USC Social Media Strikes Again!

A couple days ago it said UCLA was better than USC.

Now this:

24 thoughts on “USC Social Media Strikes Again!

  1. This wasn’t a mistake. Carol Folt was promised another mansion if she would intervene and ensure the wrong country’s military was celebrated on Memorial Day….
    #Carol: “NoProblem…


  2. Maybe an honest stupid mistake by USC social media. Carol Folt should issue an immediate apology, but you know she won’t. Flo won’t do or say anything to offend #XiZinping or the #CCP.

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      1. Not if you’re working for wild -eyed, “I scream, we scream, we all scream” Mike Bohn…


    1. 6 months after we built the F-16, F-18 and F-35, Russia and China came out with their knock offs. I guess this one really falls into the “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” department….

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      1. USC didn’t want to offend their international population so they picked a symbolic piece of equipment that is used by all military. What is more appropriate than a fighter jet that has been copied and duplicated by so many nations, and has parts in it manufactured all around the world?

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  3. Carol Folt-might have ordered this! . She must getting kick back money from the Chinese government for promoting their military, or could it be Max Nikias who is still involved with USC, and probably still heavily involved with China. I have heard he is now teaching an extension course at UCLA on Maoism.

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    1. Max is a fricking saint compared to Carol. [I heard she’s in a virtual relationship with Kim Jong-Un—-“Call me ‘Rocket-Boy’ again, Car-Car!”]….


  4. I’m tempted to think that this is just elite educators showing their stupidity(as they proclaim themselves as little Einsteins), but I have to ask myself…..can anyone be that stupid or is there method in their madness? If this was China or Russia and they showed american jets on an advertisement for their Memorial Day, those educators would be shot on the spot.

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  5. Good one OWNS………sometimes just a few words says it all. Sadly, if Chinese military Jets were flying over American skies Biden would say those are NATO jets,
    and tell the American people not to worry about it, and remind all of us it is more important to get your booster shots to prevent the next invasion of Covid-19.

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    1. …if Chinese jets were flying over American skies Jill, Nancy and Kamala would be flying three of them….

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  6. Doesn’t the use of Chinese jets fit the demographics of USC lately? Doesn’t that tell you who may have been behind it?



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