Brandon Campbell Transfers To Houston

Former USC tailback Brandon Campbell is transferring to Houston.

Ex-USC running backs coach Mike Jinks is the running backs coach at Houston. Houston previously picked up former USC wide receiver Joseph Manjack.

It will be intriguing to see how Campbell looks at Houston. In very, very brief appearances for USC, he showed flashes of being an interesting player.

“Ultimately I was most happy here,” Campbell said. “The chance to play at home and put on for my city, I felt I couldn’t turn it down. It felt like home (on my visit).”

20 thoughts on “Brandon Campbell Transfers To Houston

  1. As the world turns–
    This is about as newsworthy as another rainless day in Los Angeles.

    I just read that 430 senior college basketball players were allotted an extra year of eligibility due to COVID, and 400 of them transferred out!

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  2. Word on the street is that Raleek Brown has had a few days mulling over USC’s offensive line and has decided to transfer, but not yet entered the transfer portal.

    Destination is a tossup between Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

    Have a look at this clown and you can’t blame the young man from Mater Dei for not wanting to get clobbered trying to run behind the turnstile that is the Trojan offensive line…


    1. He looks like a young Clay Helton…. he even talks like a young Clay Helton (“accountability”, “love & respect everybody”)……


      1. btw, can you cite one source for your Raleek Brown news….. other than the ‘tebow wishful thinking & free association’ sports sheet ?


      2. Raleek, he’s as good as gone and from what I understand ‘Ol Mule Shoe isn’t doing much to try and convince him to stay.

        I don’t know what ‘Ol Mule Shoe is thinking, RB’s like Raleek don’t come along too often, big mistake letting this kid go.


    2. Teebowama has a strange obsession with bananas. In high school, he was Mr. Funwinckel’s pet. Makes one wonder.


    3. Vorhees rated very highly as an offensive lineman. The o-line will be fine by the time they start the season. They will probably add a few bodies after Spring practice.

      The only reason Raleek would leave is if his role in the offense is not what he expected it to be.

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  3. If Brown was really contemplating transferring, you would think he would not make that announcement until after Spring practice, much as that big lineman last year getting SC Spring practice under his belt before proclaiming his departure to sucla.

    Besides, Brown has already decommitted once, so a second departure would be unseemly, especially this early in the process.

    Of course, as Wiley disparagingly remarked about 5-star high schoolers, Brown might have been in shock how some of the other SC running backs are ahead of him.

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    1. My guess –Brown has no intention of leaving and his coaches are very pleased with what they’re seeing in practice. Tebow is taunting us again…

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      1. There’s a reason you haven’t heard anything at all about Raleek from any of the coaches.

        Not a word.


      2. Michael, as you well know, if T-Bone finds a kernel of potential bad new about SC
        he will try to turn it into a bushel.

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    1. Yeah? Well maybe giants shouldn’t sleep. I saw a Mickey Mouse cartoon where a giant was pillaging and ravaging (no raping, though –it’s the OLD Disney) —and he goes to sleep and the townspeople tie him up and turn him into a Disneyland Ride.
      Maybe Houston should think about that before they act so fricking high and mighty…


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