USC Gets Another Defensive Back Commitment

Braxton Myers, a four-star safety-cornerback from Coppell, Texas, committed to USC this afternoon. He is a Class of 2023 prospect.

USC now has the No. 8-ranked recruiting class for 2023 according to Rivals. He was also recruited by Arkansas, Florida State and LSU.

32 thoughts on “USC Gets Another Defensive Back Commitment

      1. Exactly. I can’t recall a slow guy (position relative) he has recruited. The two LBs he picked up in the portal (Romello Height and Lee) are fast for their size. The two RBs he got in the portal are fast (Dye is sub-4.4, and Austin Jones is sub 4.5). Caleb Williams is 4.5 and Mario Williams is 4.4.

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  1. Wonder….but where are all the O-Linemen. If we don’t start getting some really good O-Linemen, Caleb Williams may decide to enter the transfer portal in the middle of the season. This O-Line coach that we have had better be a great position coach who can turn 3 stars into 5 stars because he’s not the greatest recruiter in the world. This may change in the future but at this point, I can’t see how LR is a better recruiter(for O-Linemen) than CH. You win games on the LOS.


  2. Good report showing the offensive linemen market Charles. Your reports are usually spot on.

    With all the great offensive linemen USC has put in the NFL I just don’t understand why the kids are leaving home other Clay Helton and his flag football air raid offense. Let’s hope this trend changes after this season when USC proves to the country once again it can run the football.

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  3. Well you guys and the unlikeable Helton …

    Here are the plain cold facts

    You haven’t won a game this year but you’re already predicting a National Championship but with a lot of polls predicting maybe 3-4th finish in the Pac-12. Team made up of transfers. I wonder how many know the history and traditions of SC? A: few

    The average weight of your 8 2023 commits is 180lbs. Fast…you bet… Until a bedrock safety or LB lays the lumber. LOOKOUT!!! 180 pounder out with protocol. Or the season. You don’t make it to the second half of the schedule without a hospital unit on the sidelines. 180 lbs is high school small. I don’t give a sh1t how fast you are, you’re going to hurt when you hit the deck. Safeties and LB plan their impact.

    COMPARE to a team like the Georgia Bulldogs. Ave weight of 2023 class 243lbs.


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      1. If SUCC is lucky. But I think the bozos will shoot themselves in the foots and reverse any luck.


      1. That seems much more realistic. Vying for a conference championship in 2023 and working towards being in the playoff discussion in 2024-2026.

        Instant NC’s?! As I’ve stated before, that was SUCLA fans who actually thought NC’s were inevitable when they hired Potato Chip! LMAO

        What has he produced? 18-25, 1-3 vs USC.


      2. The month of October will be the test, PT.
        The game AT UTAH after 6 weeks without a bye will determine the trajectory of the season.

        The early September losses to Stanford–always an ambush game–should reverse now that the Trojans have a real football coach for the first time since 2009.


  4. Scooter,

    I ran into Bohn on Sunday at the SC baseball game. I told him it was great hire with Riley and he said thank you. I then mentioned that I was concerned about defense and he said not to worry, the defense will be fine and SC will have a grea offenese. I thought to myself, Self, he bought into the thought that SC’s offense will outscore all teams. However, i go with, defense wins championships.

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    1. I will second that PT– Jus ask last year’s Georgia who won with a walk-on quarterback.

      It’s simply logical. There will be games when the offense, requiring more finesse than a defense, is off– fumbles, interceptions, or up against a tough defense.

      But the defense should never have up-and-down games because it is dependent on desire more so than the offense.

      If you hold the other team to less than 20 points you will win most of your games


  5. Hey Helton

    Cal #4 NFL salary cap. Almost twice #15 SC cap. Irrelevant? If you say so.

    Carry on and work on the facts.


    1. You get a trophy for that? Does it retroactively add wins or titles for Cal football? No? I would have bet that the CFP voters would throw you in every year based on Jared Goff being crazy over paid. Guess not. You have to hang your hat on something, I guess I’ll hang mine on rooting for a team that wins conference and national titles.

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    1. Lest you forget —the reason the game was played after we played UCLA was, the week before our SCHEDULED game, the bears had 2 or 3 players who thought they had something the bear doctors thought might possibly be covid ….you forfeited ….but Folt let you have the game back…and then Donte handed you the win….


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