The Friday Column Supplement

There wasn’t enough to room in today’s column to do justice to the Formosa Cafe, this week’s “Restaurant of the Week.”

So let’s visit some of the legendary stories.

Owner Max Gold purchased the Red Post Cafe in 1939, added a Pacific Electric Red Car and renamed it the “Formosa Club.”

Gold reportedly lost the restaurant in a poker game. He was reportedly found murdered in a phone booth on Santa Monica Blvd. in 1947.

Mob figures Mickey Cohen and Bugsy Siegel were regulars at the Formosa and Siegel’s safe is supposedly still in the floor of the restaurant.

Another celebrity story told by owner Lem Quon was that billionaire Howard Hughes asked to borrow $20 to pay a debt to a drinking buddy.

John Wayne was caught making scrambled eggs in the kitchen one morning, after reportedly passing out in a booth the night before.

Cohen associate Johnny Stompanato would go to the Formosa with actress/girlfriend Lana Turner.

This scene from L.A. Confidential was filmed at the Formosa.

29 thoughts on “The Friday Column Supplement

  1. This makes 2 golden, non snarky posts in a row….
    Now my friend Owns is gonna get bent outta shape over John Wayne stealing eggs….
    P. P. S.
    Scott: Mr. Siegel didn’t like being called “Bugsy”……

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      1. Wow. [Good to know. I thought I was the only one that reacted that way]….

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  2. Then there are the numb nuts idiots that want us to give our guns up to the government, of all people. Like we need mental help. HA. This kid is what our schools are putting out now. No brain liberals who cannot think for themselves.


    1. steveg49,

      Another problem with the Pinko Commie Atheist Progressive hypcrite crowd is this, where is the SCREAMING about the gang shootings in Chicago, LA, New York, and other cities every weekend. Why doesnt that amoeba Beto O’Rouke go talk to the mayor of Chicago, the ugly one that likes girls. Both are pieces of work. To purgatory with the dempcrap progressives.

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      1. Oh man, PT, that stunt he pulled at the press conference the other day was disgusting. What a pathetic attempt at making himself relevant.

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      2. Yes, “Beto” sucks. He’s the worst. Hope the voters of Texas see it that way, So Cal…..
        Problem: Gov. Abbott looks bad cuz he uncritically accepted the local cops version of the situation being a “barricade” rather than an “active shooter” incident…. the locals needed to go save those kids not wait for reinforcements and Abbott shoulda smelled a rat when it was clear the shooter was inside the school for over an hour and parents trying to go rescue their kids were restrained from going in….. something smells very bad here…..

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      3. And that dumb teacher propping the door open so she could “go back to her desk for her cell phone”!!

        The shooter entered through that door. Oy-vay!!


    2. Spot on! You can see from the stuff they make up that they aren’t all there.

      But we already knew that based on them having opted for nationwide failure & worse…world wide food shortages. And too dumb to see how their choice contributed to it!

      Need to remember not to feed the trolls.

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  3. /teacher-propped-open-door-to-texas-school-before-shooter-entered-official says

    Teacher reeducation. Teacher not trained in priorities. This is on the School Boards back.

    I get a lotta shit for being hard on slackers. My dad, courtesy of 3 yrs free camping trip in the South Pacific 1942-45 from uncle Sam would say to me, son when I tell you to halt, it’s not up for discussion. I’m trying to save your life not start an argument. I’m not your friend, I’m your father. This is not a democracy. It’s a dictatorship and I’m in charge.

    This teacher took the lazy way out. It works until it doesn’t.

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    1. Love it, ’75, at least the part where your father says, ‘This is not a democracy. It’s a dictatorship and I’m in charge.’– Reminds me of my old man, God rest his soul, and in retrospect he wasn’t as bad as I thought growing up.

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    2. MG & LJ, that was his “dad, courtesy of 3 yrs free camping trip in the South Pacific 1942-45 from uncle Sam”. In other words, his CO.

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  4. So we had 19 cops in the school for about an hour before the shooter was killed. During this time kids and teachers were calling 911 begging and pleading for help. How many kids bled to death during this time ? What do we tell their parents ? This is fucking unbelievable.

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    1. Welcome to 21st Century America ….. where the Bidens and the Folts run their greater & lesser shows [with nothing in their heads but the craziest bullshit you ever heard]….

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  5. USC should erect a bronze statue of John Wayne on horseback. John Wayne is a true American icon who epitomized courage and love of country; personal qualities that current USC administration and faculty fully embrace.

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    1. One eensy bitty, tiny difference: John Wayne loved a country bound by the Constitution and dedicated to liberty and the pursuit of happiness [as that pursuit is embodied in the Bill of Right]…… Carol’s batshit crazy statements embrace a different direction…

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      1. $100 … publicly ask Flo her opinion on #ChairmanMao or better yet #XiZinping … her answer would characterize them as “great men.” #CCP

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      2. At the end of her life (which I hope is many years off —I don’t wish her ill) I wonder if Carol will have the Colonel Nicholson moment at the end of “The Bridge On The River Kwai”?……

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    1. Kapler and their like are very, very selective in their indignation. I am waiting for Steve Kerr to slam table about what is happening in China–if the NBA will let him.

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    2. Kapler getting the mainstream media narrative … guns and republicans support for 2nd Amendment BAD. This makes people respond emotionally and in a holier-than-thou way.


      1. All these fools who either stomp their feet because of a political agenda OR just call for gun control are 2cents short of a dime. A couple of threads ago a troll here calls the ammunition holder a ‘clip’ . It’s a magazine and that’s basic knowledge. These loud mouths just prove that they are just that, loud mouths
        This Texas shooter somehow obtained over $4,000 to purchase these guns. The Daniel Defense with the Ecotech optics and the other one with all the Magpul furniture. Where does this guy get this dough? I’d lay 50/50 he was a schill buyer. But he’s dead so the story ends. How clever before the midterms.

        I’ll tell you one thing. If you look at FBI stats it is very rare for a human to shoot another human in cold blood let alone 20.

        There is so much more to this story. I wish I was the lead on the FBI team investigation.

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  6. John Wayne hated Native Americans, thought black men were inferior and stupid plus he did not consider black women to be human. He also never allowed any people of color to work as a producer or let alone a director for any project that involved him. No one argues about keeping guns from convicted felons, so gun control laws can be made and are needed. The NRA strategy of having “stop a bad guy with a gun by having more good guys with a gun” didn’t work in Texas. You “men” just wanna bitch and complain about serious issues because you lack any clout to be included in any investigation or solution to our nations problems. News flash gentlemen: weapons designed for war are being used on defenseless citizens with cops too afraid or incompetent to engage with suspects. Pretty soon, you too will be the victim unless some leadership on this matter occurs for all of our benefit. That’s what Kapler is trying to address.


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