Drew Peterson Enters NBA Draft But Will Not Hire Agent

USC guard Drew Peterson announced today he will make himself available for the NBA Draft but he will retain his college eligibility.

Whatever Peterson decides will greatly impact USC next season because he was arguably the Trojans’ best player last season, averaging 12.4 points and 6.2 rebounds.

What’s funny is Andy Enfield said the week after the season ended that Peterson was definitely coming back. That’s why you have to take what he says with a grain of salt.

  • USC forward Chevez Goodwin announced he will enter the draft and hire an agent, which was expected.

23 thoughts on “Drew Peterson Enters NBA Draft But Will Not Hire Agent

  1. Don’t players enter their name in draft so they can get feedback from NBA execs to get feedback, identify weaknesses, etc?
    If Peterson hired an agent, then your statement has some validity. Right now it just shows your insecurities.

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    1. I agree with everything you wrote except for how this shows Scott’s insecurities; I think it is more a matter of Scott just not liking Enfield.

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      1. Scott smiled while typing the phrase, “grain of salt.”

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  2. ugh,itz like all theese poeple do wut thay wunt but nevr think abuot how it infects uthurs,nexxed thing u now ol’peenus breth wil get him self a missus ed and he wont got time to possed his coments heer,smdh

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      1. The first time I saw Chip run out onto the field in a tight black t-shirt, I realized that, 67……


  3. Best of luck to Petersen, he had a few exceptional games this season, but with just two rounds, I don’t know if any of these guys will get drafted. I’d pick Petersen as the most likely given his size and his 3-shooting percentage this season. But he will need to learn how to play better D.

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  4. Actually, Peterson is probably a better NBA prospect than Issiah Mobley, and definitely Chavez Goodwin. Mobley, is too mechanical, slow, and is an off an on 3 point shooter. If Mobley makes it to the NBA it is a very short career probably spending each season going between the Development league and an NBA roster fill due to injuries. Goodwin, will be a good player in the Euro league, and would be shocking to see him on an NBA roster.

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  5. Excuse me Ranking Member GUARINO. That’s Field Marshall Rommel if you don’t mind———-haha———. Just horsing around—-seriously thanx for the advice re the cold ——-and. I swear I’m not kidding on this one ——Adam Schiff is my Congressman—— not saying I voted for him you understand—- but yeah it’s really true. Small world isn’t it ???

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  6. Neither of these guys will ever be on an NBA roster. Petersen was feast or famine. For every game he saved there was one or more where he no-showed. Was a black hole on offense and not a team player. Not a catastrophic loss.


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