USC Winners And Losers Of The Week


Caleb Williams

He is the complete focal point of the team, which is not a bad position to be in for a 19-year-old sophomore or USC. Oh, and be sure to buy his exclusive line of apparel while you’re at the game.

USC transfer portal

It got a guy who started at safety last season at Ohio State. Now where are the linemen?

Miller Moss

It’s too bad the real games won’t allow both quarterbacks to get this amount of playing time.

Mario Williams

He looks poised for a big season, no doubt aided by playing last season at Oklahoma.

USC men’s tennis

Won Pac-12 Tournament with 4-1 victory over Washington. Third straight conference title for Trojans.


USC secondary

It’s not a good day when the quarterbacks complete 78 percent of their passes. No wonder Alex Grinch started blitzing.

USC athletic dept.

It’s a big crowd by USC standards at the Coliseum. So why lie and say there are 33,400 at the game? It was obvious there weren’t that many people. The truth is often the first casaulty when it comes to USC’s spin dept.

The media

They dutifully reported that shoddy attendance figure as gospel.

USC running game

Hot take: The scrimmage rushing attack looked like Graham Harrell was in charge. Surely won’t be that in regular season.

USC tight ends

If you were Jude Wolfe (three catches), you didn’t catch a pass Saturday, which means Malcolm Epps, Lake McRee, Josh Falo and Ethan Rae got shut out. It’s surprising because USC says the tight ends will feature more.

USC women’s tennis

Led ASU 3-0 in Pac-12 Tournament and then lost four straight matches to lose 4-3.

49 thoughts on “USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

    1. Perpetual Losers! Sunshine pumping rah rahs… Top 5 HC in USC’s history is killing it in Georgia! High flying offense, healthy loving culture, Nothing but love!!

      Riley is a weasel… he will lead USC into sanctions like Pete Carroll without the championships.

      Winner: Clay Helton! for getting away from toxic rah rahs!


      1. “Perpetual Losers!”

        He lost all credibility before he even got started, and so there was no point in reading any further.

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      2. They ARE trying, 67 —that’s what the Chip contract extension was all about….

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  1. So Justin Owns—. A good friend of our Michael—had a job at the circus and had been working there for a few weeks. He developed a very bad rash on his right forearm and went to his friend Michael for advice. Michael said Well Owns what’s your job at the circus ?? Owns replied Well I give enemas to elephants. As part of the job I have to stick my right arm up the elephants ass all the way up to my elbow. Michael said. Well maybe if you quit your job your rash would go away. Owns said. What ?? And give up SHOW BUSINESS ????

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      1. All you guys loved the joke eh ?????? Hey 67 I really enjoyed your description of the scrimmage on Saturday. It was so good I even read it twice. Excellent job bro——— and LJ I liked your crowd estimate. I did the same thing before I read your post. Came up with around 18,000 allowing for a few scattered empty seats in those areas. Great minds run in the same channels bro

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      2. I looked at it from all angles….and after 17 straight hours with gyroscopes and slide rules I came up with 18,732…..

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    1. It’s not hard to fathom that you, a whiny, bozo, rah-rah, goon would concoct a shi*ty, short paragraph about me and elephant enemas – giggle, giggle giggle.

      Tirebiter, there is absolutely no doubt you graduated from SCUM UNIV.

      #62 – 33

      BTW, Petros royally ripped Clown U a new one today. Talk about an elephant enema!

      #Scum FB, what f**king joke.


      1. I know that’s your way of telling me you loved the joke Owns. It really made your day Owns. Own up to it Owns. Haha haha haha haha. Oh my side. Oooh.

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  2. If USC wins nine plus games this season, it will be because of the talent advantage they have in a weak PAC 12. The offensive line cannot compete outside of the conference unless they’re playing a non power 5 school regardless of what Lincoln Riley says, because the eyes don’t lie, people do. The Trojans fanboys are easily con’d into believing anything that comes out of their head coaches mouth. #gogetlinetalentorshutup


      1. Sir John

        NOBS to the rescue. SC alums just NIL a super duty Ford f-350 to some wide-bodies Hoss’s. All Midwest and southern guys just want is the most impressive pickup. Come on.

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  3. SC’s running game will be much better this year than last year(and last year wasn’t all that bad). They use an H-Back, which is an extra blocker. They pull linemen….they run traps….they pull the H-Back and also run traps with him. Last year they just pass blocked most of the time, even on run plays. The last 7 years that LR has been in control of that Oklahoma offense, they have run the ball over 55% of the time. The have averaged 187, 180, 240, 247, 218, 237 and 222 yards rushing per game. That is nothing like Graham Harrells offense. This offense is much more complex than GH’s offense. These players still haven’t learned it in a way that they don’t have to think about what they do but just do it instinctively. But they will. And when that happens this offense will be explosive. As far as the defense is concerned, we’ll just have to wait and see. If the defense doesn’t excell we may have to get another DC but the offense will be explosive. We’ll win a lot of games just on the offense alone.

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    1. Awesome. Now maybe the last president(and also the last real president) can get back on and maybe they might want to kick the Taliban, the ayatollah of Iran, the russian and chinese dictators, Isis, BLM, Antifa and a whole slew of other tyrants and terrorists off.

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      1. He HAS to say that at this point, Charles —let’s see where he’s at later in the year —as the election nears.


  4. Trump won’t be able to resist going on Twitter, just to drive the liberal communist lefties crazy. But there is nothing to worry about, old Joe is holding between 35-40% approval. How he gets that high is hard to comprehend.

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    1. It’s easy —the polls are rigged. The approval polls, the election polls, etc. —they’re brought to you by the same corporate media whores who sold the Trump/Russia Collusion B.S. for the last several years….


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