JT Daniels Transferring To West Virginia

Former JT Daniels said this morning he is transferring to West Virginia, where he will be reunited with ex-USC offensive coordinator Graham Harrell.

“It definitely helped knowing Graham coming into it and having a really good relationship with him,” Daniels told ESPN’s Pete Thamel. “Knowing that I trust that offense and that system, and I believe in it. I also feel really comfortable with Coach (Neal) Brown and the ideas that he has and the way that he runs a program.”

Daniels and West Virginia will open the season vs. Kedon Slovis and Pitt in the renewal of the “Backyard Brawl” Sept. 1.

So you could have ex-USC quarterbacks start at the following:

Daniels: West Virginia

Slovis: Pitt

Jaxson Dart: Mississippi

And USC commit Bryce Young will be at Alabama.

27 thoughts on “JT Daniels Transferring To West Virginia

    1. No…Clay would have still left…cuz… “personal happiness not the job is what means most..”


      1. Ol peenus breath….non-binary, gender-nonspecific human life form PARTICIPATION TROPHY.


      2. tebotinni was bullied by girl scouts in HS. They made him wear a tutu and sing Carpenter songs.


  1. J.T. Daniels saw the writing on the wall, and his name wasn’t on it; instead some guy named Stetson Bennett was to be the Georgia quarterback– a walk-on living the dream as the leader of the national champion Bulldogs.

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  2. J.T. Daniels is only as good as his family and friends say he is. Talent usually speakers for itself, not the other way around. So If there’s any competition at West Virginia, then look for Daniels to be on the run again. #trydivisionII JT


    1. Let’s see what J. T. can do when he has a center who doesn’t roll the ball to him…

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      1. WV used to run the football a fair amount…will be interesting to see what happens…JT can throw, he just can’t seem to run to escape or roll out and throw.

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  3. ugh,all of r playurs r at uthur scools,do we evin got any one to play qautur back,theese so called couches dont evin now wut thay iz dowing any moar,and we stil aint got no lines man cuz we waystid r loop holes all reddy,smdh

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  4. More fallout from the Helton Dark Years … former 5-star recruit on his third school … reunites former position coach also jettisoned … both wind up at Hillbilly U.


    1. Doubt JT had a bunch of great options. He’s a 3* in Portal and shouldn’t have been a 5* out of high school.
      Passes looked like Texas-leaguers while at SC, combined with zero mobility.
      Couldn’t believe a year ago people were talking about him being a top QB in the NFL draft.


  5. ah,yes…reunited…wasn’t that a song or something? and now it is in W/Va to play out its final act,should be a melodrama.


  6. Instead of being “Quarterback U”, SC is becoming “Quarterback see U later”. I always thought Daniels was an outstanding QB. I also always felt that Harrell favored Slovis over Daniels from the very start and was hoping Daniels would get hurt so he could put Slovis in. That’s why after fall camp he moved Slovis up to #2 ahead of Matt Fink and Jack Sears. He was always complimenting Slovis about how he loved the way the ball came out of Slovis’s hand and he would criticize Daniels because he felt Daniels was thinking too much and holding on to the ball too long


    1. JT tried to analyze every play and obviously held the ball to long he had to eat it regularly. Slovis came in and unloaded quickly and that got Harrell all excited and worked up. JT can only stand in an iron dome pocket, he cannot handle a serious rush because he never had to face one prior to USC.

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  7. One of the best descriptions of J.T. that I ever read was that his passes were “arm punts” – total rainbows that were jump balls to Amon Ra or whoever.Chuck and Duck indeed.Immobile, jittery when facing a hit, and didn’t have the arm to beat secondary closure.Seemed to be a good guy (like Helton) but not ready for prime time.Glad he’s in the rear view mirror but I wish him well.

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  8. If JT knew him so well he would not have gone back to him. Hopefully he does not ruin the other knee with a collapsing O line.


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