Pac-12 Just Changed Championship Game Selection Process

The Pac-12 is going to have the teams with the highest-winning percentage in conference games, instead of the division winners, play in the conference championship game beginning immediately. It will no longer just be the winner of the North vs. the South.

In the new format, five of the 11 previous championship game matchups would have been different.

So now winning the South Division won’t necessarily mean USC makes the Pac-12 title game. Eventually, the Pac-12 is supposed to eliminate the divisions.

“Our goal is to place our two best teams in our Pac-12 Football Championship Game, which we believe will provide our conference with the best opportunity to optimize (College Football Playoff) invitations and ultimately win national championships,” commissioner George Kliavkoff said.

“Today’s decision is an important step towards that goal and immediately increases both fan interest in, and the media value of, our Football Championship Game.”

26 thoughts on “Pac-12 Just Changed Championship Game Selection Process

  1. Since 2011, 9 of the 12 Pac 12 schools have participated in the Championship Game. In the SEC since 2011, only 6 of their 14. Parity is bad, having a few dominate programs is good.

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    1. Yesterday,
      That’s not the way the loser schools in the Pac 12 feel — and up until recently the Pac 12 [and it’s Commissioner] have been losers….


  2. ugh,thay chaingin the rools cuz thay tryin to maik us loose,thay actin like we dont know wut thay doin john,itz like the policy all ways tellin me some thing new evry weak cuz thay chaingin thare rools jussed to git me in trubbul,then the jugde all ways yell at me moar then missus ed do and she git angrey alot wit me,smdh

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  3. Of the 3 favorites, Oregon, Utah and SC, Troy may have the more favorable schedule. Oregon and Utah play each other whereas SC does not play Oregon.

    Oregon, Utah and SC will be favored in most of their Pac-12 games, so the two contestants for the Pac-12 championship might have to have
    8-1 records, 7-2 at worse, to qualify.

    But the Pac-12 champ still might not get voted in to the ‘Final-4’ because Oregon opens at Georgia, Utah at Florida, and SC ends with ND

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    1. Winning the Pac 12 and beating Notre Dame probably gets us into the playoffs—even if we have 2 losses [unless one of them is to Rice or Cal].


  4. If they are going to eliminate the divisions, I’d like to know how the conference schedule is going to look like now. I doubt they would return to everybody playing each team once a season.

    So, if teams are going to miss some teams every few years how is that going to be if not tied to division?

    I’d like USC to always keep UCLA, Stanford, and Cal (and ND, too even if not a conference foe) with the rest of the Pac – 12 a mix and match as to who USC plays and who they don’t.




  5. Oh, I don’t know, marvienna, I like all the Pac-12 venues although I have not been to the home of Washington St. Just getting out of a concrete jungle like L.A. and into small college towns is always a treat.

    And since SC has been playing sucla, Cal, Stanford and ND for decades,
    that will not change. I mean, what would life be without Cal’75 in it?

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    1. Former Heritage Hall administrator Steve Lopes quietly floated the idea of dropping Notre Dame but he was shot down pretty quickly.


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    1. USC coulda beat Oregon in 2020 if Slovis didn’t turn into a headcase —throwing interceptions on first two series …and then trying to throw the ball outta bounds on last drive ….but throwing it into field of play and into arms of Oregon defender….


      1. 5-0 going into that game, but not nearly that good. So Clay Helton. I suffer from PCCHTSD.


      2. Pat: I’ll teach you Rhodes Scholar stuff and groom you and you just keep being a dreamboat, stud.


  6. Scooter,

    I am reeeeeel slow in understanding this. Let me know if i am correct, so whoever has the highest winning percentage in conference play goes to the PAC 12 championship? If that is correct, then my question is, what happens if SC and Utah have the same conference record, how do they decide who goes and who stays home? Not too smart if that is the case.

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    1. PT, since Utah and SC play each other, if both teams have the same record at season’s end, the winner of their match will go the Pac-12 Championship game.


    2. Or, a better what if is what if undefeated USC and undefeated UCLA meet at the end of the year in the annual Crosstown Showdown?

      Obviously, one team will win but if the USC/UCLA team with the one loss is better than everyone else in the Pac-12, does that mean that USC and UCLA will meet again a week later in the Conference Championship Game?



  7. Now with the elimination of divisions, go from 9 conference games to 8. Play the 3 other California schools every year and the other 8 rotate. In addition to Notre Dame, schedule a tune-up game week 1 and also two others from Power 5 (Pac12 alliance w/ Big10 and ACC!?). Maybe a Texas team since USC recruiting well in Texas (not Rice).


    1. Tune-up game I envision home games against regional opponents SJSU, Fresno, SDSU, UNLV and Nevada. Not pushovers, but games USC would be favored to win.


      1. The alliance needs to actually step up and make it happen. You could still protect the best teams in each conference and play cross conference games. We could play Minnesota, or NC, or Wake. Clemson could play WSU or Oregon St. Protect the top teams, but give them real games. Then add one huge neutral game every year. USC vs Miami, Ohio St vs Florida St, Clemson vs Oregon, Utah vs Mich, UW vs Wisc, Iowa vs vTech. Each team could play 2 alliance games every year. Keep the contract open ended for scheduling in spring of each year.

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    2. Dropping from 9 conference games to 8 still means that USC will not meet 3 opponents from the Pac – 12. I’d like to know how the rotation for teams to miss is going to go. You can’t simply pick schools from the former North Division with the elimination of divisions.




      1. USC should insist on playing UCLA, Stanford and Cal every year. Tradition. Depending on how the Pac12 sets it up, the other 8 can play USC every other year.


  8. Please eliminate the divisions as soon as possible. I cringe every time I hear the term “Pac-12 South Champions.” It sounds like something the USC Football social media team made up.

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