USC Picture Of The Day

Here’s a photo of the 1968 USC-Notre Dame game. The Trojans were ranked No. 2. The Irish were No. 9.

No. 83 is USC defensive end Jimmy Gunn. No. 7 is Notre Dame QB Joe Theismann. And No. 74 is USC defensive tackle Tony Terry.

The game ended in a 21-21 tie at the Coliseum.

44 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

    1. This blog topic/thread is dying a slow painful death.

      Surely hasn’t been helped by LJ’s delusions of grandeur.


    2. Looks like the Trojans will be adding another pike to the turnstile that is their offensive line.

      It’s too bad, this young lad looks like he has some real potential too.

      From what I’ve seen of ‘Ol Mule Shoe’s staff, they’re not that dissimilar than the clowns Clueless Clay had running his staff.

      Pillow soft practices, the only hitting going on is with those styrofoam arm padded utensils. This kid could have been a good one. Hate to see talent wasted. Maybe this kid will show some common sense and go play for a head coach that takes the trenches seriously.


  1. Those are the type of players SC needs in 2022. But you probably aren’t going to find them in the Portal. Guys that leave their schools usually aren’t 5-star or even 4-star material, with the Williams’ boys being the exception.

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  2. Prediction (In my dreams):

    SC beats Rice 31-17
    SC beats Stanford 24-20
    SC beats Fresno St 349-31
    SC beats Oregon St 24-20
    SC beats ASU 38-24
    SC beats Washington St 41-21
    SC loses to Utah 24-20
    SC beats Arizona 45-21
    SC beats Cal 31-24
    SC beats Colo 42-27
    SC beats sucla 42-38
    SC beats ND 42-27
    SC beats Oregon 31-17 in Pac-12 Championship

    SC as #4 seed in National Championship gets beat
    by #1 Alabama 34-27

    Record: 12-2

    (Note: SC’s most recent championships in 1962, 1967, 1972, 1974,
    1978, 2003, 2004– 5 of the 7 were when SC had a home game vs ND)

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      1. Well, after next year, we will officially become the only Div I team to have never played a Div II team.

        SUCLA is coming off that list this year and ND next year.

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      2. Glad you clarified that Fresno score situation, John…..

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    1. LJ. THE OTHERS WERE 1928—1931——1932—1939. So four more. Added to your seven those make eleven. Notre Dame has eleven too. We are tied for the most ever. I don’t count Alabama cuz for many many years they wouldn’t play against any team that had a black player on it.

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  3. Since we are all telling really hilarious jokes today I’ll try one—-the lady who was working in the butcher shop accidentally backed into the meat grinder . I’m sure you all know what happened. Yep. She got a little behind in her work !!!!!!!!!!!!!oooooooooooooooh no !!


  4. Jimmy Gunn- What a player he was. He had it all speed, toughness, and size will a strong will to attack the opposing team’s quarterback. I don’t think other than Junior Seau that we have had a better defensive end.

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  5. Following the blogs’ Mrs. Helton’s usual ramblings, (who in his right mind would take on a blog name like that?) had me researching the Clay Helton mystery–

    After Helton took over the reins when Haden hired him to cool the negativity Kiffin&Sark brought, Helton had the Sam Darnold year in 2016 and then the 2017
    Pac-12 championship year, that created an illusion in AD’s Lynn Swann mind that Clay was the real deal, and so after the 2017 successful back-to-back seasons, he gave Clay a 5-year extension contract. only to find out after that gift, that Clay could not recruit or coach. And as is well documented, Helton was over his head and eventually fired.

    So it does lessen the vitriolic directed at Swann and Haden a little bit. I mean, the two of them were responsible for some national championships in their playing days, so I hate to see the constant disparagement of their names.

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    1. Agreed, John. It feels wrong to rag on Haden — (except for that crap involving enriching his family). He was a great player who was simply way over his head as an Athletic Director.
      But I have no problem ragging on Swann. That unnecessary Helton contract extension smells. Folt musta thought so too — her only admirable executive action was getting rid of Swann …pronto.

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      1. btw, I didn’t mean that in a self serving way (“I seldom find any errors in my own assessments”) –I meant I seldom argue with YOUR assessments….

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  6. Will never forget the killer hit that Charlie Weaver made on UCLA Quarterback Dennis Dummit. I remember Dummit taking the snap, dropped back to pass, and as he turned around he received a killer blind side hit from Charlie Weaver. I bet Dummit is still feeling that hit as a senior citizen. Weaver, was just as good as Gunn getting after the QB, but Gunn was better at stopping the running.

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    1. From Dennis Dummit a few years ago:

      You know things are bad when former record holding QB Dennis Dummit, a UCLA Athletics Hall Of Famer, and a loyal Bruin fan can no longer bear to watch his alma mater in its biggest game of the year.

      “So I decided to do something on the night of the UCLA-USC game that I never had done before, and that was to go to a movie with my wife.

      “I just didn’t want to sit at home and watch UCLA lose another game to USC.”

      Smart fella!

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  7. Swann and Haden were among the best ever at their positions on the field, but they both were about as bad as an AD could be. Both were arrogant and way over-confident in their abilities to run an athletics program.

    Here is Haden on hiring the village idiot:

    “After weeks of searching the collegiate and pro ranks, interviewing candidates, and speaking with head coaches, athletic directors, NFL executives, and very knowledgeable football people, and after observing Clay in action the past seven weeks, it became abundantly clear that what we were searching for in a coach was right here in front of us,” Haden said. “Picking a coach is an inexact science, but in this case, it was exact.”

    Exactly the wrong guy.

    And here is what Swann had to say:

    “We acknowledge and understand our deficiencies in areas that include culture, discipline, schemes, personnel and staff.”

    Did he leave anything out?

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      1. Ha!

        “We acknowledge and understand our deficiencies in areas that include culture, discipline, schemes, personnel, staff, the on-campus golf facilities, the lack of a venue for autograph signing, and more broadly, an AD who should be fired, along with his entire department.”

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  8. Scooter,

    I remember SC’s dline being the beast on the field. Then the oline. Those two components were so awesome that even you could have played tailback. They just plain dominated the other team. We will see what happens this year.


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