Lincoln Riley Gets Pitching Arm Ready

Lincoln Riley will throw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium on Friday night before the Phillies-Dodgers game.

It’s USC Night and recent USC graduates will be honored before the game.

Remember, back in 2017, who threw the first pitch?

41 thoughts on “Lincoln Riley Gets Pitching Arm Ready

  1. ugh,he shuold fokkis on his couching job be for tryin to be come a bais bal playur,he aint evin win a gaim yet and he lokkin fir a nu job?probaly gonna all so get some lines mans wile he bein a picture,smdh

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    1. Going back one post, Owns made all the same points, Ed….


      1. You sell when you have two buyers. Well done Addison.

        Oh and by the way, Cal got their second big ugly 6’7″, 315lbs OL today. Two days ago just 6’4″,270 19yrs old.


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      2. Well, I’m not interested! Why should I be afraid of Cal?! Who said anything about me being afraid of Cal?!

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  2. My master has kept me locked up for awhile. But I broke out this morning. Yeah someone caught me but I’m free again. By the way I live on the west side. The parties on the West Side. Mike and Dave need wedding…….


    1. George, I thought they milked the little tips of the Almond and that’s why it’s so expensive. Have you ever tried getting ahold of the little tip of an almond? And don’t get me started on Oat milk, which I thought was goat milk that was mislabeled.


  3. Does everyone remember how good a player Ricky Ervins was at RB for USC- Really enjoyed his YU Tube Interview tonight with Ryan Abraham on Tunnel Vision. -If anyone gets the chance they should watch it.

    Ricky, is a special person. Played in 3 Rose Bowls at USC (1 Rose Bowl MVP), and 5 years with the Washington Redskins (1 Super Bowl). Tremendous player beat alot of obstacles because of his small size but boy was he fast, could really catch the ball, and had tremendous moves. He went to Pasadena Muir High, and grew up just down the street from the Rose Bowl. Former USC coach Larry Smith did a nice job using Ricky’s many talents.

    It is my hope that incoming freshman Raleek Brown out of Mater Dei will be as good or even better than Ricky was. Raleek, has similar size to Ricky, and just as fast or faster.

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    2. Pasadena legend and a true class act with a strong resume of football accomplishments. A great representative of the University.

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    1. You would lose that bet, George, because MG gets up at about 4 a.m. Maui time which is 7 a.m. in L.A.

      And yes, it is correct that Wolf-Time is 7 hours ahead of Greenwich time, or in other words, Wolf-Time is on a par with a ship 1-hour west of London.

      By the way, we forget how free we are on this blog to say what we want to about Wolf without a retort. Whereas on the thin-skinned OTHER’s blog, one time after he continually bragged about living in Laguna Beach, I countered with “There is living in Laguna Beach, and there is living on Laguna Beach. Never settle for less”

      And so I was kicked off the OTHER’s blog, which was my lucky day because I now I have found a home with Wolfie, the toughest-skinned blogger in the West

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      1. Agreed.

        Some of the lurkers are whiny bitches. But Scott is a true American…believer & supporter of the 1st Amendment!! KUDOS TO HIM!

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      2. Scott dishes it out…and has proven repeatedly he can take it too.
        Scott is a M-A-N.
        btw, pathetic Texas is releasing a video of Addison in an orange fricking T-SHIRT saying he’s in uniform to play for Texas.

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      3. John —remember “Ray” —Tom Cruise’s “brother” in the film, “The Firm”? He sails the world, never staying in any port—or time zone– for long, knowing he’s safe on his boat with volumes of incriminating paperwork he can use at any time against his enemies.

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      4. Grisham was one of my favorite authors in my single days. Haven’t read much the past 20 years.

        For anyone who reads, check out The Testament! Would have loved to see that one made into a movie, but Runaway Jury was the last in 2003.

        If Grisham isn’t your thing, maybe Mitch Albom. “Tuesdays with Morrie” and “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” are my favorites.

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      5. Tuesday with Morrie contains the best advice you’ll ever find: “Any day you can see the blue sky and the green grass and sleep without pain is a good day!”


  4. Yes we are free to post our nonsense here so here goes.

    It’s going to be a long three months til FB season.
    I guess ping pong threads will soon be the order of the day. This thread sure ain’t makin it.

    Saban is also dealing with questionable poaching. Riley isn’t the only one. The Louisville freshman with 29ypc committed to Alabama right after he entered the portal. Well shit howdy, that happens when players make contact. It also may indicate that Addison wasn’t the most serious about bama.


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  5. The Dodgers would have had sucla’s Chipper throw out the first pitch, but The Chipper insisted he throw a donut, so he was scratched.

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      1. You didn’t grow up to be President, John — you grew up to be King …of the Board.
        #Unfortinately,WeHave2Kings –John&Ed…


      1. I was not familiar with “The Man in the Iron Mask,” so I just read something about it. Leonardo DiCaprio played the twins, both members, and “won” a Raspberry Award for worst screen COUPLE. Now that is pretty funny.

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