USC Winners And Losers Of The Week


Jacobe Covington

The Washington cornerback transferred to USC. He had four tackles and a sack in five games last season for the Huskies.

Lincoln Riley

I wonder if the USC coach knows Dave Roberts is a Bruin.

Photo by Jon SooHoo

James Hong

A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a new hit movie (Everywhere All At Once) at age 93.

Jim Mora

Has second child graduate from USC. Remember, Rick Neuheisel has a law degree from USC.

Ann Curry

Delivered graduation address at USC School of Medicine.

Brad Kaaya

Former Miami QB earned master’s from USC.

Lauren Teruya

The newly crowned Miss Hawaii has a bachelor’s and master’s degree from USC.


Stupid Lists

This one omits Don Mosbar, Marvin Powell, Roy Foster, Jeff Bregel to name just a few. And I’d include them over some USC players on this list.

USC-Rice game

Wondering now what kick off time will be for Sept. 3 opener and what temperature will be that day? No early kickoff please. Can you name a Rice player without looking it up? Or the coach?

Andy Enfield

You know he’s crossing his fingers Boogie Ellis doesn’t impress NBA teams at workouts. Let’s not forget Enfield said a week after season Ellis was definitely coming back and now he’s working out for NBA teams.

USC baseball

Dropped 2 of 3 to Washington in final home series of the season.

Lindsay Gottlieb

Apparently can’t sign high school players so going strictly with transfer portal.

45 thoughts on “USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Jacobe Covington is a first rate corner –fast and tall. All he needs is a great coach —unfortunately he’ll get Donte instead.
    btw, Ann Curry is a beautiful person –inside & out.


    1. Hey mg we might have to change plans my wife would want to come to and that ruin everything how about you fly here and we will go cage diving with great white sharks ?

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      1. Scott sees correct spelling as a test of his individuality.
        [I once went with a USC damsel who would not sing —not even a note —I came to realize that, for her, letting go & singing was like giving up her virginity]…..

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      2. Scott is only putting into practice what he learned at his creative writing class…post-modern spelling and grammar.

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  2. I only state this because some sucla on the blog brought up the supposed biggest mistake of Pete’s pro career by passing and not giving the ball to The Beast in the final seconds of the 2014 Super Bowl

    To jog our memories, the situation was The Beast had been running roughshod through New England on the way to what looked like the winning drive. Faced with second and about 2-yards Carroll opted to pass instead of run, and the ball was picked off.

    Pete has insisted through the years that it was a well-thought out decision. His reasoning was with a second down and one timeout if he passed into the end zone and it was incomplete, he would have a
    3rd down and the timeout remaining. If 3rd down was a bust he would use that timeout to preserve his 4th down.

    Otherwise, you run The Beast on 2nd down, he fails to get in, and then you have to use your last timeout, so it is all or nothing on 3rd down because you won’t get a 4th down.

    Mathematically it made sense. Perhaps the matter should be put to rest

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    1. John, here’s my take: It was the right call… to the wrong receiver. When I watched that play in real time I couldn’t believe the way the receiver put out his hands like he was playing catch with his dad in the backyard — to score on that play he needed to fight for the fucking ball —which meant bulldozing past the defender and snatching the ball outta the air –not waiting for it to float into his hands.

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      1. True, Michael, and we shouldn’t give the quarterback a pass for a lazy pass.

        I don’t look to the past very often, but Pete’s critics keep bringing up that play so it makes me a bit mad.

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      2. I feel the exact same way. If the play had been executed properly Pete wins the game and everybody calls him the greatest genius in NFL history —-but it was executed real NON perfectly so Pete’s an idiot….

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    2. LOL LJ, Woody Hayes turned out to be correct; Little Petey Pom-Pom turned into the Seattle SB GOAT loser. And the ball was spotted more or less on the 1 yard line. R. Wilson that year rushed 118 times for 849 yards. Do the arithmetic LJ – student body left or right with Lynch or Wilson wins the game.

      Face it LJ, there was zero reason for Little Petey to get stupid cute on the 1 yard line and blow the game. Little Petey isn’t a Caesar, he’s a horse’s ass.

      #Oscoms Razor


  3. “I wonder if the USC coach knows Dave Roberts is a Bruin.” Of course he does. Only a Bruin would ruin a starting pitcher’s chance for a no-hitter/perfect game THREE separate times.

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  4. Home Run on all the winners!
    Jim Mora knows a top-flight educational value when he sees it
    Interestingly, I think Ann Curry is a U Oregon graduate.

    It IS quite discouraging to see how fast USC Baseball has declined.

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  5. Got to put a plug in for baseball excitement. Imagine the Dodgers’ frustration and humiliation of having lost to an average Philly team 3 games in a row in front of your home fans, and down to your last out in a 4-3 losing game.

    Then a triple, and a walk, and a bases clearing double for a 5-4 victory. I watched the ending several times and to see the Dodgers and fans leaping for joy made my evening.

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    1. Yeah —great moment. Worth watching multiple times! [btw, Don’t watch Evan Holyfield’s knockout loss — sad thing to happen to such a great kid]…

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      1. Never did like boxing, and especially the kick boxing type. Just too brutal, although I liked Ali because he was more of an artist than a boxer

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      2. I’ve arrived at the exact same opinion, John….

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  6. Can I name a rice coach without looking it up? Sure it’s Uncle Ben, right?
    A 9:00am game would be fine it’s 11:00 in TX – and a noon start on the east coast.

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  7. You wonder what sucla Dave Roberts said to Wiley to get him to laugh so heartily.

    Probably something along the lines of, “Hey Riley, sucla is going to kick
    SC’s ass again”

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      1. True. For a sucla Roberts is a gentleman. But don’t you just love looking at pictures of people and putting your own captions to them?

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    1. Another lawyer friend of mine said “you really end up paying for an interesting sex life…”

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      1. Reminds me of my first wife. But I got the kinks worked out so that
        Wife No. 2 benefited from a new and improved model of me.

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    1. No argument – the guy was the most unstoppable college lineman I’ve ever seen. And SUCLA still couldn’t get it done.


  8. Memo to: MG

    Re: “Pete is an ass? What does that make Chip?”

    Little Petey is an ass. What it makes Chip is a unequivocal non sequitur.

    Dollars to donuts MG, Chip doesn’t stupidly blow a SB victory from an opponents 1 yard line with Lynch and Wilson in the backfield.

    #ding, ding.
    #Get a grip


    1. “ Dollars to donuts MG, Chip doesn’t stupidly blow a SB victory from an opponents 1 yard line with Lynch and Wilson in the backfield.”

      Well here’s a rarity. owns is right for once…

      If only because chipster will never, not ever be on the field coaching a team in the Super Bowl..

      Funny about dollars to donuts, apropos in this analogy 😎🖕🏽🖕🏽

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  9. Scooter,

    the oline list is a joke. How can Ogdon be the first? He wona a rose bowl. However, did they have an ugly tailback run right behind a left tackle consecutively on the final drive in a Rose Bowl game? Did they have an olinemen win a national championship and help win the Hesiman? Was he a two time All American? Did he play in Super Bowls? The answer to that is no. Now, I see on the list several SC linemen that have done that. Munoz, Yary, and others. So as far as Ogeon is concerned, he needs to go to the bottom of the list. The dude who wrote it does not know PAC 10-PAC12 football. He needs to look at tape and see the difference.


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