One Last Thought On Getting “Gold-Plated”

There was a lot of attention this spring with who got a Trojan decal on their helmet.

The media parroted Lincoln Riley, who called it getting “gold-plated.”

But has the media mentioned who didn’t get gold-plated?

Cornerback Latrell McCutchin, who transferred from Oklahoma, was not wearing a helmet decal in the spring scrimmage. I could care less who gets a decal but let’s remember what Riley said in late March.

“Guys that aren’t gold-plated, you probably won’t have to worry about seeing on the sidelines,” Riley said.

Here’s video of McCutchin in Saturday’s scrimmage.

42 thoughts on “One Last Thought On Getting “Gold-Plated”

    1. Show Cause Chip Kelly got his donut award in just one weekend. Though it was a long weekend…some say, a lost weekend.


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    2. How about anytime anyone sees a spelling or grammar error in one of Wolf’s blog posts that someone simply post in the comments “Donut!” along with the offending sentence?





    3. If clay helton was still the coach at USC, Claire’s wouldn’t be getting “gold-plated” gold plating is for trailer park trash! You traded the solid gold coach in clay helton with gold plated trailer park trash Riley! Watch as Georgia Southern football rise to Glory and USC ushers in a new era of sanctions!


  1. In that video of the Mario Williams TD catch, Caleb does a great job of freezing the corner, and then throws a dime outside of the reach of the defender in the corner of the end zone.

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    1. Good call, 67. We’re gonna be seeing a lot of that all season. On every play defenders are gonna be coming up to stop Caleb as soon as he moves his plant foot —and that’s when he’s gonna throw.

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      1. I don’t know; I stopped listening to the P & M show a while back, as most of the P & M show is Petros shilling for drunk driver defense attorneys or solar panel installers who stay one step ahead of the Better Business Bureau. He is much better doing color commentary on the third tier college games that are televised late Saturday night, than what he delivers on his show.

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      2. I’ve always thought of Petros as the very personification of the phrase “one of a kind” — and I think he’d be great [basically fair but opinionated] if USC gave him a chance to be the personality guy in the booth with “their guy”—- but because they’ve treated him as an outsider, he’s acted as one….

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  2. I’ll be interested to see how many player helmets have no Trojan decal Sep 3 vs Rice. BTW why the hell is USC playing Rice!? UC Davis booked up!? Somehow I think CCH had his greasy fingers all over this🫃

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    1. Riley is gonna have to have what Tony Bourdain used to call “The Talk” with McCutchin soon [“I will support my team in every way imaginable —be available night and day to help you succeed –but if you don’t follow the rules I’ll stab you in the heart”]…..

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  3. I don’t know what the deal is about that but from what I have seen from the drills and game film of him McCutchin is one of the best CB’s that SC has. Maybe he thinks that he is not giving 100% and he’s trying to incentivize him.

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    1. I’m convinced –Ed is a genius. Is anyone saying as much in so few words? [The only thing more we can ask of Ed is that he sneaks onto Biden’s speechwriting team]…..

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      1. The more I listen to Biden, He’s starting to sound like ED every day. I can’t believe that we actually elected this guy(or did we?). At least when you listen to ED, you’re probably listening to a smart guy who’s just trying to be funny. When you listen to Biden, you’re getting the real deal yet they sound more and more alike every day. God help america.

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      2. Put Ed in a room with Putin, and the Ukraine stuff would be sorted out within the hour, with Putin exiting, talking about getting his own Missus Ed and keeping the world free from ‘ol peenus breath.

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      3. Yeah, pretty funny that 81M were stupid enough to vote for all of this: Inflation, COVID deaths, Afghanistan deaths, Ukraine deaths, erasing our southern border…all at the hands of someone who can’t remember who he is, where he is, the names of his own cabinet members, the name of the PENTAGON, names of foreign leaders. Pathetic.


    2. ED. See how much everyone misses you ?? Please post more often pal. Do you like Amber ??? Tebowobama loves her very much.


  4. Hey MG, Petros is disgusted with the SUCC AD Boner and the pathetic lies/BS SUCC resorts to market Clown U FB. For example, Petros panned the 33 or 38k attendance claimed by bozo marketing quacks.

    He also panned SUCC’s bragging about LR’s new home, how much it cost and where it was located (Santa Monica!) – LOL.

    Then Petros slapped Andyain’twinning good. “Thanks Enfield” got his extension by waving the chance to move on the Maryland in front of the Boner. Furthermore, Petros complained Andyain’twinning record 2021 – 2022 W/L consisting of JUST 3 regular games vs NCAA Tournament teams; He didn’t mention “Thanks Enfield” one-an-done debacle.

    In short, Petros thinks SUCC’s needs to prove themselves on the field/court and not on useless spring games or false/lying, snail slick marketing campaigns designed to salvage the sunk, rust-bucket, SS Clown U FB program.



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