What Are USC’s Strengths?

I mentioned what I thought were USC’s weaknesses here.

Now for the strengths heading into the 2022 season:

  • Lincoln Riley has a sense of purpose and leadership skills
  • Star players at the skill positions so scoring points should not be a problem
  • The usually soft Pac-12 schedule

36 thoughts on “What Are USC’s Strengths?

    1. Any time I see/hear Weis’ name a picture comes to mind of him on the sidelines and me thinking, “Would someone please hand that man a Kleenex!”

      Or at the very least, Charlie, use your sleeve, as uncouth as that might be. The NOTRE DAME football coach, with runny boogers under his nose is not a good look.

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      1. I thought it was a GREAT look for Notre Dame —wish they’d kept it a while longer….

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  1. I believe Riley has what they call the “it” factor. It was something Pat thought Clay had. Clay, however was inclined to keep his “it” factor quiet so it was his Sh”it” factor. I can only hope Riley has more sense to put his “it factor on display with a capital H, so his will be the H”it” factor (and no Helton jokes about his T”it” factor

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    1. I hate myself ….but I’m a sucker for Helton tit jokes…


  2. I just ran into an article about how the Louisville HC(Scott Satterfield) was accusing Nick Saban of tampering(he was trying to get Louisville receiver Tyler Harrell to come over to Alabama). He was a freshman last year and only caught 18 passes but for a 29.1 average and 6 TD’s. This guy is obviously going to be a star. Yet I went back later on the internet looking for the story and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally, I did find an article about it. But, if I had to look that hard, obviously the sports media is not covering the story. Why is it that the slightest accusation against LR gets frontpage coverage all over the country but in order to find a story about Nick Saban breaking the rules, you need to be Sherlock Holmes(a private investigator), to find the story, because the story is buried.

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    1. The Pittsbugh receiver hasn’t even come to SC and they are calling LR a cheater. The Louisville receiver entered the portal and then immediately committed to Alabama. Yet they bury the story.

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    2. Saban stated that he wasn’t communicating with players before entering portal, but what I didn’t like was Saban floating the idea, as far as he knows, people may be contacting his players. Maybe I’m being sensitive but that better had not been a slight to LR (thinking of LB, Lee).


    1. ..which means we already have what we need to win the Pac 12, P. T. …and more help is on the way before Fall practice….


    2. everything on the offensive and defensive side of the ball is upgraded because they have a REAL offensive scheme to practice and the defense has a real coach in charge. there is a reason Orlando and Harrell didnt get great jobs, because they are not good coaches.

      When I see that everyone is saying Oregon and Oklahoma will be good teams this year, but that USC wont, it is crazy. This offense will score alot of points. This offense will be on the field alot of time during the game, grinding down opponents with our combo of passing and running that never lets them figure what is coming.

      Oklahoma is an unknown on the offensive side of the ball and even on the defensive side, we dont know that Venables can do yet. And Lanning is completely unproven as a head coach.

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  3. SUCC’s biggest strength is their undeserved, pompous, overweening pretensions of excellence. It’s one thing to claim bozo FB s/b competing in the CFB playoffs and quite another to roll downhill like sh*t and finish the 2021 season @ 4 – 8.

    Now the bozo rah-rah’s are laying claim to the 2022 Pac-12 Championship w/o playing a down of FB with 85% of last year’s loser team.


      1. So Cal — great articles! With great promos–“She made Oscar History with this Dress!” is probably the bestest…..


      2. So. Cal, continuity is important to the Bruin coaching staff and the team.

        UCLA doesn’t subscribe to bozo FB’s makeshift, three (3) HFBC’s in a year loser tactics.


      1. Not for you, So Cal…. for my friend Owns….


  4. The strengths aren’t in the trenches or the classroom. The two things that matter most!

    Let’s fill the program with good clean hard working intelligent and disciplined men. Not the thugs and scum that’s overrun Heltons nightmare of a culture. Football games are won in the trenches. Go get tough hard nosed pure bred men to push the competition around. Get rid of the lazy Polynesian trash! Universities are won in the classroom. Let’s purge the place of affirmative action equal opportunity garbage admission policies put in place by radical liberals and actually get back to admissions based on legacies, intelligence and integrity!


  5. Agree with Mr. Wolf on the strengths:
    1. Riles coaching intelligence will test ALL the Pac 12 defensive coordinators and HC’s. Wittingham/Scalley will be challenged…finally.
    I still think Grinch is a good DC–witness, OU had a bunch of DEFENSIVE players drafted last week! Grinch built a STRONG defense at Wazzu under Mike Leach–not an easy task!

    2. The offensive skill players are elite, and the defensive skill players will compete versus them every day. It helps! Near the end of the season we will see the DB’s and LB’s making plays. Injury and lack of D-line depth will hurt, but that’s CFB.

    3. The puddin’ soft schedule is a real bonus for 2022. Let’s hope Riles dials up a “November and December to remember.”

    Interestingly, the Trojans will go a month between true home games: Oct 8 vs Wazzu at home and Nov 5 vs Cal at home, with away games vs Utah and ASU in between. It still is a bit of a challenge in that stretch, as Rice-Eccles and Tempe are tough road games. Stanford in week two is always a tough road game.


  6. greetings sports fans, yellow journalism ielies and propaganda are being spread by bing and some by yahoo also !!!!!! yahoo was bought by a phone company and is on a down hill losing most of its customers ? good to see that take place !!!! Regards , E


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