USC Spring Game Live Blog

It’s the live blog for the Coliseum spring game.

Good thing USC is bringing in another Aussie punter in the summer.

Miller Moss finds Kyle Ford on 48-yard TD. Ceyair Wright on the coverage.

Coach Bohn said the crowd is the biggest since the 90’s. He forgets two things: The huge crowds when Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart played. And the spring games were usually at Howard Jones Field in the 90’s.

It’s halftime. And Caleb Williams is living up to his billing. Meanwhile the secondary is living down to its billing.

Pac-12 refs!

Williams to Williams again for a TD.

The pass coverage reminds me of Donte Williams last season. Oh wait, he is still coaching.

The ESPN announcers are criticizing Korey Foreman for putting his hands on Caleb Williams.

Caleb Williams was 5 for 5 on the opening drive with a short TD pass to Mario Williams. Not great coverage from cornerback Prophet Brown on the play.

They are selling Caleb Williams apparel at the Coliseum.

Here’s a better crowd view:

Cornerback Mekhi Blackmon and wide receiver Michael Jackson are out for the game.

Former USC star Leonard Williams is at the game.

Jerry Rice is at the game to watch his son, wide receiver Brenden Rice.

Here’s a crowd shot of one half of the Coliseum about 40 minutes before kickoff.

72 thoughts on “USC Spring Game Live Blog

  1. Well the spring game is here. Which one of these cupcake players will have a season ending injury today? Caleb maybe? Dye?, my money is on that softy overhyped Korey Foreman. Heard he went to high school with Jackson. They are both softie’s!


      1. Suppose SUCC had a free spring FB practice game and no body showed but the area winos and homeless.


    1. If I were a SUCLA fan, I probably wouldn’t bother chatting on their websites either. They really aren’t worth chatting about. I know I have ZERO desire to visit a SUCLA blog/thread.

      Good to have you hear, reminding us of how lucky we are not to be Ruins!!

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      1. …and not just any interim coach —a guy who’d never even been a coordinator…


      2. SoCal, SUCC claims the attendance for the spring practice game @ 33,427. What a load bozo BS. Typical SUCC, lie like a dirty, filthy, rug.



    2. I don’t see any difference than from last season.

      First off, it’s the same crap offense and same crap offensive line.

      ‘Ol Mule Shoe is also a big fan of the Chuck ‘N Duck, just like Helton and Harrell.

      I will say this, at least the defense is getting to the ball a little quicker.


      1. ugh,ol’peenus breth iz tawking too his self agian,probaly got dimmensha like his sifliss infecktid muthur,smdh


      2. Another crap finesse type offensive scheme from the same clueless soft anything but physical clown coach.

        ‘Ol Mule Shoe’s grade in preparing his Ladies of Troy…


      3. Dems who voted for Biden probably should NEVER quote the 0.0 line…..


  2. Could this be Wiley’s speech before our boys take the field in an hour–

    “Alright men, and I am especially talking to the Ton-o-Hel leftovers–
    No more celebrating an ordinary tackle as if you won the Super Bowl.
    No more cussing out the opponent as the referee looks on.
    No more 10 and 12 men on the field
    No more players with the same number on the field
    And finally, no more losses. We are done with that!

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    1. Love it –except for the “no more losses” part.

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  3. It really appears USC is going all out to bring football back into prominence. I am sure a lot of Trojan players from the past will be on hand as well as some highly anticipated hollywood types who nobody cares about. It is great to have something to get hyped up about, and today will officially mark the end of the hell-ton era.

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    1. From your lips to God’s ears….

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      1. I believe you are partially mistaken, Michael.

        I think one of his games was planned on being televised, but the producers realized there were higher ratings available for the
        Georgia Saturday Morning Cartoons Hour, so he got pre-empted

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      2. …thanks for confirming that rumor, John…. I guess I didn’t wanna believe that viewers actually forced local programmers to switch Helton’s new team out for silent, black and white cartoons…

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  4. The most important things today are. No injuries. And. Put on a really impressive show for the recruits. Do those two and the old dog will be happy. Do that for the dog. And. I’ll know and be happy.

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    1. Just another reminder of the ridiculous times we’re in.

      Did everyone see the video of that teacher who’s on TikTok explaining to 5-8 year olds that “when a baby is born, the doctor looks at the baby’s parts and takes a guess as to whether it’s a boy or a girl. Most of the time, the doctor is 100% correct. But sometimes, they guess wrong.”

      God is so disappointed in us.

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      1. ugh,thay stil ain’t sure wut gendur ol’peenus breth iz cuz it wuz born with itz hed up itz azz


      1. Or in plain English the man is saying between 5,000 and 10,000, which from the picture I saw looks about right.

        Yes, Ohio St sells out, but in L.A. we all have a dozen neat things we could be doing, and SC is only one of them.

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  5. Miller Moss is the best player on the field. Will he get a fair chance to start? We all know the answer

    This is the new cesspool Mark Emmett and the radical liberal leadership behind college football has created. Williams and his goon squad are allowed to sell merchandise, the inmates have truly taken over the asylum. Thanks Helton!


      1. Thanks for the photo, Pudly — may I add to your comment?


  6. Didn’t watch the scrimmage and it looks like maybe only 5000 showed up live. This is L.A. afterall.

    So from the above reports it sounds as if the offense got the best of the defense, with the quarterbacks, wideouts, and running backs looking pretty good, and the defense needing further work.

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    1. Don’t believe a word Scott says. There were a ton of people there. Both sides looked competent. Not very many missed tackles or blown assignments. Nice balance of run and pass. Will ne very good after fall camp


  7. Team looked very aggressive and physical today on both sides of the ball.
    More people attending the spring game which exceeds the number of people that attend a regular season UCLA home game at the Rose Bowl!!!
    Add more depth at linebacker, offensive and defensive lines in the portal and this team can win the Pac 12.
    We still look a little small on the offensive/defensive lines and inside linebacker positions, but I will say we look much quicker off the ball with alot more team speed.
    Who is Jaxton Dart? Miller Moss is going to be a fine player at USC. Has quick feet, and a beautiful throwing touch with accuracy.
    The Pac 12 saw a broken USC the last 4 years, but after watching this game with the talent in place the other teams in the conference realize USC is Back, and so is the Running Game so they are worried.
    Caleb Williams to Mario Williams-don’t think many teams are going to stop that. Hidden secret weapon: #2 WR Rice- a physical specimen like his dad Jerry Rice.
    Heisman Trophy for Caleb Williams in 2023 maybe sooner if the team wins the Pac 12, and advances to the playoffs. Incredible Talent and Leadership Skills.

    Folks this is only the beginning. A very good football team is being put together to WIN RIGHT NOW! It might take a few games to get the team playing on all cylinders, but look out in November. Nice to see alot of ex players out there today. Gomer Uncle Fester Helton ruined the culture while he was here it is now returning very quickly under Coach Riley.

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    1. I think that Moss might actually be better than Dart. Moss is a real smart kid and is learning everything he can. He is the kind of fast thinking QB who excels in a Lincoln Riley offense, where the emphasis is on getting the ball out quickly.


  8. UCLA will soon be playing their home games at Drake Stadium on the UCLA campus .- The Capacity of 5,000 is a perfect fit for the low amount of interest in UCLA football, and most of all affordable since they are having trouble paying the high rent at the Rose Bowl which is too big for the program. One thing is to call the Rose Bowl your current home, but UCLA does not own it, and with no championships in the last twenty years it is embarrassing for the Rose Bowl, and the City of Pasadena to have a losing program playing in front of an empty crowd each Saturday.

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    1. Numerous reports have appeared concerning the Rose Bowl Committee hiring off duty L. A. Sheriff’s Department snipers to keep UCLA from coming within 500 yards of their stadium this season. MSNBC did some interviews with far left civil rights attorneys who admitted the use of deadly force would be justifiable given the humiliation the bruins have brought to the City of Pasadena…..

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      1. Yeah –Good point, John —-I better issue a retraction before I give the Rose Bowl Committee any ideas…
        —- Scarface

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  9. CW has legit 4.5 speed. This will be a difference maker on offense. Defenses
    will need to respect the run pass option, something they did not do with Slovis
    or Daniels. It will take pressure off the offensive line and we will be able to
    run more no running back sets. CW will pick up a lot of first down with his legs and
    extend drives. Unfortunately, Harrell placed no value on a running quarterback and
    his offensive lines were unable to protect his quarterbacks. I think that changes with Reilly.

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    1. This team is not quite ready to take-on Oregon at this point. The Ducks have been quacking at Trojans for a decade now. They will be a tough nut to crack this year.

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      1. If that were true would ESPN have given them a higher Power Rating than us?


  10. If Blackmon is as good as advertised, then they have at least 2 great corners because McCutcheon is outstanding.


    1. Isnt McCutcheon playing Safety? And we just got a transfer from Ohio State with alot of experience playing safety. Once Blackmon is available and Domani comes back and we get another transfer or two from the portal, there will start to be some real depth.

      The defense looked pretty decent on Saturday. It is amazing how fast and far this team has moved forward in the past months. Another 4 months of this and the team will be quite good.

      Would love to see more Epps.


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