USC Morning Buzz: It’s The Ghost Of Spring Practice Past

The Athletic has a story on Clay Helton. It’s behind a paywall so I haven’t read it.

But Helton is asked what he learned from getting fired at USC?

“Fight like hell for your culture,” Helton said.

Does he mean he didn’t work hard enough to instill a culture? Because Lincoln Riley has spent the past four months trying to change the culture at USC. Or is Helton trying to say he was somehow hamstrung at USC?

The fact he got another job so quickly is still disturbing.

  • Speaking of culture, Drake Jackson now weighs about the same he did when he arrived at USC three years ago (275 pounds). So it took leaving USC to gain the weight Jackson lost when he looked undersized for his position during his sophomore and junior seasons.

Jackson has 13 interviews set up with NFL teams before the draft and I spoke to a defensive coach with an AFC West team about Jackson.

“Every team is confident they can coach him up and get a lot more out of him than USC did,” the coach said. “He’s got a huge upside because we don’t know what they were doing with him. They almost hid him in the defense.”

There’s your culture.

34 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: It’s The Ghost Of Spring Practice Past

  1. i got that saim problum to john,i aint got the munneys to put fir stuf ether,seam like i nead a job to get the munneys but know the bancks sayin we go to a recesion wut evr that meen so probaly aint gonna get me one know ether,smdh

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      1. …the only time we get to see that look now is when Joe is behind a podium talking about his border policies….

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    1. Here’s a new culture Riley is forming. According to sources players were disciplining the coaches with up downs after practice… What kind of nonsense is that??! Its the inmates running the asylum! As I recall this happened before at USC practice. Sarkisian did many up-downs at the disciplining hand of the players…. Riley is bringing this culture back! “Let’s git readddy to fight the fu*k on”!!


      1. Teddy,

        The tradition of jumping the wall at ugly was started by the players and the coaches allowed that. That great tradition has been going on for over 50 years now. Speaking of tradtion, when does the pool at Polly Povillion open? it is almost summer.


  2. Why should any Trojan fan care what Helton thinks, he no longer has any influence over USC’s football program.

    Another reason why you would be a fool to pay to read what the Athletic prints.


    1. Helton —amazingly –still makes it all about himself. His big takeaway from getting fired? The life lesson he learned? He “didn’t like the feeling of not coaching.” No word about how he might do things differently if he had the chance, how many careers he destroyed by not knowing how to maximize player potential, how much he regretted the many lies he told to running back recruits about his “balanced” attack or how his reputation as a bullshitter ended any chance of upgrading our coaching staff.

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  3. “ Helton opened his introductory team meeting with the Eagles by first silently pacing across the room. Then, as Springer remembers it, Helton stunned the room when he began shouting.

    “He goes, ‘BOY, AM I EXCITED TO BE HERE!’” Springer said. “And everybody was like, ‘Oh, shit.’ Some people literally jumped up. It was like, ‘What the hell? … This dude turnt.”’

    That excitement, combined with a series of gestures from Helton that perhaps only Group of 5 players could appreciate, impressed his players quickly.”

    Clay Helton is a disgrace and a shell of a man with zero integrity. He’s immediately back to his own ways at UGS STATE CC, doing rap music dances for the local thugs to “warn their trust” and impress them quickly. Goner knows nothing about discipline and building a culture of accountability. He allows thugs to run wild and run directly over him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he let them bang his wife right in front of him while he stood there with the same dumb empty face

    Thankfully the delusional radical liberal leadership of Haden CL Max Nokias and Swann has been purged along with most of the scum and filth left behind by The sunken Helton carcass. It’s a new day around here boys and personally I can’t wait


    1. Disagree. I WOULD be surprised if he let the players bang his wife in front of him….


      1. Yeah. Makes a lotta sense. Will really has his priorities straight.


  4. One way to have avoided the entire Helton-thing is if you had been in a coma for the past 8-years and are only now coming to.

    As an SC fan you might ask “Is Sark still coaching SC?– No, who is? Riley, huh. Is this Riley any good?”

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    1. Practices haven’t changed under ‘Ol Mule Shoe, still pillow soft and no tackling.

      Your boy ‘Ol Mule Shoe is no different than Clueless Clay


      1. Clay Helton’s lifetime coaching record —46-25
        [and his record as OC sucks]
        Lincoln Riley’s lifetime coaching record —55–9
        [and Lincoln was killing it as OC before that]

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  5. If you want to see something hilarious, then pull up the video of Clay Helton addressing the media before the start of spring football at Georgia Southern 😂😂. He said he coaches physical football 🏈, and tough defense 😂😂. Is that clown 🤡 delusional? Did his wife Angela crack him over the head with her black Dildo, and he’s now hallucinating now ?

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  6. Pretty funny comment concerning Sleeping Beauty Helton & his 7-dwarf coaching staff, and how they handled Drake Jackson– “We don’t know what [SC] was doing with him They almost hid him in the defense.”

    Fortunately Drake was good enough on his own to warrant NFL attention, but one wonders how many talented SC footballers got robbed of NFL contracts due to Helton’s gang’s failure to develop them properly.

    Well, Ton-o-Hel won’t have that problem any more because at his new digs at Georgia Southern there are probably few, if any, NFL prospects knocking down their door.

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    1. Lawyer John,

      Tyler Vaughns was robbed of being selected in the darft. he went as a non-selected player. he is with the stellers practice squad. I know this since I talked to his dad. His dad and I are friends from over 15 years ago. The father coached my son in baseball way back when.

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      1. Sad story, PT, but the wideouts, split ends, are usually the one group of football players who can do well in the NFL relatively quickly.

        Speed kills and also garners big money, and you either got speed or you don’t, it can’t be taught.

        You see some of the speed demons entering the NFL clicking along in the 4.4s, even 4.3s, in the 40 yard dash. I don’t believe Tyler could have kept up with that group.


      2. Worked out at the same gym with Tyler’s dad, older bro Aaren, and Tyler too.
        I truly believe Tyler other than being older, isn’t much better than when he entered SC. His forty time was basically the same and it seems like he kinda coasted (Helton’s f’n culture). Would have loved to seem him if he got coached-up. Tyler’s a good kid, as all the Vaughn’s kids are and hope Tyler gets his chance.

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  7. There was no culture at USC when Helton was the head coach.
    Football is about scoring more points than the team you are playing it’s that simple.
    According to USC current QB- Miller Moss!
    “We never worked on red zone scoring offense at all under the previous coaching staff, and NOW WE ARE.”

    Helton should be banned from College Football he is a loser, and the same goes with Graham Harrell. Simply put Helton and Harrell thought you can win football games by never practicing tackling, red zone offense, scrimmaging, run game offense, and defense. Winning football games in their minds was moving the ball between the 20’s, and the outcome of the game will take care of itself.


  8. And since the Helton thing has been brought up again (will we ever be rid of discussing the guy?), it was interesting how the players really liked him

    However, that comes with a caveat– much as when a substitute teacher was brought in for a few days back in high school, we knew it was a time to coast, Helton’s soft ways made him popular with especially the marginal players thinking, “Wow, I get a 4-year ride and all I have to do is show up at practice and do a few jumping jacks.”

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  9. Clay we’ve seen your culture and it’s widely characterized as “S-O-F-T.” You cost your players millions in lost NFL opportunities.


  10. onewaysc, Lawyer John,

    All four Vaughn brother’s are awesome. You Geoff Jr. Arren, Tyler, and Jon Jon. Geoff and Arren are better athletes. It seemed to me that Tyler never ran full blast, but had a gliding stride to him. I think if he was taught how to run and run the routes and had better coaching, he could have picked up a 2ths of a second. Great and awesome family. Geoff Sr. and Tamara, the parents are gracious and just really nice. If you can’t get along with them, then you are the problem. I purposely drove out to ugly just to see Jon Jon play against SC in baseball. After the game, we spoke for a very long time. all four boys can play football and baseball. Their dad, Geoff payed at Cal St. Long Beach. he hit a home run against SC at SC and it went onto the tennis courts behind left field. Out of the four boys, Geoff Jr. is the fastest and has better discpline. Jon Jon plays lber for ugly but he is the starting right fielder for ugly. he will get drafted.

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