USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week


DJ Lagway

Five-star QB from Texas offered by USC on Monday.

Drew Peterson

If nothing else, working out with NBA teams will show him what he needs to improve even if he comes back to USC.

Jake Jensen

After committing to New Mexico, he got offered by USC and decided he would rather be the Trojans” No. 3 QB. Will he ever see the field?

The Pac-12 Network

Lincoln Riley will make his debut on the little-seen network, which should be a boon to them. Not so great for fans unable to get the network.


USC social media

In the space of a few days, it says UCLA is better than USC and shows Chinese jets on Memorial Day. Good thing USC has that support staff it always needed to compete with the SEC.

UCLA football

First three games on the Pac-12 Network. Enough said.

Pac-12 baseball tournament

You had teams blowing through their pitching staffs last weekend. Does that help them for the NCAA Tournament?

Rick Caruso

Endorsements from Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner. That might be a plus in some quarters. But not in this one.

27 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week

  1. Typical Scott: Acting like our social media team’s insults to all past and present Trojan players and all our war dead is a bad thing!


  2. Jake Jensen must be dumb as a cup of coffee, because unless there’s injuries at his position, he won’t see the light of day. And Lincoln Riley will continue to sign 4&5 star quarterbacks which will push Jensen further down the depth chat


    1. Hmmmm…free degree from USC or free degree from New Mexico? Play, but in front of zero fans in Albuquerque or not play, but run out of the Coliseum tunnel in LA. For the rest of your life telling people you were on scholarship at New Mexico vs USC. The list goes on. No brainer.

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  3. The Matt Cassell Effect: Never started a game at USC, yet still eeked out a 14 year career in the NFL. As Adam Sandler would say, not too shabby.

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      1. I wish folks would sit down someday and think about the myriad ways in which Scott keeps his loyal followers entertained —-and that includes during absolute dead periods —like between now and Fall Practice (which, btw, is not THAT far off —and that is when the real fun will start)…..


  4. And Jake Jensen turned down a chance to play QB at CAL and join the list of Five QB Superbowl Cal starters.

    What was that boy thinking? Afraid to compete? Ya that’s the ticket.

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    1. That explains your recruiting ranking, Cal75: ALL the best players are afraid to compete at Cal…..


      1. Two out of three MG. With walk ons, lol. So soon we forget Sir. I know you are wiping those from memory as fast as you can.

        With the QB’s SC has lined up and/or recruiting, why would a BYU reject and a JC transfer decide to start off at #3. Do you suppose he couldn’t meet the academic hurdles at Cal? Or New Mexico?

        I guess the cynical ones will give him his new nickname,


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  5. Will he ever see the field? Good question I assume the view from the bench is rather good. Furthermore, if our line doesn’t improve, he could see it face first, in a game where the quarterbacks ahead of him see stars spinning around their helmet.

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