Boogie Ellis Enters NBA Draft

USC guard Boogie Ellis is included among the list of players who entered the NBA draft that was released by the NBA today.

Ellis can return to USC if he chooses, however.

But let’s remember this quote from Andy Enfield on March 25 regarding Ellis.

“He’s coming back, he was never leaving,” Enfield said.

Enfield also said Drew Peterson was coming back and Peterson entered the NBA draft too. Peterson can return if he chooses.

But Enfield made it sound like both were returning and would not enter the draft.

29 thoughts on “Boogie Ellis Enters NBA Draft

  1. Peterson will return. He was the real leader of the team when it mattered. The rest of the guys are just in it for themselves. Peterson is a throwback to the old ways of players that actually play for the name on the front of the jersey!

    He’s also fundamentally sound and disciplined unlike other thugs on Enfields free for all


      1. The funny thing is his take is entirely backwards. Petersen is and was a wildly selfish basketball player. He’s what’s called a black hole – once he gets the ball it’s not coming back until he’s shot or turned it over.




  2. My oh my, 2 basketball segments in a row, and based on the posters’ miniscule responses they’re not overly interested. And we can only throw dirt on Biden-Trump for so long before that too evolves into
    abject boredom

    Spring football is over and it is a long, long 3 to 4 months
    before football gets back into gear again.

    In the sports-blog-business this is known as the dog days of
    sports reporting. How will Scottie survive?

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    1. How will he survive? I’ll tell ya how! Even though Pudly and other rational human beings look down on our awesomely dumb remarks about Carol and Bohn and Biden [especially Carol], they’re gonna have to eat their pride, pitch in and comment on them for the next 3 months!
      “It’s time for stupid and meaningless posts! And we’re the guys to do it!”
      —With apologies to Bluto from Animal House

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      1. …or Scott can do more “the USC football stars and USC -area restaurants of the past” stuff —–

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    2. The dumpster fire that is Biden-Harris will never get boring. Each day they find new ways to make us laugh at the idiots who voted for them.

      Elections have consequences and the death toll for which Biden voters are responsible grows daily.

      Me? I’d rather have $2 gas & mean tweets than people dying and struggling to keep food on the table.

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      1. It’s funny/not funny — cuz while we laugh, the rest of world is laughing too…

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  3. Amazing we get more reports on USC basketball players transferring or attempting to enter the NBA draft rather than actual game coverage during the season. I feel some hope USC basketball falls.

    Anyone, can put their name in the NBA draft including walk ons. Boogie Ellis is not an NBA player at the moment, and Issiah Mobley will probably not be drafted and play in the D-League.

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  4. Booger and his Daddy check out the NBA after Booger’s sizzling performance in the one-and-done 66-68, Tournament loss to Miami, Fla:

    Three points in 14 mins. F**king yuge.

    Booger gets my vote for the goodnight Chuck E. Buggs, 2021-22, award for bozo BB transfer of the year. Thanks Enfield.

    #SUCC men’s BB – ooooooo forever.


    1. JO once dated Chip Kelly. They went to the Cookie Factory. Chip ordered the entire menu and JO just complained that whole time that the cookies sprinkles clashed with his polka dot dress.

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      1. Clown U repartee: pointless and infantile. Naturally ’67 SUCCs it up.

        This is funny though – 62-33. How ’bout them Bruins!

        #Piece of cake, can of corn.


    1. Good call onewayusc,
      WordPress is owned & operated by an interplanetary gang of criminals (accidentally released from their asteroid penitentiary in Superman 2] intent on destroying everything holy….


      1. P. S.
        See? The above is exactly the kind of supernaturally witless remark we’ll all have to live with and comment upon until Fall practice….
        I didn’t make the rules. It’s just what is.


  5. Kids find out quick declaring for the NBA dream, and actually making the NBA are two different things, and below the NBA pro opportunities have a dramatic drop in the pay scale. Issiah Mobley, are you reading this perhaps you will enjoy playing with Nick in China where it’s all about playing for the love of the game.

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  6. …..Meanwhile, Demar Derozan and Vucovich continue to have splendid careers in the NBA.

    OO and Metu continue to earn good minutes and play well. Deanthony Melton is also improving. Looking forward to seeing how the Grizzlies manage him.

    Evan Mobley–age about 19 or 20–has a wonderful Rookie Season with the hapless Cavs.

    USC MBB looking good.*

    *Cue the insipid JustOwns canned retort. (I won’t be reading it. SOS)


    1. Ha Bourbon, the Raptors traded the “splendid” DeRozan and promptly won a NBA Championship. Remind me Bourbon, in say, the past 10 years, how many former BB bozos were starting for NBA champions?

      Just wondering, is Metu still kicking opponents in the ‘nads when he gets frustrated?

      #Andyain’twinning blames ref’s for 2022 tournament one-and-done loss. What a whiny, weeny loser.

      Cue: A vapid 8 second “Conquest” loop.


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