USC To Host Auburn In Basketball

Now this is a departure.

USC is going to host Auburn at the Galen Center next season as part of a home-and-home series with the Tigers.

Did Auburn lose its entire team?

Jabari Smith and Walker Kessler entered the NBA draft but the Tigers are showing up in some top 25 polls for next season and bring in five-star forward Yohan Traore.

Maybe USC told Andy Enfield when he got his contract extension that he needed to play at least one good non-conference game a season.

45 thoughts on “USC To Host Auburn In Basketball

  1. Good start. Each season for future USC basketball should be scheduling non – conference home and home with ACC and SEC and Big 10 and Big 12 schools. Develop the interest in USC basketball before conference play starts.

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  2. Ha! Andyain’twinning is forced to schedule a non-conference game against a decent Auburn BB team in the tomato can, Galen barn.

    I wander what Auburn’s appearance fee cost Andyain’twinning one-and-done BB program. Auburn should easily kick bozo arse.


    1. For every season Enfield’s been one and done…. there’s been a season he’s been none and done…
      —Joe Biden Screaming At Hapless Factory Worker

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    2. Taking your silly comparison of SC’s marvelous Galen as being a “tomato can” or a “barn.”
      Let’s carry that thought out to what is Pauley Pavilion?– A trash can
      And what is what used to be called Staples Center– A dumpster

      Galen Center is the most intimate basketball venue I have ever been in. I bet you have never been in it, Owns, and you owe yourself that gift one day.

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      1. Lawyer John, how many NCAA, SUCC men’s NC BB banners hang in Galen Barn? Just asking for a friend who believes Galen Barn is an empty, smelly, sardine can.


      1. 67 –I don’t think we should interfere with Kamala’s fundamental rights —if she wants to go hug [and maybe even tongue kiss] Joe who are we to say she shouldn’t?

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      2. 1,000 days to go with this corrupt, cowardly, frail, weak old man in office. I don’t think he’ll make it.

        Heck, with our adversaries knowing they can do whatever they want with compromised, spineless Joe in office, I’m not sure WE’LL make it!


      1. Michael. Joe is a Catholic. Catholic men can only be frenched by their wives. Heh heh. I remember the priest at Loyola screaming at us. French kissing is a mortal sin and if you do that once you’re going to burn in hell for all eternity. And I’m only 14 years old. You know what I thought ?? I thought. What’s a French kiss ?? Shit. And that’s a true story. Shit. But I don’t want that to come across as anti Catholic. Must qualify the post with that thought. Always room for improvement tho.

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      2. Oh, no –we had the same priest, G.T…..


  3. At least the Galen Center is owned by USC. UCLA rents the Rose Bowl, and needs the support from the State to pay the rent, and that includes you Mr. Owns of course that’s if you even pay income taxes.

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    1. tommyd,

      He can’t go to the Galen Center. He doesn’t have enough money for the bus fair to go from Cerritos to the Galen Center and he cant get the money from the state to pay for his ticket. Somebody would have to pick him up, buy him a ticket and a hot dog, bnd then drive him back. Sounds like the Wokes of California


      1. Least we can do for all of the future UCLA employees who will be working for USC grads.

        Home, James!


    1. Pittman wasn’t lightning fast either, but I knew he’d be playing on Sundays. Why? Contested catches.

      9 times out of 10 when there was a ball thrown up for grabs, he fought the defender off and got that sucker!

      I was pissed when his daddy got involved and started bitching. But at the end of the day, Junior backed it all up and proved daddy right.

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      1. I noticed the same re Pittman. He would really fight for that ball and get it. Re Biden. Is he Catholic ?? Can he receive Communion?? Big fight now in the USA over that. I’m sure you know bro.


      2. Can he? No one is going to stop him. Should he? No.

        Same as police supporters who have that black & white flag with the blue stripe. It’s against flag code to display the stars & stripes in any color but red, white & blue. Is anyone going to cite them for that? No.

        But it’s funny that they can be disrespectful towards the flag, but would probably be the first to cry about a black athlete who doesn’t stand for the anthem.

        That’s how everyone is these days. The rules only apply to you, not me.


  4. An argument could be made that basketball players are the greatest athletes. I mean, how many men are even 6’6″ to 7’2′ and have a vertical leap of 30 inches or more? My vertical leap is 30 inches also with a period between the 3 and the 0.

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      1. I also believe that steveg, otherwise why would they pay millions to a guy who hits .280, which is less than 3 successful attempts out of 10 tries.

        But although placing a bat on a speeding-bullet ball requires an amazing skill level, I would still go with the basketball player for
        overall athletic skills.

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      2. Little League Secret: When facing a pitcher even throwing at 80 miles per hour, wait a split second and then golf-swing for the fences —


  5. George,

    Gotta a story to tell you: I go to this conference for real estate. It is almost break time and a man asked a question about real estate. At intermission I went up to him, not knowing him from ADAM and asked him what year did he graduate from Loyola. I have never seen him or spoken to him before. He asks me why I thought he went there. I said the way you asked the question is a Jesuit style ay of asking and only Jesuit trained people would ask it that way. He told me he graduated in 1956 from Loyola.


    1. Hi Pasadena. I was active with the kids then. Did you get a name ?? I knew the athletes. Most of them anyway. I spoke to some classes too. A few times. I forget But I did that off and on for many years. A. M. D. G


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