Boogie Ellis Returning To USC

USC point guard Boogie Ellis will withdraw from the NBA Draft and return to USC.

Ellis was not going to get drafted but did have some NBA workouts, including with the Milwaukee Bucks.

USC hasn’t done anything in the transfer portal yet so it needed Ellis (and Drew Peterson) to return.

14 thoughts on “Boogie Ellis Returning To USC

  1. BFD, Booger cranked 3 points in 14 minutes in the bozos one-and-done Tournament debacle. SUCC loves to collect BB weeds.


    1. Warden Slammer called, said you left your pink bunny slippers behind. Will you be picking them up or should he give them to your boyfriend, Twisted Lip?


    2. Just Rent,

      Just like U Clowns Lose Again, you suck as well. It’s not Christmas yet, so Santa’s list isn’t being prepared yet. U Clowns Lose Again got eliminated faster than diarea going through a goose.


    3. Dear My Friend Owns,
      November 19th, 2022…


      1. Owns,
        Go to YouTube and watch the 3 min.12 second version of that fight —it’s got a Rocky soundtrack —corny but real fun…


  2. While speaking on Russian state TV, Aleksey Zhuravlyov insisted Russia had the military capability to destroy America’s coasts and said that the U.S. was trying to “raise the stakes.”

    On Russian state TV, they discuss not only what it would take to destroy the United States, but also how many Ukrainians have to be massacred. One lawmaker came up with a figure: 2 million. No one in the studio blinked or objected—including the host, who is himself a Duma member.

    While the Russian politician makes his claims in the clip, an English translation can be seen running along the bottom of the page.

    “I will completely tell you that to destroy the entire east coast of the U.S. two Sarmat missiles are necessary and two missiles for the west coast,” Zhuravlyov said.

    “Four missiles and there’ll be nothing left, they think the mushroom will be taller than a high rise, that mushroom will be visible from Mexico.


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    1. Since sports talk seems to be at low ebb today I will rise to the bait. Our first “thank you” needs to be addressed to Hillary Clinton who, for the most selfish of reasons, tried to convince voters Trump was a Russian Agent (naturally, D. C. jurors don’t care). This accusation scared Trump away from entering into a better relationship with Putin. The next big “thank you” needs to go to Obama, Trump and Biden —each of whom refused to address the issue of Russia’s border with Ukraine [after repeated attempts by the Russians to resolve the issue peaceably at the United Nations]. Now Russia is in the embrace of China. In other words, the two most powerful militaries in the world —besides our own—have aligned against us. And we’re in the process of pissing off India and Pakistan at the same time. Things aren’t looking good for the home team.

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      1. Well said.

        Right now I’m just hoping & praying we even HAVE a football season. Who cares how many games we win.


      2. Don’t forget the stupidity of all those who believed installing a cowardly, corrupt, frail, weak old man with dementia wouldn’t result in our adversaries doing as they pleased.

        But hey! No more mean tweets! The blood in Ukraine and anywhere else it occurs was worth it…to them anyway.

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      3. So Cal —
        Remember how Pete’s first year began with the attack on New York? A friend of a nonstarter on that team told me the whole team was concerned there’d be an attack on Los Angeles….


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