USC Gets Tailback That Texas Strangely Didn’t Offer

It almost feels weird to say USC received a commitment from a player who won’t arrive immediately.

But the Trojans need tailbacks after this season, so it’s noteworthy that four-star running back Quinten Joyner of Manor, Texas, committed today. Joyner had offers from Cincinnati, Marshall, Misssissippi State, Nebraska, Oregon, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Rice, TCU and Vanderbilt.

Manor is 12 miles from Austin and Steve Sarkisian did not offer him? Something doesn’t add up.

24 thoughts on “USC Gets Tailback That Texas Strangely Didn’t Offer

  1. Joyner is 8th or 9th top RB according to 24/7 and Rivals. TX already has 7 scholly RBs on the roster, and they have offered every other RB higher ranked than Joyner a scholly.


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      1. George –Do you agree Sark would look a million times better to recruits in the above photo if he was the guy with the bandana and the slightly “soiled” shovel?

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    1. Ed. Sark is good at shoveling the shit. Nickname is eight win Sark. And he drinks his lunch. Also his breakfast. Also his dinner. Also….. you get the picture bro. Yep. The man likes to drink. But. Sometimes he drinks at the wrong time bro.


  2. Scooter,

    I see that Sark is sobrer enough to give the texas salute. I would have laughed if he had given the FightOn sign in the photo. Maybe he did and they had to give him three cups of coffee to somewhat sober him up to do the sign correctly.


  3. Odds & Ends:

    Aaliyah Gayles, the SC recruit, is shot 10 times, most of which are in her legs and ankles, and the balance in her arms. It almost sounds as if it was an execution-type shooting without trying to kill her, just killing her chances at basketball stardom….

    –As an alcoholic, I doubt Sark has drunk for years after Saban took a chance with him and then Texas had to have vetted him. Taking a poke at Ton-o-Hel is fair game, but Sark became a man after his SC stint…

    Good offensive and defensive linemen will have their choice of schools if they go the portal-route. Wiley has a lot of competition for those Big Uglies, and without them times will remain difficult for SC football….

    Having seen first-hand the ugly side of McKay as he laid into me on the practice field (“You drop another pass, and you may as well get off this field”), I find all these flattering pictures and rhetoric a tad hypocritical.


  4. Appears that Texas, Oklahoma, Bama, Georgia are all in on other backs. No California RB’s rated higher than Joyner. OK✌️


  5. Legs are a lot harder to hit than center body mass. Someone was sending a message for a particular reason. Shouldn’t be hard to ID suspects.

    Narcotics? A relative who is a witness in a trial? Who knows but this recruit has a long rehab. She knows the shooter probably.

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  6. Was it Russell Wilson wearing the Easter bunny suit at the White House yesterday!? Didn’t realize that was such a hot ticket.


  7. Gaining 2500 yards with over 11 yards per carry and 31 TD’s is quite an accomplishment, especially considering that he was just a junior. He’s got another year and I’m sure everyone and their dog will be coming after him after 2022. The real question is Can SC hang on to him? Between 2022 and 2023, those rich Texas schools will be offering him a lot of money. We’ll see. A lot will depend upon how well SC’s offense performs in 2022. Personally, I think that they will be explosive.


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