How Will Pac-12 Break Ties?

I’m eager to hear the tiebreaker formula for the new Pac-12 championship game, starting in 2023.

What happens if two teams tie for second place and have the same winning percentage?

You can’t just go by non-conference records, especially when you look at some teams’ schedules. For example, UCLA plays Bowling Green, Alabama State and South Alabama in 2022.

Will they do it like basketball and start looking at the record vs. the next-best teams? I’m sure it will be a complicated formula. And I’m sure we’ll have some ties too. And that will mean some angry fans.


14 thoughts on “How Will Pac-12 Break Ties?

  1. Jordan Addison is a Trojan.

    Now come on all you guards, tackles and defensive linemen, can’t you see what SC is developing and how you will fit into the format!?

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    1. Great recruiting (well, NIL deals…), huge win over ‘Bama and Texas.

      Yes, you would think that the top linemen would want to be part of a team with the very best skill players, and USC now is in the top 3 or so in that regard.

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    2. Never any doubt, at least he didn’t string it out like Caleb Williams did. I think the Texas visit was just a show, and Alabama was just talk.


  2. The PAC12 should take their time on figuring it all out and come up with a way that everyone is happy. HaHa. Like that would ever happen. But they could come up with something that is at least fair to everyone.


  3. Scooter,

    Tie breaker will be who is more Political Correct, wokeness, and commie atheism. The PAC 12 is so woke that they can’t get a team with a backbone in the playoff if they didn’t follow the Socail Justice Warfare Baloney. They can take a hike.


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