USC Morning Buzz: Will Drew Peterson Go Pro?

USC guard Drew Peterson, who worked out with the Lakers over the weekend, has until Wednesday to withdraw his name from the NBA Draft.

“I’m willing as one of those guys to buy into whatever situation I need to be in, looking to help in any way I can,” Peterson said after his Lakers workout. “I want to be on a winning team and I want to be able to do whatever I can to help the team win.

“So a team that has experience with developing guys like me, Austin Reaves, (Alex) Caruso, stuff like that, it’s really enticing and hopefully I can put myself in a position to be able to do that and I’m gonna work my butt off to be in that position and it will pay off.”

Peterson said being able to work out for teams like the Lakers was something he always wanted to do.

“Obviously I dreamed of this as a kid but the biggest thing I’m looking to prove is my size and skill at my position,” he said. “Obviously the way the game is trending, it’s positionless basketball and I think I can bring a good dynamic as a 6-9 guard being able to handle, shoot, pass, rebound, anything a team needs. So I think that’s my biggest asset looking at the next level.”

USC guard Boogie Ellis also has until Wednesday to withdraw from the draft.

20 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Will Drew Peterson Go Pro?

  1. Wednesday, apparently, is the deadline for those who have declared for the NBA draft to withdraw their name and return to CBB.

    Regards, DH


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    1. …of all the smartass comments….
      #ScottWasSquelchingTheGrowingInternetRumor…. That…..

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      1. Which is why they wig out when they find out the world won’t coddle them the way mommy & daddy did. Sometimes they won’t get their way.

        But let’s find something to blame. Oh, I know! Let’s blame guns, even though they were around for 200+ years before we started having this problem.

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      2. I’ve seen two things this year that make me feel you might be right. (1) My wife and I were checking into the Ritz in Maui while our air conditioning unit was being replaced and the man in front of us —who was well into his eighties and was checking in by himself —said to the 20 year old at the desk, “today’s my birthday.” She just looked him and, then, told him he could wait in the Club until his room was ready. (2) A famous elderly musician on the island tried to give his horn, and taped recording sessions with the Benny Goodman Band to a local music school and the young director of the school refused to accept them. All these two folks were trying to do was get a teeny bit of validation of the fact they existed and the kids they were dealing with let them know, as far as they were concerned, they didn’t exist.

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      3. So Cal — check out the video —which is on numerous sites —of a private in the U. S military telling her commanding officer to go fuck himself and leave her alone cuz she doesn’t want to drill today…..


      4. Gonna take a pass on that one. Just knowing it’s out there is enough.

        Kind of like those headlines of an abused animal. I don’t need to click on it and read the details.

        We’re not alone. I imagine that’s why Putin’s boys are getting their butts kicked by a bunch of amateurs fighting to protect their home!

        Speaking of Putin…I see that loser who claimed I praised Putin was never able to cut & paste where I did so.

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      5. I never saw the video of the private telling her CO to f off but if it is true the private should do herself a favor and process out asap

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      6. No. She’s gonna wait it out … until she gets official word from prez biden she’s replacing her commanding officer and needs to appear in D.C. for a Medal….


      7. Some funny stuff going on right now. A buddy who formally was an A10 driver who went into the Border Guard stopped by to sell me some stuff he couldn’t take with him to his next duty station. They seem to be transferring quite a few Border Guards from the So. AZ sector to Puerto Rico who knew PR was the next hot spot?


      8. Gonna get worse before it gets better, Cal. Pansy asses think they’re being funny laughing at those of us who are prepared. We’ll see who gets the last laugh.


      9. You’d have to SO blind not to see what’s going on…..dems will try everything and anything between now and November….
        —-Bette Davis “All About Eve”

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      10. I can’t believe a soldier would push back against a CO! Wait, was it because she didn’t want a harmless Covid vaccine? Lol.

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  2. I think he isn’t really ready,but getting there. Wish him well regardless. If he returns SC has a chance for a decent season,if he is gone like the other 6 already gone SC with zero portals is mid Pac 12

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