USC Spring Game Recap

The USC spring game was probably notable for how much it confirmed what was already known.

  • Caleb Williams will carry the offense, has some good receivers and tailbacks. The offensive line was average but had problems with the blitz. I’m sure some people expected Williams to lead USC on a TD drive every time he was on the field but that rarely happens in spring games. He’s going to be the focal point of the team all season.
  • The defense offered some question marks, especially in the secondary. It did matter Mekhi Blackmon did not play because he is cornerback No. 1. The rest were ordinary. The defense did better when it blitzed but you can’t blitz every play.
  • I’ve mentioned the transfers throughout spring and they showed why Saturday. Caleb Williams, Mario Williams, Travis Dye, Romello Height. I didn’t mention Shane Lee but I’m not worried about him.
  • The defense as a whole looked decent in stretches and not-so great in others.
  • I hope incoming Austalian punter Atticus Bertrams is good because the punting looked awful Saturday. USC might need a punter in the transfer portal.
  • Here’s a couple Lincoln Riley quotes:

“Guys were excited to play today. If you’re in the city and don’t feel the momentum about this program, you’re not paying attention. And our guys feel it right now. They were amped to play this game.”

“We’ve worked our ass off the last four-and-a-half months in the program to build a culture and a standard.”

  • Lastly, USC is riding a wave since the Lincoln Riley hire. The spring game was on ESPN.

So why did it need to lie and say it had 33,427 at the Coliseum today? No way. But it wanted to say it had a record. Of course, this smells of Tim Tessalone — who is retired but still working — being involved because no one else was around in the “old days” and they will just create a figure to set a record.

For the Coliseum to have 33,000 means it would be at 42 percent capacity? Does this look like 42 percent?

96 thoughts on “USC Spring Game Recap

      1. CBS: May 1 marks the day the transfer portal shuts down for this academic year. It closes for three months before reopening Aug. 1, the start of the 2022-23 academic year. Players in the portal by May 1 can still transfer after that date.


    1. I’d have to agree Mike G.

      No spirit or enthusiasm under Kelly. Just the paycheck for Kelly. Very few uclol players get up to the next level .

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      1. Hey t-ruins

        Just look at the NFL payroll.
        Ruins a bunch on NFL taxi squads. Ruins way down the list. Typical uclol opening their big mouth before doing homework.

        Pretty much sums it up

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  1. When you say the game is free and then you charge 25$ for parking how do you expect for fans to show up and spend their time on a Saturday afternoon. Especially with gas prices being over 5.00$ a gallon. Make it make sense. Please!

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    1. Boogs, tell me quick where I can find $5 gas.

      There are some stations in Chinatown and by the Beverly Center that are proudly selling their gas for the princely sum of $7.00

      Yes, no matter how difficult the times,
      the greedy are out in force to feast off the needy.

      “Is this a great country or what?”– But truth be told, it is true in every country.

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      1. Ammo still sucks, too!

        Miss the days of $0.50-$1.00 rounds. I’m actually thrilled when I can find decent stuff at $1.00-$1.20 a round.

        But some is going for $1.50-$2.00 a round! When you find it in stock!!

        And this background check in CA for ammo is ridiculous. A background check for guns is enough. You aren’t going to stop bad guys from getting ammo, you liberal morons.

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      2. The key word is over 5$ a gallon and I pay 5.05$ a gallon in Orange County Garden Grove. Arco near 22 freeway. Cash Price

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      3. Lawyer John
        Bullhead city and Prescott are $4.36/gal.

        And SoCal,
        9mm is 35¢\rd. 223 is 50¢ and no background check. All you want. CCI, Federal, PMC, Aguila, Fiochi are flooding the AZ market all back to normal. But you legally cannot bring back more than 50 rounds to CA.

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      4. Try to stick to Federal/American Eagle, Hornady, Remington and Winchester. After reading that Aguila was being manufactured out of a former Reminton plant in Mexico and people were happy with it, I did buy some shotgun shells but haven’t tried them yet.

        I’ve been tempted to try Fiocchi. Glad to hear you’ve been happy enough with it to mention.

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      5. Sincere question guys: why is it necessary to store lots of rounds of ammunition?

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      6. MG
        9mm is a nearly worthless caliber. But yes I own one🙄 and I would say that 20 boxes would be a safe inventory depending on how often you shoot and your sphere of associates. Usually for handguns, 20 boxes represents a case. That would be my quantity choice for each handgun you own. Some people don’t go to the range regularly and IMHO that is a HUGE mistake. I believe you should not go for more than a few months without shooting. Possibly just to see if, as you get older, the recoil is affecting your judgement.
        I’ve had LEO buy from me many times since 2010 when nothing was available. Not just a single officer one time only but waves of them. 2010-11 at Del Mar, LAPD came down because nothing was available. One year ago, AZ troopers couldn’t get anything here in AZ except Dept issue which has to be accounted for. PD usually shoots reloads at the range and some officers prefer not to put reloads through their personal weapons.

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      7. Cal75–
        Thanks for taking the time. I guess I’ll find the answers to my questions between the lines.
        [btw, I go years without hitting the range —but every time I return I’m better than the last time —it’s a gift I have]…


  2. Here is the highlight video of ‘Ol Mule Shoe’s first spring game, all 2 minutes worth.






    1. Boner-breath, after further review, it looks like the foot print on your ass came from ‘Ol Mule’s shoe.(ouch!) I’m sure you perfer the crotch kick.

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      TboneMePleaseObummer, kind of similar to your rag.


  3. Hey, wolfman, who cares what the attendance was. The focus was on what was taking place between the goalposts. You sound like a petty little bitch. I see why your husband left you. Another donut high, pathetic!

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  4. Discounted gear/swag from years past wasn’t going to work at making more people show up for the spring game. USC went for a money grab with the 25$ parking and discounted gear for sale and fans were not buying in, obviously! Way to go Folt the dolt the roaming gnome strikes again.


  5. I liked what I saw, keeping in mind it was a spring game. There was a real tug of war going on. Neither side wanted to be dominated by the other. There were tackles being made. At one point the defense was checking wrist bands meaning they had schemes and defensive strategy. The crowd was at least twice the size of a regular season game last year. (Okay an exaggeration for our Ucla pals who see this size crowd every game) I’m going to say that we are on the right path. I like Moss much more than I did last season. I actually saw blocking and linemen sticking with their blocks. If we progress normally and a few new coaches at other schools fail, we could show up at a real bowl game this year.

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  6. Who’s drinking with me tonight?

    I’m enjoying Bellator live from Hawaii for the second night in a row. Had a nice cab with dinner, but sipping on a 14 year old, Glenlivet single malt scotch now.

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  7. Took my 15-year old and his buddy to the scrimmage today. Great day once inside the colli, 70 degrees, no wind, but OMG, the traffic control around the stadium was horrendous.

    Attendance – I’d guess high 20s, but I don’t know how they ever would calculdate that, because they didn’t even log our tix or the tix of anyone close to us at the gate we entered.

    Great vibe among the crowd – relaxed, but plenty of energy, nice group of people who turned out.

    Caleb Williams – the guy has everything going for him. Throws a gorgeous ball, crazy tight spiral, just a wrist flick and he gets it out there 35 yards. Mario Williams is a very tough cover, like a water bug. Williams and Williams are already in sync. If he stays healthy, Mario looks good for 80 catches this year.

    Miller Moss – Threw a bunch of dimes, including the one to Kyle Ford. Great to see Ford is back after 2 ACL ruptures, he is by far the biggest WR on the roster. I don’t recall Gary Bryant playing.

    Both QBs made excellent decisions. No forced throws. Williams has jets on his shoes the couple of times he needed to take off. The ghost of Graham Harrell is gone.

    RBs looked good, the OL looked disciplined, no major f-ups.

    Hudson-Ware looked really good after being buried on the depth chart last year.

    Nick Figueroa was very quick, Foreman showed that on the pass rush, he is special. USC coaches made a great call with Romello Height, super quick kid and very strong for his size.

    My son and his buddy went onto the field after the game, met a bunch of the players and took photos with Moss, Hudson-Ware, Kyle Ford, Foreman. Every guy was really friendly.

    Scottie is right about one thing, the punting (which happened maybe twice) was no bueno. Wobbly balls, a 40 yarder and maybe a 35 yarder at the very end. But the place kicking looked good, including a 55 yard FG by Stanhouse.

    The food lines were crazy slow, hope the Colli management figures all that out. The guy ahead of me says “So I waited a half hour to pay $16 for a semi-warm can of Negro Modello?

    USC football is going to be fun to watch, gals and guys.

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    1. When the Pope visited LA in 1987 and presided over one mass at the Coliseum and one mass at Dodgers Stadium, I sang at both. The mass at Chavez Ravine had chairs covering the floor, so at least 10K more than any Dodgers game. I dreaded getting out of there.

      We knew from security drills during one of our practices that it was much more than LAPD handling security. We’re talking commandos rapelling from CH-47’s, the whole nine yards.

      When I left the parking lot after the mass it took me less than 10 minutes to get to the freeway. And I didn’t wait until the masses had left. I drove out with everyone else.

      All I could asked myself is, “Why can’t they do this for every home game?”

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    2. Wonderful recount -67.

      I especially liked the part where all the players were real friendly. Although I am sure the fans got a kick out of the interaction,
      I bet the players enjoyed it even more. Nice to be appreciated
      by the fans. My one fan developed alzheimer’s last year.

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    3. Came to this piece late, pardner! Real nice run down. Sounds like the team has regained it’s respect for itself and it’s coach!

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      1. Michael, it was night vs. day with the change of coaching, even intangibles. Player attitude was outstanding. Getting off the field quickly after a sub. All the players on the sidelines focused on the game, no horsing around. Disciplined effort, except for one targeting (who would target in a Spring scrimmage?)

        WRs ran very good routes, and they are FAST. Scottie’s critiques above about the CBs are just a wee bit snarky, IMO, (Beavers did get beat on coverage, but he is a very good open field tackler once an RB gets into the secondary). With the exception of Beavers, the secondary guys were pretty much running step for step with the WRs (though Mario has after-burners, he can separate quickly once his defender begins to look for the ball). Kyle Ford is BIG, guessing close to 225 lbs and he can burn as well. Defense blew up a few plays, including some bubble screens (the gift that seems to keep on giving).

        180 degree difference between Caleb Williams and poor Kedon who was constantly running for his life. It is a huge plus to have a QB who is about as quick as anyone on the D. And Williams just doesnt take off, he exits the pocket, still checking for targets, he knows he has the time to put on the jets if he needs to. Despite pressure, not one hurried throw, not one ill-advised throw. This is going to be fun.

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      2. Love it, 67! Of all the things you said the thing that impresses me most is —Caleb is looking down field the whole time he’s approaching scrimmage on the run. He did that at Oklahoma too —it’s what great running QB’s do —they keep the passing option alive as long as possible. This not only helps on the play that’s in motion —it helps on the next play, and the one after that…

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  8. This team still sucks! Defense sucks. This team will win against cupcakes and a few shootouts. 7-5 at best. Still not a factor in college football.


      1. What was the score to that football game again? Who has the higher academic ranking again?


      1. Gabby, FU’s anti-SC compulsion is a little like the ugly step-sister laughing at her beautiful sister because her hairdo got temporarily windblown.

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  9. Math is a hobby.

    The coliseum has about 36 sections, or 72 half sections. About 8 half section were filled on both sides of the coliseum.

    Therefore, 16 over 72= about 25%, and 1/4 of 77,000 is about
    20,000 folks, which seems to be a more realistic figure than 33,000.

    But SC is trying to sell some sizzle, so I don’t blame them.

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    1. I’d say your 20,000 # is very defensible, John….it mighta been smart to go with it…. but 4 days ago, sitting in the Executive Men’s Room, Mike Bohn decided it was going to be 33,000…

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      1. As lawyers, yes… but as Trojans?

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  10. Not sure any here were Oingo Boingo fans. But Elfman going to be on in 15 minutes or so, live from Coachella. (YouTube Coachella channel 3) He was GREAT last weekend.

    Those of you who weren’t OB fans may have enjoyed his work from Edward Scissorhands and Nightmare Before Christmas. (I know we’ve been talking Jonny Depp. LOL)

    For those of you who may not know his name, he’s right up there with John Williams and Hanz Zimmer, in terms of movie scores! A musical genius.

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    1. Good call. Danny Elfman is a fricking genius, So Cal. And his film scores –Batman, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure —are up there with Max Steiner’s classic scores.

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  11. 33k or 20k still better than a Ucla home game. Honestly why would anyone come out for a game that had no bearing on the season? Especially since the previous spring games were such a bore.
    I’m a half full type of guy I prefer to see the hood and today was all good. Fight on !!

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    1. The mention of Rodney Dangerfield reminds me of one of his good ones:

      I was so ugly that after I was born the doctor gave me a whack, and later I learned the nurse got in a few too. And then when my doctor was asked by my parents how was I doing, he replied, “We did all we could, but somehow he pulled through anyway.”

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      1. More Dangerfield:

        “I get no respect.
        You know, I was ugly as a kid. So ugly.
        You know, when I was born the Doctor held me up in one hand and the afterbirth in the other hand.”
        He said,
        “Hey, lady. Look. Twins!”

        “I tell ya, I get no respect.”


  12. Makes me laugh that so called UCLA supporters spend so much time on a USC site, but then again if your team has not won a conference championship in twenty years, and no one goes to the games at the Rose Bowl any longer due to a very dim future I guess it beats lawn bowling, or checkers with the rest of UCLA alumni.

    Our spring game attendance of approximately 20,000 today is more than UCLA averages for a regular season conference game at the Rose Bowl, and UCLA gives away tickets for free but the fans still can’t afford the gas and parking so they stay home waiting for a better day living off the State of California stimulus checks.

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    1. Project Veritas has a secret recording of a man identifying himself as Chip Kelly at a hotel in Vegas speaking to someone who identifies herself as an “exotic dancer.” After a lot of small talk & 4 martini lunch the Chip guy opens up: “Can I tell you something, Gigi? I coach a team that has absolutely no idea of who they are. We derive what little identity we have from pointing to one game each year —USC —which we mostly lose. All our players follow USC, know the names of all the USC players and coaches and dream of being able to call themselves Trojans….USC is all they have. It keeps them alive and gives them meaning & hope. Without USC we know we are nothing. ”

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  13. I think that the offense will be explosive this year. I don’t think that you saw more than 20-30% of that offense. I don’t think that you will see the whole offense until the Stanford game. I saw a lot of H-Backs but almost no motion. That is not the whole offense.
    I did think that the defense looked pretty good, especially in the 2nd half. There too, I don’t think that we saw he whole defense. I really didn’t see a whole lot of blitzing(outside of some delayed blitzing).
    As far as the punting is concerned….maybe they told him to kick it out of bounds because they didn’t want anyone hurt on a run back.
    As far as the crowd is concerned, you have to start winning big. When you do that you’ll get a big crowd. You know what they said in the “Field of Dreams” movie…..”if you build it they will come”. The same is true here….”if you build a great program, the fans will come”.

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  14. Deja vu, it is Easter all over again. I have a good anti-Putin Russian friend, and she is Orthodox Christian, which means I get to celebrate my favorite day of the year all over again today.

    I have learned from last week to be very very careful how I word this because otherwise it will draw the Blog’s Fundamentalists out of the woodwork to correct me,
    but Easter is God’s way of telling us that there is no hell and we all go to someplace that we have labeled heaven.

    Good thing too that we ALL qualify no matter what we did on earth, because if getting into this heaven was based on good deeds and merit, only our dogs would qualify.

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    1. You got one part right LJ, you can’t make it to heaven on good deeds or merit. I have known a couple of dogs that wouldn’t be welcome in heaven though.

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    2. The great French Mystic, Simone Weil, said everyone makes it to heaven —otherwise the act of creation would constitute an act of diminution…

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      1. USC has had 0 leadership the last dozen years. Weak head coaches and team “leaders.” helton was too worried he’d lose popularity to take a strong stand. Leaders cannot worry whether or not they are liked. It is wonderful to have Coach Riley set the goals and expect they are met…..and for Caleb to lead by his own achievements and fairness and high expectations!

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      2. Good point, Carra! I found it revealing when Wanda Austin came to Clay Helton’s defense by saying, “he doesn’t drink, do drugs or play around.” Even Clay’s staunchest defender couldn’t bring herself to say the word “leader” in the same sentence as the name “Clay Helton.”

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  15. The morning paper (Sunday) has a treasure trove of information. First both Ucla and USC had their spring ending meeting. The articles both read like a fill- in- the -blank, assignment from their editor, highlights attendance numbers etc.. But there were differences. USC held a game. Ucla had a “showcase”. USC was on ESPN Ucla was on the PAC 12. Ucla was on their practice field, USC the coliseum. Ucla had a small crowd of onlookers, USC had 33 k (adjusted for inflation to 20 k which brought in a half million in parking fees). Nobody won the Ucla showcase the offence featuring two heisman hopefuls won the USC spring game.
    No wonder so many trolls come here to crow about their overly inflated coach (I mean his salary) beating out unprepared interim coach last season. They got nothing going on at home.
    Don’t hate the trolls, feel sorry for them.

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      1. sucla is 2-22 versus teams with a record above .500. Most definitely a pity party. Yet the morons extended chip! Did they hire Swann on the side?

        sucla still trying to figure out how to repay $62.5 athletics debt, just for FY 2021. Maybe owns and FU can hold a bake sale.

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      2. Is that 62.5 Trillion? Billion? Or million? If only 62. 5 million, Owns wants us to pay it….

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      3. Ha! That would be “millions”.

        State taxpayers will foot the bill, as usual. ucla athletics should be put into receivership seeing as how they can’t manage their finances.

        First change – eliminate all unprofitable men’s sports. And turn the 80 yard practice field into new housing.

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      4. Sincere proposal –The practice field should be converted into underground housing [i. e., an extension of nearby veterans’ cemetery]….. might help educate lefty UCLA students as to the sacrifices made by U. S. men & women in arms….

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  16. Perfect statements by “Ghost of Me, and Trojan1967”: No wonder so many trolls come here to crow about their overly inflated coach (I mean his salary) beating out unprepared interim coach last season. They got nothing going on at home.

    “sucla still trying to figure out how to repay $62.5 athletics debt, just for FY 2021. Maybe owns and FU can hold a bake sal”.

    USC owns the Coliseum, UCLA is in serious debt , is a “tenant” at the Rose Bowl, and struggling to pay the rent at the Rose Bowl. UCLA is the only team in the Pac 12 that rents a football stadium for all their home games. The team over at UCLA needs people to come to the games yet they stay home and troll the USC site because they are “wanna be’s living off funds from the State of California like their University. The reason UCLA is in trouble is because of their the fans who expect everything to be for free in California just like all the other homeless people in this state. USC is a profitable private university because of the word SUPPORT something lacking at UCLA except for the state government which bails your guys out time and time again.

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    1. But, but, 62-33, at the crumbling mausoleum.

      tommyd I doubt you make enough money panhandling up and down MLK Blvd. to whine about the #1 Public University spending your non-existent taxes on UCLA FB.


  17. Pussy ’76 quote re: The Bruins slaughter of Clown U FB, 62 -33 at the crumbling mausoleum.

    “Hang your hat on beating a team without a coach, typically ruin.🖕🏽”

    Sounds like the typical bozo rah-rah excuses, excuses, excuses, whine.

    #UC Davis to SUCC’s 4-8 FB program: Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

    #62-33, do dah, do dah!


  18. things overall were exact opposite of the last several years under the hellton pathological dynasty…I saw real football .


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