Who Else Is In The Transfer Portal?

There is literally no one entering the transfer portal that you can say USC is not interested in right now.

But would USC take another safety after getting a commitment Sunday from Ohio State safety Bryson Shaw?

Well, Shaw’s teammate, safety Marcus Hooker of Ohio State entered the portal today. He has 33 tackles and 1 interception in his career.

So did Alabama safety Kaine Williams, who was a four-star recruit.

And Pitt defensive end Emmanuel Belgrave also entered the portal.

The deadline to submit your name in the transfer portal is May 1.

UPDATED: Texas defensive lineman Myron Warren has officially entered the transfer portal.

43 thoughts on “Who Else Is In The Transfer Portal?

  1. Lots of names but are they good enough for LR to invest in. I am surprised there are not more linemen coming on the portal, but if you need a safety or corner the portal is flooded with them. There are a few guys that look good, at DL and LB, one WR, but over all not that much.

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      1. It’s good you were gone for a while— hah. Ed has a good name for you. Colorful and descriptive. But we’ll tolerate you if you have anything important to say. You need a new schitk tho

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    1. If you think about it — you have enough big safeties & fast corners, you don’t need the best d-line in the world…

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      1. And ED. I want to see you at USC man—— you don’t ever belong at that other semi college.


  2. USC does not need any more corners and safeties- especially with the All-American nephew of Cliff Branch coming in from Las Vegas. No more wide receivers needed with two more great ones coming in 2023.

    We need offensive linemen, bigger defensive linemen, and bigger/faster inside linebackers, and we will be set. A backup QB would be good also, but probably difficult since a transfer would want a chance to play this season.

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    1. 100% agree—- and even a second string qb at somewhere else would be good to bring in. Just as insurance. The kid would then have the prestige of being a Trojan to put on his resume.




  4. Can we get Dementia Joe into the portal, see if any other countries want to swap leaders?

    I think the odds would be about as good as a reggae band auditioning for a KKK rally.

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    1. Proposed Ad for Pawning Off Joe Biden—
      “To citizens of all countries certified by the United Nations: People talk about 5 point plans and 10 point plans — Well, our Joe has a ONE point plan: ALL ethnic friction ALL the time. Interested?”

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    2. Biden should send trump to the Donbas. The orange Cheeto claims to know more than the Generals. I’m sure he would the bone-spur excuse again(pathetic). Cowards lead from the rear, and trump bailed on the cult members when they paid a visit to the capitol building. Trump for prison 2023!


    3. A Biden supporter should be very familiar with the manner in which cowards “lead”:
      “I don’t want to do anything that upsets Putin, even though I tried to talk like a tough guy before the election, claiming I had gone toe-to-toe with him.”

      What a joke this corrupt, frail, weak old man is.

      Exactly 1,000 days to go with this administration. I wonder how many other things they’ll mess up with all of that time. Lord knows they’ve failed at virtually everything thing else they’ve touched thus far, even though he’s not man enough to accept responsibility for it. Blaming it all on Putin. Why? Because his supporters are dumb enough to believe that! LMAO


  5. If order is to be restored in the program we can not have inmates running the asylum. Shut down the Caleb merch. Remind these thugs they are STUDENT ATHLETES on scholarship from our beautiful university to play a game! Riley needs to reign it in fast before it’s out of Control again like the Helton catastrophe. I want a program run with discipline

    If the coaches know what’s good for them they will recruit the portal for tough hard nosed pure bred all American strength. We’ve seen enough of the lazy entitled “5 star” thugs. Let’s bring in some hardcore uglies to win the trenches and stop the failed liberal experiment letting goons run wild!


      1. I don’t go to ucla you moron but I guarantee you couldn’t afford or get into USC. Class of 84 here. Proud alum and legacy

        You sound like a Long Beach CC product. Go rob a liquor store with your homies LOL


  6. Maybe bring in a freshman redshirt duel threat qb. Don’t forget we have Malachi the No.1 rate QB coming in next year.

    The more inside linebackers we have the better along with defensive and offensive linemen.


      1. I like the NIL values from On3. Don’t know their methodology, but it seems to make sense if you start with Caleb Williams and work down.


  7. 17 roster openings. Unless some other guys enter the portal before May 1, slim pickings on DL and LB. Maybe help is available for OL. Otherwise get quality even if it’s a position of relative strength. A guy like Bryson Shaw is perfect; starter at a top program who will provide leadership.

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    1. Reilly has a good shot at these guys:
      Jonah Miller OT Oregon ****
      Marquis Robinson DL Auburn ***
      Quashon Fuller Edge Florida State ****
      Eric Gentry LB Arizona State ****

      Perhaps more will come along but the O line is biggest need.

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      1. Gentry rated below Falaniko. Supposedly he’s an edge guy and we already have Height and Foreman.


      2. Gentry is the best linebacker ASU had and I am sure LR will use him there. The new transfer from tOSU at safety could also be a hybrid type linebacker/safety.


  8. Gentry is a freshman all American. He is very young, good now, and will get
    better. He is tall at 6’6″, but only weighs about 205. That will change is a
    year or two and then watch out. Great future. Go get him LR.


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