USC Morning Buzz: Jordan Addison Narrows Choices

Former Pitt WR Jordan Addison has reportedly narrowed his choices to USC and Texas.

USC remains the frontrunner for Addison.

  • One of the things I used to love was calling legendary college football expert Beano Cook. He never said “hello” when he answered the phone, and would say something like, “Lt. Columbo.”

Cook died in 2012 but his memoirs are coming out. The New York Post has some details, which include Cook detailing his time at CBS Sports and feuds between Pat Summerall and Brent Musburger and a fight between Jimmy “the Greek” Snyder and Musburger.
Hopefully, the book has plenty on Cook’s time working in college football. He was the sports information director at Pitt and used to tell me, “How could USC hire Paul Hackett? He was horrible at Pitt!”

And he always asked, “does USC still have the song girls?” which was the highlight from attending a game at the Coliseum in the 1970’s.

When talking to Cook, he could make references to players on the Army teams from the 1940’s as easily as players who were playing currently.

Larry Burnett and Beano Cook on ESPN in 1986.
Rick LaBranche/ESPN

21 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Jordan Addison Narrows Choices

  1. How could SC hire a Paul Hackett? ineptitude. What other D-1 school would keep an AD whose Rolodex only stretched as far as Kansas City? Helton? Now there’s a case of INEPTITUDE that far outweighs PH.

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    1. Haden looked out the window and named the first person he saw as football coach. There was Helton standing there with his mouth open going “pick me, pick me”. The rest is history, a losing one.

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  2. How does the saying go, if you have something of value try to get
    2 buyers in a bidding war. Texas would probably out-bid SC
    in a NIL-contest, but SC’s quarterback might help this Pitt-kid
    be a No. 1 NFL pick.

    I know not everyone was a Musburger fan, but like millions I enjoyed his calm demeanor that belied his burning drive to succeed. The joke was he wanted to be the king of all 3 of the major networks at the same time.

    And speaking of jokes, Cook’s book is a telltale of the big-shots in network television, and is titled “Haven’t They Suffered Enough?”
    — Apparently not!

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    1. The night before the Vegas Bowl 2001 we sat next to Musburger and Gary Danielson and their wives at Charlie Palmers (RIP) at the Four Seasons for dinner. It was Xmas Eve and Brent was in fine form. Much better than the game the next day – cold day, crappy stadium and a bad loss.

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      1. In ONE game (against Ohio State) Brent wasn’t playing nice with respect to USC (imagining we were interfering with receivers when we weren’t, imagining they weren’t interfering when they were) –after that, no matter how good he was, I hated him more than any other announcer on earth…
        #SomeMightSayIWasOverreacting …

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    2. I couldn’t stand Musburger. He was the worst at what he did and screwed up more stuff than 10 other announcers combined. Even his color guys couldn’t save him.

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      1. He matured & mellowed at the end of his career —but it was too late… we all hated him by that time…

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  3. ugh,the stocks markits iz taiking awl the munneys and aint leev non fir the ressed of us,thay neads to tacks the stocks markit so we can get the munneys to,smdh

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    1. Ed —
      All someone needs to do is sneak into the damn stock market after hours, steal all their damn cash…. and give it out on the streets…

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  4. Wow, Pac12 is going to change who plays in the conference championship starting 2022, the two best league records will face off. This could get some disputes going I am sure.

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      1. On the serious side –the two teams with the best records will probably have already met (maybe the week before) —that’s not the best way to generate excitement for the Championship game….

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      2. With Oregon and Utah in the mix, add ucla and it could be an all northern or all southern playoff. I imagine they will do away with the divisions eventually.

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      3. Yeah —why have divisions if the division leaders don’t play for the championship?

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  5. That kid  Matayo Uiagalelei from St John Bosco is the type of kid right here in  our backyard who we can’t let get away. We need interior D-Linemen and we have a 5 star right here,no more than 25-30 miles from us. We have to get this kid.

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