USC Morning Buzz: Marketing Hype Baffles Radio Host

Radio host Petros Papadakis weighed in Monday with his first comments on USC spring practice.

Specifically, he criticized USC for its overreliance on marketing and hype videos instead of emphasizing the improvements made by Lincoln Riley.

“I do think USC is going to be dramatically improved,” Papadakis said. “(But) the marketing part of this offseason has left me with an unsavory taste in my mouth.

“As opposed to a prove it on the field or on-the-court attitude, the attitude that a blue blood should have, USC has become more of a marketing and packaging entity. Especially for the revenue sports.

“(Colin Cowherd) was in the USC hype video before the team took the field (at the Coliseum Saturday) talking about how awesome they are. They better not lose a game in September. They better not lose a game in October. This guy’s going to have a heart attack.”

Cowherd is the same guy who named his Top Five NBA Players “25 or under” on Monday and three of them (27-year-old Giannis Antetokounmpo; 28-year-old Joel Embiid; 27-year-old Nikola Jokić) were over 25.
  • Papadakis also took on the fake attendance figure: “No matter how many people showed up they were going to announce a record-breaking attendance, which they did.

“What bothers me, is why do you have to lie about it?

“The truth just doesn’t matter as long as the messenger keeps saying it over and over and over again.”

  • He also included a dig at USC’s promotion of Riley buying a $17.2 million house in Palos Verdes.

“There was a marketing opportunity there that they were so thirsty for.”

“Lincoln Riley could have bought a house just like every other coach in the history of the program without the whole thing going viral, bragging about the price, bragging about the location.

“They needed that offseason shine. They needed to brag about look at this guy’s giant, opulent house that’s literally 45 minutes from campus with no traffic.”

You can listen to the whole segment here.

48 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Marketing Hype Baffles Radio Host

  1. USC will get away with the unproven hype because the PAC 12 is the weakest conference among the power 5 schools. It’s not too difficult for them to win ten games, simply because they won’t be playing any competitive teams other then Notre Dame. If they happen to get to the playoffs this season, then they’ll be brought back to reality unless Lincoln Riley happens to get a few talented offensive linemen in the portal before the season starts.


  2. “Much ado over nothing”

    I liked Petros back in 2000 when he first broke in to radio as a neurotic
    wise-cracking nut. But then in later years he became main-stream
    corporate and lost much of that unique charm.

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    1. Lawyer John, when it come to SUCC FB and BB, Petros’ analysis is/was on the money more often then Colin Cowherd’s and/or foolish, blowhard, bozo rah-rah’s.

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      1. Wait a second! Wait a damn second! Are you suggesting that “Colin Cowherd” and “foolish, blowhard rah-rah’s” are TWO separate categories?

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      2. I should point out that Petros [and all red blooded Americans] think USC is going to put a VERY good product on the field this September —he just thinks [as do all true Americans] that USC’s marketing team is clueless. They lost their integrity trying to push Helton’s train wreck …and now that they have the opportunity to get it back….they’re telling us they don’t want to. They’d rather continue slinging bullshit..

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      3. My father-in-law (baby bruin alum) sent me this from a ucla fan website:

        Talk about a LAME program!

        But then again, this is Chip Kelly’s UCLA we’re talking about; doing things like a normal college football program is simply too difficult for this coaching staff. Consider the Spring Showcase; where everyone else in the country had a spring game where they could show off to recruits, UCLA just ran a glorified practice. It was the kind of low-energy effort that has typified this program, and it does not matter if the staff now features stronger recruiters like a Ken Norton Jr, because the guy at the top is not interested in doing what is necessary to win at a high level. At this point, a failure to utilize the Westwood Exchange would not be a failure by Chip Kelly, but a failure by an athletic department that continues to enable him.

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    2. ucla athletics racked up $100 million in debt over the last 3 years. They can’t afford to host a spring game. They can’t even afford to buy Girl Scout cookies.


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      1. Jesus Christos ’67, you’re one large 9 iron divot.

        How’s the Dr. Geo. Tyndall $800 million settlement award nut working for Clown U. What does Clown U do, sent you a letter claiming poverty and asking for a SUCCker Donation? You’re no doubt at the top of the bozo SUCCker list ’67.

        You get hit twice ’67 via 1) Ca State taxes; 2) bozo SUCC Donations. UCLA thanks you for your tax help. Life’s a bitch ’67 and you deserve it.

        #62 – 33


  3. Hype? Why not hype everything football, they have had to hide in the closet the last 10 years. From where USC has been to where they could be going is vastly different, let them celebrate the return hope into their program. The bandwagon is filling up, get on board. RAH RAH!

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      1. true…but only because Haden, Wanda, Swann, Carol and Bohn looked the other way….

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      2. Interim Prez Wanda speaking to USC Board [paraphrased]: “What today’s USC is looking for in a Head Football Coach is a big woke wuss — now that we’ve stumbled over one we intend to keep him/her forever!”


  4. Forget the hype. Can they beat Oregon? Questionable right now but maybe this will change. Or can they beat Notre Dame at home? Can they beat Utah on the road? The real test for USC is: can they beat one team this year they are predicted to lose to? Doubtful but who knows?


    1. Is this a trick question? It’s possible that, by the time they play Utah, Notre Dame & Oregon, USC will be favored….

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    2. USC won’t beat any physical teams this year, because they just don’t have the mussel up front. There’s no such thing as waving a magic wand 🪄 over a team to make them competitive, it takes a few years. Lucky for the Trojans that the PAC 12 is a version of the Mountain West Conference, so they won’t have to face any physical big boys.

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      1. Flash: Norm picks USC to win Pac 12!


    1. Can you save us some time and give us the “meanest” one? [I want to check the writing style against Carol’s]…….


      1. We should maybe go easy on Matt. He has the most difficult job in the world: trying to speak while sitting next to Petros…..


  5. No, but Lincoln Riley is reinventing USC football.

    @StormeJones: Bob Stoops just said “Lincoln Riley didn’t invent Oklahoma football” on the House Floor. I love this state.

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    1. I’m now rooting for Texas…and Oklahoma State…. and Kansas State…and Kansas…..

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      1. …like that banned Iranian comedian who thanked John Stewart for telling him 10 years ago to stick to his principles….

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      2. Thing is Petros knows what he’s talking about when it comes to bozo FB.

        Cowherd is nothing but a cheap marketing shill for bozo FB. Naturally ’67, you’d go for the rich, ignorant twit’s lollypop, rah-rah, SUCC FB assessment. Cowherd the West Coast Dooky V.

        #SUCC spring practice attendance: 33 or 38k fans. What a load bozo BS.

        Shock the World ’67, get you head out of your kazoo.


  6. Petros talks about truth. Don’t we live a post-truth world thanks to knucklehead left-wingers like J-Owns who keep voting for halfwits who are bent on destroying this country.


    1. My friend Owns is mad at 67 today….
      –Kevin Spacey in All The Usual Suspects


  7. Just Rent,

    And who talks about ruin football on the radio? I will tell ya, no one. Because no one give a darn about ruin football. High schools out draw the ruins. It is a waste of tax payer dollars. They name the polivion at the Rose Bowl after Terry Donahue. That tells ya all ya want to know. They guy wins three rose bowl games and he gets a povilion named after him. It should have been named Mckay or Robinson Pavillion. They only won at least three Rose Bowls each but each one a least a national championship.

    BTW, when are the cheap skates of ugly going to pay for the upgrade that they promised to pay? My taxes went up because the citizens of Pasadena have to pay. May ugly rest in purgatory along with Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden.

    BTW, as usual, ugly and major league baseball have lied about Jackie Robinson being the first black major league baseball player that played in the majors. There were blacks that did play in the majors before him. One name is: But the first African American to play regularly in the big leagues wasn’t the Brooklyn Dodgers second baseman, it was Moses Fleetwood “Fleet” Walker.

    On May 1, 1884, the 26-year-old Walker was the catcher for the Toledo Blue Stockings in their opening game in the then-major league American Association. Six decades later, while Robinson was hailed as a pioneer, Walker was seen more as a curiosity.

    Taken from the Washington Post on April 15, 2019. Stick that up your wazhoo and blow. U SUCK, JUST LIKE UGLY.


  8. “Why do you have to lie about it?????” They’re probably all a bunch of dems. The dems believe in the “noble lie”. The “ends” justify the “means”. Whatever “means” it takes to get to those “ends” is considered morally right and if people get hurt…..that is just “collateral damage”.

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