USC Morning Buzz: SEC Gobbles Attention

The SEC is showing why it is king right now as Jimbo Fisher responded to Nick Saban after Saban said Texas A&M “bought every player.”

“It’s despicable that we have to sit here at this level of ball and say these things to defend the people of this organization, the kids, 17-year-old kids and their families,” Fisher said. “It’s amazing. Some people think they’re God. Go dig into how ‘God’ did his deal. You may find out about a lot of things you don’t want to know.

“We build him up to be the czar of football,” he continued. “Go dig into his past or anybody that’s ever coached with him. You can find out anything you want to find out, what he does and how he does it. It’s despicable; it really is.”

Fisher called a press conference today (in May!) to respond to Saban.

As for their relationship, Fisher said, “I’m done.”

Also: This shows why Lincoln Riley wanted no part of the SEC.

Can you ever imagine something like this in the Pac-12?

30 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: SEC Gobbles Attention

  1. Hang on a minute! God is only ranked #5 in the SEC.

    Jimbo has the czar part right, there was a Czar Nicholas. We all know how that turned out. Jimbo was on a roll, but disappointing he resorted to old righteous indignation We-are-doing-it-for-the-kids ploy, otherwise fun to watch.

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    1. Exactly, MG, better to lighten the criticism, it’s usually more effective anyway. Comics use the tactic all the time.

      Wouldn’t it have been better if he had said something like,
      “Mr. Saban is the only one in the entire SEC that follows all the rules to the letter, and if you don’t believe me, just ask him.”

      P.S. That goes for political discussions as well. Sorry, I just had to drop that in.

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      1. Except for the fact that the failures of this administration were so foreseeable to anyone who was paying attention prior to the election. So not exactly an apples to apples comparison.

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  2. Saban should never have said anything about the issue of $$ and recruiting practices. He is legendary in the south for bending the rules as much as anyone ever did.

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  3. Well if Nick Saban, and Jimbo Fisher buy players, then I guess Kirby Smart does too. I’m sure there’s a little truth to all of that, but the SEC certainly isn’t as dominant as they are because of it. They hire better coaches who have physical football philosophy, and they just know what it takes to win. The PAC 12 has always employed the same type of finesse coaches which is why they’ll get manhandled in the playoffs.


  4. Scooter,

    didnt Jimbo Fisher work for Saban at one time? If so, he should bring out some history on Saban. Go for the kill in May and you will have news about ATM and Bama and the coaches all summer long. Let the war and backstabbing begin. Bring your popcorn and soda pop for this one.


  5. Dan Lending just came to Oregon and forced the school to buy-er, show support towards Josh Connerly. You wonder why Riley encouraged his players to recruit Addison? College football is ruthless for a reason.


  6. “Can you ever imagine something like this in the Pac-12?” I can only dream. It would mean we’re relevant again.


  7. Saban spoke about NIL rights and a collective at A&M and how this allowed A&M to buy every player in their recruiting class. He added that Bama did not have a collective and did not pay players through the collective. Significantly, Fisher did not specifically deny that statement in his press conference. Instead, he repeatedly stated that A&M did not violate any rules or laws. He did not state that players did not receive money through the NIL collective. In other words, what we did was sleazy but legal given the new NIL rules.


  8. Not that Saban doesn’t honestly believe what he said, but these remarks were made to a Birmingham business group. He’s trying to fire up his base … into giving NIL deals to Bama players.


    1. “Senate Bill 1401, named the “College Athlete Race and Gender Equity Act,” cuts right to the heart of the collegiate model and the ideals of amateurism. SB 1401 would require California schools to share 50% of annual revenues in football and men’s and women’s basketball with the athletes, initiating a new era of “pay for play” — and what college sports leaders fear would be a doomsday scenario for athletic departments that currently use profits from revenue sports to fund their non-revenue sports programs.”


    2. I’m still of the opinion that athletes are already getting paid via their scholarships, housing, food, medical care, etc. USC education more costly than most. Stanford not too long ago used to do a great job of selling this and how much grads make on the average coming out of school.


  9. Coming to the Pac-12 when the Sooners were going to the SEC was the smartest thing that LR could do. It was the right decision. LR could recruit with every school in the Big-12 except maybe Texas and Texas hasn’t been recruiting well lately since they haven’t had a really great year since 2009. The state of Oklahoma is not a great area for recruiting. LR would be in a big disadvantage recruiting-wise in the SEC. So he did the right thing and took the best coaching job in the country.


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