USC Friday Column Supplement

This the 1951 menu for Ciro’s nightclub on Sunset Blvd. Look at those prices!

This is where Frank Sinatra famously punched columnist Lee Mortimer after Mortimer hurled a racial slur at him in 1947.

Ciro’s closed in 1957 and eventually became The Comedy Store.

Anyone remember Earl’s Car Cafe in Alhambra?

13 thoughts on “USC Friday Column Supplement

    1. This is the highlight video of that girl London’s pro day workout.

      This has to be a joke. If not then this girls stock will completely plummet.

      This is just embarrassing…

      She should be ashamed of herself for releasing this video


  1. Scott Wolf, more Hollywood dirt please:
    On the evening of April 4, 1958, 14-year-old Cheryl Crane stabbed 32-year-old Johnny Stompanato, the boyfriend of her mother, actress Lana Turner

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    1. The headline in the paper the next day—. Cheryl opened her mothers mail !!!!!!!! Haha. Male see ?? Opened with a knife see—— hahaha I LOVE IT !!!!!

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  2. Final word about Horrible Friday (as some cultures define it) and Easter– even in non-Christian circles this ordinary man Jesus did rather extraordinary healing deeds, and his mission was to improve the Israelites’ religious convictions because they had become lax in their devotion and beliefs. And even Jesus supposedly proclaimed (if one can believe “quotes” from 2000 years ago), “We are all gods.”

    Stop it, S.W., I am on a diet and all this talk and pictures of food is driving me crazy.

    Speaking of crazy, did you see where Drake London wrote that he did not care what NFL scouts thought about him, that he could catch passes in double and even triple coverage.

    Oh, and by the way, he did not participate in the 40-yard dash because that would have given those same NFL scouts reservations about his NFL-qualifications.

    This is your modern day football athlete– it is all about me, the “heck” with the team.

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    1. Interesting Lawyer John that you would take, from that one line of scripture, anything beyond the intent of the statement to take away from the deity of Christ. It is wrong to cherry pick the Bible to support your personal views. In this case Jesus was quoting scripture to stop the religious leaders plan to stone him for blasphemy. The scriptures Jesus quotes, from Psalms, doesn’t mean what you think. However it served to confuse the men intent on putting Jesus to death for blasphemy. ..
      One my favorite examples of Cherry picking combines two bits of scripture: Judas hanged himself,(and) now go and do likewise
      In other words, check all things, hold fast to that which is true.

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    2. LJ, the story of passion week was foretold hundreds of years prior to it happening. Jesus just simply came and fulfilled what the prophets said. You cannot understand the truth of Jesus’s life and coming without understanding it was all foretold. The old testament tells us what will happen in the new testament, and the ending of the new testament explains that in the end, God wins. Happy Easter to you all. Simply accept the free gift God has given us.


  3. hi football fans, well we may have found a hidden gem for coach carroll at the qb position ! try this out ej perry of brown via bc !!! Regards , E


  4. hello fans of all sorts, well a rocket launcher on a red truck were around the baldwin viscinity !? and with the bova any all things are possible !? Regards , E


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