USC Picture Of The Day

This is a photo that can make your day.

It’s Rob Hertel, Charles White and Mosi Tatupu circa 1977.

47 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

      1. Well, I would not go quite as far as placing Scottie in with saints,
        but I do like that picture of the ‘Fearsome Threesome’

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      2. Ha! Scott is no saint….but he did watch our typewriters shove InsideUSC downwards for 72 hours straight & say to himself, “what the fuck? I gotta change the narrative —where’s a good color photo of Rob, Charles and Mosi?!”….

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    1. Sat down with Mr. Hertel and his lovely wife at a USC watch party (pre-COVID) a few years ago.

      Rob looks like he could still turn the double-play at second base, or evade the rush and complete the bomb downfield. IMHO–as a devout Trojan watcher back in the 70’s–Rob suffered by having less-than expert QB coaches at USC, and most certainly should have started ahead of Pat Haden. Hertel was far more athletic and had a real rifle. Haden was just lucky to have been the QB on the greatest team of the first 100 years
      of CFB.

      Anyway, great pic Mr. Wolf.

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      1. Hertel WAS more athletic—no question. But could he have led USC back from 24 to zip … to a 55-24 victory over Notre Dame?

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      2. My bad…

        Hertel was actually involved in the QB controversy with Vince Evans and not really with Haden in 1974. He was the starter on that 1977 team that just never clicked. Anyway, like so many Trojans from that era he was selected both in the NFL draft and the MLB draft.

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  1. Top High School talent automatically went to USC under John McKay, and John Robinson. Charles White was a sophomore in that photo.. Fight On!

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    1. Roses! Literally!

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  2. Mosi Tatupu was a great football player. He was a complete team player. The pride of Punahou High School in Honolulu, Hawaii. Had a long career in the NFL as both a fullback, and special teams player. His son Lofa was the same type of player.

    Michael Guarino, is our recruiting coordinator for the entire State of Hawaii, and after ten years of recruiting the area for USC he has yet to find a football player like Mosi. He thought he had found that player in Marcus Mariota, but Phil Knight opened his wallet and he became a Duck, but I guarantee you he will never give up his search for the next great Trojan on the islands.

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    1. Mariota is loved by the kids here –it’s adorable. He was on the television at some store and all these kids were transfixed watching him plug Hawaiian First National Bank. Great success story for the Islands. Everybody’s so proud of him.

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      1. LJ,

        In the Catholic Church, we honor the Blessed Virgin Mary on that day as well as the entire month. The commie atheist progressives dance around a pole. Give me the honoring over dancing any day and any time.

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    1. Two trojans listed in the top 100 NFL draft picks–the two Drakes. DJ is listed as a “project”, due ostensibly to horrid coaching.

      INTERESTINGLY, CRS, the Okies have 3 or 4 players in the top 100 of potential NFL draftees–and they were ALL DEFENSIVE PLAYERS! There were no offensive players. Maybe Riles and Grinch know a little about defense?

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  3. Transfer Portal entries tweeted by Pete Thamel since 4/25:

    Baylor QB Gerry Bohanon has entered the NCAA transfer portal.

    Ohio State’s Marcus Hooker is in the NCAA transfer portal.

    LSU DT Joseph Evans is in the NCAA transfer portal. He started 10 games in his career for the Tigers.

    UNC tailback Kamarro Edmonds is in the transfer portal. He was an ESPN 300 recruit in Class of 2021.

    Alabama DB Kaine Williams is in the portal. He’s a former ESPN 300 recruit.

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      1. I believe there’s a separate company that’s been contracted to search out NIL opportunities for USC athletes. I know I’ve seen an article before.


      2. Yeah. It’s kinda like they are keeping somewhat of a lower profile than some other places that are openly bragging and boasting about how much they are spending.


    1. yawn.*

      *Maybe they can take the NIL money and extend their practice field to 120 yards. Should have end zones for practice, shouldn’t you?

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      1. actually…..not if you’re the bruins….


    1. Made me look twice! I know it’s not a home game and I’m sure it’s not USC song girl, I have to guess… we won the game. Or maybe Missouri or Texas A&M in a bowl game.

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      1. ..of course you and I would head for the hills if we saw J. T. Daniels coming at us…

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    1. Terrific photo – looks like a hot day in road togs, so thinking from the payback opener against Mizzour rather than a not so great afternoon later in the fall at South Bend?


    1. ex-Fox Sports Network president, Bob Thompson, placed Oregon’s media-rights value at $30 million, Stanford and Cal at $45 million each, and Washington at $30 million.


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