Sunday Buzz: USC Gets Running Back Commitment

A’Marion Peterson of Wichita Falls, Texas, committed to USC on his weekend visit to Los Angeles.

Peterson is a four-star (Rivals) and three-star (247) recruit depending on which service you prefer.

He had offers from Alabama, Texas and Wisconsin among others.

Earlier in the week, USC got a commitment from four-star running back Quinten Joyner of Manor, Texas.

20 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: USC Gets Running Back Commitment

  1. Also just got an Ohio State safety through the portal, the young fella was recruited to OSU by Alex Grinch when he was OSU’s D-coordinator.


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      1. The Alabama offer tells ya all you need to know…..24/7 doesn’t know crap.

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      2. Great point, 67! I saw a rattlesnake in the tub at a summer camp when I was 13 years old —and I still check out the tub every time I walk into anyone’s bathroom. Some things make an impression you never forget.

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      3. Peterson was being recruited by Tashard Choice at Tejas. Choice was hired by Riley and then bailed on USC.


  2. According to my Trojan fan son, USC is top landing spot for a 6’5″, 230 lb athlete who runs a 10.28. Not a typo. 5 star, he plays edge and also plays receiver.

    If you get twitter, here is the video of him running the 100m. The other runners look Lilliputian in comparison:

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    1. Oh, crap—–from somewhat slow start to Superman speed. It takes 2 seconds for him to get rolling….. and then it’s lights out.

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      1. If he could get out of the blocks a few tenths faster, then we would be looking at Usain Bolt Jr. With an extra 30 pounds.

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      2. I was thinking pretty much the same thing —imagine what he could do with a great track coach working out with him…

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