Hello Michael. Thanx for the advice. I will take it tho I’m beginning to feel a touch guilty. 1967 is one of my very very good friends on the blog. I must be gentle

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