It’s Time For Another Art Brewster Appreciation

If it’s Tuesday, how about some Art Brewster. This tribute was done for the Nov. 28, 1975 game program so it was timely since John McKay was officially hired by Tampa Bay on Oct. 31.

22 thoughts on “It’s Time For Another Art Brewster Appreciation

      1. He thought he’d be safe if he waited till after he beat Notre Dame to announce he was leaving —but he badly underestimated the drop in morale that followed. The team got it together for the Liberty Bowl and kicked the shit outta a good Texas A&M team, 20 -0.

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    1. Yep. Thanks again, Scott. Always good to be reminded of what USC had going before Haden, Swann and Helton came on the scene. Sure we had highs and lows after John McKay —but nothing matches the sustained low that crew brought.

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      1. One thing about McKay that I recall, MG, was how he hated to admit it, but he loved Notre Dame’s damn fight song.

        Me too. When I have been back there among the Fighting Irish faithful, when that fight song is played I get up and dance. I have had Irish fans tell me that despite my being an obvious SC fan, I’m not half-bad. Ha, they don’t know the half of it.

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      2. Whenever I absent mindedly hum the Notre Dame fight song I immediately start humming Conquest over & over again to undo the bad karma….

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    1. When using photo reference —the trick is to know what to leave out and, then, draw the hell out of everything else. Art Brewster is a genius at that.

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  1. Scooter,

    We know how McKay was on the field and off, and that was beyond excllent. So my question is, How would McKay do with his power I offense and his 5-2 defense against the run pass options offense and and against the usual 3-4 defense? If McKay has the talent I think he still succeeds with the offense and defense that he had.

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    1. Remember the way McKay shut down Switzer’s triple option offense?
      “Tackle anything that moves in the backfield, boys.” He’d do the same to Kiffin’s offense. Or Chip’s.

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  2. I’ve heard McKay had an over-service alcohol problem.

    Famous McKay quote: “Hey Corky, I need another double Fireball; step on it will ya.”

    #62 – 33


      1. McKay received an award from some UCLA group after he retired from football and smilingly told them, “This is the first and last time I will set foot on your campus.”
        I’ll always remember the story told by Marv Goux about the severely sick Coach McKay being told by doctors they could save his life if they amputated his right leg…and McKay telling them “No, I’ll keep the leg. If my time’s up, my time’s up.”
        #WhateverAnybodySez,BothMcKay&SandersWereMen, M-E-N

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      1. There’s no sin in dying of alcoholic Cirrhosis, just a really stupid way to check out. We all handle success in individual fashion; in McKay’s case, he drank himself to death. Coach Wooden on the other hand, died of old age at peace with his titanic success.

        #Sobriety is worth it, Lawyer John. For me, it’s been 31 years sobriety and one of the best decisions I’ve made during my lifetime.


  3. Anyone else notice how Scott has become more of a good-guy these days?– Getting older mellows most men, but not some of the posters on this blog.

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