USC Gets Commitment From Linebacker

Dylan Williams, a four-star linebacker from Long Beach Poly, committed to USC today. He is a Class of 2024 prospect.

Williams had offers from Michigan State, Utah and TCU.

21 thoughts on “USC Gets Commitment From Linebacker

  1. You just can’t have too many Williams’ on your roster. Well (except maybe Donte.) I also hope this kid is bigger than the safeties they trotted out last year.Things are looking up.Sorry, Scott – does that make me a fanboy?

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  2. About time Lincoln Riley gets a commitment from someone other then a quarterback, receiver, or defensive back . Now let’s see some commits from players who control the line of scrimmage. 🙄

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  3. Ed

    Bestis ever.

    We’ll be putting peenus breath to bed early tonight. I do believe you may have hurt his/her feelings.


  4. As I recall, last time I was at Long Beach Poly with my son’s team, I was talking with some other parents about how Long Beach Poly has probably produced more NFL players than any other High School in the country. It wasn’t that long ago so I don’t think that’s changed.


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