USC Notes: Star Basketball Recruit Hospitalized After Shooting

USC women’s basketball recruit Aaliyah Gayles, a McDonald’s All-American, was shot at a house party in Las Vegas and underwent two emergency surgeries, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Her father, Donald Gayles, said on Twitter his daughter was “OK” and that “(she is going to) make it.”

“Aaliyah is one of the strongest, most resilient young people I have ever known,” USC coach Lindsay Gottlieb said in a statement to ESPN on Sunday night. “I have no doubt she will continue to face this unfathomable situation with courage and resolve. We will continue to support her and her parents in every way that we possibly can.”

Gayles is rated the No. 8 prospect in the nation for the Class of 2022.

  • Dwain Esper, who was the USC track-and-field announcer from 1981-2002, died on April 13. He was 100.

You might remember him because Jim Healy would frequently reference Esper on his radio show. Esper also wrote a column for the Glendale News-Press.

  • Mike Bossy, an NHL icon with the New York Islanders, died last week. He was the first NHL player to score 60-plus goals in three consecutive seasons. He averaged 57 goals a year for his career. He was 65.
  • John Drew, who averaged 20.7 points per game in 11 seasons in the NBA with the Atlanta Hawks and Utah Jazz, died at age 67.

12 thoughts on “USC Notes: Star Basketball Recruit Hospitalized After Shooting

  1. It must be horrific to be growing up in the United States today — most of those who post here grew up in a country that made sense …and was doing it’s best to unite, not divide itself….

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  2. Gottlieb has done a poor job in recruiting, and Gayles was her only prize recruit. Kind of makes you wonder what type of recruit Gayles really was, and what type of gang related activity she was involved with to get shot up like she did for no reason.

    This girl can really play the game of basketball I hope she becomes more careful in the future with who she hangs around with. Importantly, I hope she has a speedy recovery, and learns that life can become very short if you are not careful.

    Time to get some recruits Coach Gottlieb. Your 1 recruit might have to sit out next season while recovery so what’s Plan B.


  3. Don’t go to party’s when you know thugs are going to be there.

    Threw away a career just to listen to rap music ans hang out with thugs for the night.

    Well, there you go.


      1. …. the proven way of staying outta trouble is staying in the basement 24/7 ….refraining from all activity…. with someone else dressing and feeding you…


  4. Ol peenus breath….non-binary, gender-nonspecific human life form PARTICIPATION TROPHY

    Now accepting the Mudturtle Award. Quite an achievement TboneMePleaseObummer. Be proud. I always wondered why you were so enamored with the Castro District until I looked it up. Be loud and proud and wear those colors peenus breth.


  5. Michael: On way to keep the in laws away next year is to tell them you can only offer Filet of Fish Sandwiches from Mcdonald’s for Easter. If they don’t get the idea something is wrong if they still show up.

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