USC Sunday Buzz: Two Programs Struggling

USC sits in last place in the Pac-12 baseball standings.

The Trojans have been eliminated from the first-ever Pac-12 baseball tournament, which only takes the top 8 teams.

Is Jason Gill going to survive as USC baseball coach? Should he?

I had baseball boosters tell me this year was going to be different. It’s not. USC wilted in Pac-12 play. As usual.

  • I’ve been critical over the lack of recruiting by women’s basketball coach Lindsay Gottlieb since being hired by USC a year ago. USC has signed just one high school player from the Class of 2022 (Aaliyah Gayles).

Well, Gottlieb has hit the transfer portal hard, picking up four players: Destiny Littleton (South Carolina); Koi Love (Arizona); Kadi Sissoko (Minnesota) and Kayla Williams (UC Irvine).

Here’s the problem: These players are not game-changers. For example, Littleton played for national-champion South Carolina, but averaged 9 minutes and 2.6 points per game. Love averaged 4.7 points and 3.4 rebounds at Arizona.

The transfer portal is a good way to get a quick fix but what is Gottlieb’s long-range plan? One high school commitment in 12 months is pathetic.

This is especially troublesome when you see five other Pac-12 schools have top-10 recruiting classes for the Class of 2022.

45 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Two Programs Struggling

  1. Gottlieb is desperately trying to hang on to a million per year gig.

    As for Trojan baseball, that died decades ago and apparently will not be resurrected.

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  2. Bohn-head’s approach is to let things really bottom out … go tits up, before taking action. 24-24!? That’s not even on Bohner’s radar yet. A 16-32 season would be Bohnerino’s sweet spot.

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    1. The bozo baseball 24-24 record is an overall record. Its Pac-12 conf. record is a hapless, bottom-feeder 8-18. Maybe the baseball program should go cupcake schedule independent or join a Div. III conf.


    1. What evidence, if any, do you have to back up your supposition, F.U.?
      Words are cheap, give us some facts to support your hypothesis.

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      1. Let me take a shot LJ.

        1) Thirty-seven receivers but just 1 ball; 2) Who’s blocking; 3) SUCC is essentially 90% of the 4-8, 2021 team; 4) New HC unfamiliar with the Pac-12 conf., and a new QB with little or no game experience.

        The 2022 bozo FB team reminds of the Clowns that when to Tixas Stadium to SHOCK THE WORLD and lost 52-6 (And no TD’s).

        Just saying for a friend.


      2. 1. Yes, having too many really good skill players is a horrible problem.
        2. Returning 5 guys who started games including two players who will be drafted.
        3. 35 players from last year are gone. It’s a entirely new roster. Those who stayed can play, those gone couldn’t. LR sent them on their way.
        4. Easily the best coach and QB in the conference, new or not. Every single team in the conference would trade in a heartbeat, you’re lying if you say no.

        Good attempt, well not really, but at least you tried. Glad you could hang onto beating the worst USC team of all time. It’s going to be a long time before you win again.

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  3. Wrong, J.O.– If SC gets that Pittsburgh receiver the Trojans will have
    38 receivers and they just might play 10 at a time. Then watch how the opposition will wilt trying to keep up.

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  4. Totally unacceptable for USC baseball to get swept this weekend at home against Washington!!! Last place in the conference, and now eliminated from the conference tournament should make this an easy decision for Mike Bohn.

    Too many excuses from Coach Jason Gill who should have never got the job in the first place after having just an average program at Loyola. There are too many good coaches in college baseball at the moment to choose from we apparently settled on much less than a top tier coach in Gill.

    Watching this team they clearly lack pitching talent, and there is no life, no fight, and no will to win on this team. Pitching is the key to success in college baseball Gill has lost out on many good arms going elsewhere.

    3 years is enough for Jason Gill. The program is now worse than before he came here. The Covid year is no excuse why didn’t your recruit some pitching you had plenty of time to do that. The other teams in the conference had to deal with Covid also by still building their program, and recruiting the right players.

    Mike Bohn USC baseball has a huge place in college baseball history. The program deserves better. Hire a top tier coach this time. You made Lindsay Gottlieb one of the top paid coaches in the Pac 12, and you can certainly pay more for what still should be a top program in the country.

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    1. tommyd,

      I was at the game yesterday. SC was down 2-0, and they come back get it tied at 4-4. Then SC goes ahead 6-4 at the top of the ninth. SC was in control. Pitching let SC down. They gave up 4 runs at the top of the ninth. Gut wrenching


    2. USC recruited my son, fired the recruiting Coordinator, told my son 4 weeks before school was to start he wasn’t a fit. By the grace of God my son was picked up by another D1 program, had to red shirt this year. He’s a talented pitcher they poo pooed away….how many others did they do this to. Class less program.


  5. I can’t resist this. Sorry. Charles posted a piece featuring a Carol Folt quote decrying “racism.” She’s against it. And, worse, she composes her sentences in such a grand manner it appears she thinks a whole lot of people are on the OTHER side of the argument.
    Here’s an idea for her: When they offered her house in a racially diverse neighborhood she refused it —and insisted on living in SANTA MONICA (75% white —3% black). Maybe now is the time to move out of her mansion in Santa Monica and live downtown …where she can help deliver food and medical supplies to the thousands of suffering people on the street. And prove —once and for all —how much she really cares.

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    1. Kamala stated tonight that “the country is suffering from an epidemic of hate.”

      “Epidemic of hate” in the US? Really? WTF is wrong with her?

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      1. She’s brainless and 81M idiots voted for her to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency, knowing there was a good chance Dementia Joe wouldn’t make it through his term. Biden voters aren’t the sharpest.

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      2. The Biden Cabinet– (no comment necessary);
        kamala harris
        lloyd austin
        merrick garland
        xavier becerra
        pete buttigeig
        alejandro mayorkas
        [with doctors, tony fauci & rachel levine]…..

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      3. It’s so off the chart bad you don’t have to do anything but recite the names and people start laughing….

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  6. TOMMYD is absolutely dead on! It’s been twenty years since we’ve been to Omaha and 24 years since our last CWS Title!! I was there for that one and a lifelong Trojan baseball fan. Time for an upgrade and baseball needs to be working CWS Title #13!!

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    1. Baseball is tough because of title IX. Not every kid gets a scholarship, most get half or less. I believe it’s 12 full scholarships available. But other schools are doing it, Vandy gets it done.

      Honestly, going to an in state school with good baseball programs is a huge advantage. LA has all the talent needed to have a super competitive team every year, but they aren’t coming to USC. It has to be cost related. Maybe new NIL rules can help with that cost gap.

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  7. Now wolf has an axe-to-grind with the women’s basketball team. It must suck to live a life with zero purpose or joy. Same old stale soccer jersey from 20 years ago….pathetic

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  8. Funny thing though, literally, nobody on the Trojans baseball team likes Jason Gill . 😂. Lynn Swann is a bigger Fuck Boy then I thought. He extends Clay Helton’s contract, and hired Gill 😂😂😂😂😂😂


  9. Why is it every time I get through the comments I don’t remember the original post? Oh yeah, baseball and woman’s basketball need new management. This point is clear; USC used to have the best coaches they could get because of the lure of the school, but that was before the scandals which made the school a clown college. Money can buy coaches but prestige motivates players and USC doesn’t have that right now.

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      1. Braxton Myers. The number 9 db inthe class of 2023 is set-to announce today I think. Should be 100% Southern Cal

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      2. George, Robin is a much more refined Bucket than Bucket. Maybe the real Bucket could learn a few tricks from Robin. Well done, brother.


  10. Hi SoCal. My friend Maria asked me to tell you thanx for the support last week. You know. The very sheltered life thing. Lol

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  11. Hey LJ. Totally agree with you re the war comments yesterday. Re the Ron Drake hard hit. He played in 66-67. So. Ergo ipso facto. You had to be born in 1948 or earlier bro. Not that I care haha. But. You posted last week that you weren’t giving your age away on that post. And. You didn’t. But you did a little bit on the Drake post. Haha. Just kidding you bro. You were only 18 when Drake hit you. Right??? Haha. Hope this beats telling a corny joke.


    1. You know how people, especially the young, pigeon-hole you when they learn your true age, George.

      What some don’t realize is that you can fish for a compliment by telling someone you are 10-years older than you really are. The problem with that tact, however, is what if they retort, “Oh my gosh, I thought you were 5-years younger than that.”


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