Who Makes All-Pac-12 From USC In 2022?

A lot of college football preseason magazines put together lists that are mostly guesswork.

So here is who Athlon picks from USC for its All-Pac-12 team.

First-Team Offense
QB Caleb Williams
RB/All-Purpose Travis Dye
WR Jordan Addison
OL Andrew Vorhees

First-Team Defense
DL Tuli Tuipulotu

Second-Team Offense
WR Mario Williams
C Brett Neilon

Third-Team Offense
WR Gary Bryant

Third-Team Defense
DL Nick Figueroa
LB Eric Gentry
CB Mekhi Blackmon
S Calen Bullock

Fourth-Team Defense
DL Korey Foreman
LB Shane Lee

Fourth-Team Specialists
KR Brenden Rice
PR Gary Bryant

REACTION: Four teams? For the Pac-12? Really? This ain’t the SEC. If USC has only one first-team defensive performer, the Trojans will definitely not meet expectations for Year 1 under Lincoln Riley.

The entire FOUR-TEAM squad is here.

  • Since today’s Morning Buzz focused on USC-Alabama, here is Jeff Fisher talking about returning to Legion Field in Birmingham after 44 years.

47 thoughts on “Who Makes All-Pac-12 From USC In 2022?

  1. Shane Lee started at Alabama as a true freshman ILB and played at a high level. He is healthy now, I suspect he will break up Pac-12 offenses, I don’t see him as “4th team all pac-12”.

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      1. Truth will come out in about mid October. Why can’t they just have a list of players to watch by position and see where they come out. These “experts” are wrong more than they are right.

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      2. I’m waiting for the Phil Steele magazine which will ship around mid-June. He generally marches to his own algorithms. Problem now is the sportswriter fools appear to be using last year’s record in their equations. That will pull down all good LR has done. Hopefully, the lower predictions will inspire the team to bring out their A game. I am sick and tired of hearing about wonder boy Lanning who gained success at the tutelage of Kirby Smart. For some reason he’s sold the idea, HE WON the Natty………..what an ego. I’m also tired of hearing SC is lucky they don’t have to play Oregon during the regular season. I hope Georgia shuts them out.

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      3. These articles are written by 20 year old interns majoring in sports information and who know even less about college football than we do.

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      4. Carra,
        I want Oregon to shut out Georgia …and everybody they play….up till the Pac 12 Championship where USC shuts them out…

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  2. hi john,wich uv theese playurs will we firget abuot untill thay get the cte in a few yeers and die,dos u think we gonna git enuf new playurs to replaice the cte ones so we can keap winin and fealing good abuot rselves,smdh

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    1. USC is officially endorsing the Biden Philosophy, Ed….. “Do whatever helps get you through the year….. don’t worry about what comes after that”….
      —Joe Biden (Talking In His Sleep, In Soiled Diapers)

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      1. Haven’t heard any stories about Brandon wandering off which I expected. I’m sure Bugs Bunny is keeping a tight leash on him.

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      2. Unfortunately, I looked 67. [Gabby finally made me laugh with the “holding power is a lie” comment]…

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      3. ’67, I’d never bother to click on a link that fool provides.

        Biden supporters need to do whatever they can to deflect from having been stupid enough to vote for this shit storm we’re all having to endure.

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      4. Yeah, Charles, nothing short of pathetic that a bunny rabbit had to direct the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD away from answering questions that weren’t pre-scripted and embarrassing himself more than he already has. If that doesn’t demonstrate how stupid his voters were, I don’t know what will.

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      5. Biden JUST finished telling Americans he didn’t want to take away their “GUMS”….and that gun manufacturers should lose their “ANNUITY”….

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      6. Remember in “Take The Money & Run” when bank robber Woody Allen wrote out a note to the teller that looked like “I have a gum”?

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      7. Biden voter’s complex political philosophy:
        President –Not Trump
        Vice President — Not Selected by Trump
        Secretary of State — Not Nominated by Trump
        Attorney General — Not Nominated by Trump
        Secretary of Defense …well, you get the picture…..

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      8. Right when you think no one could be more incompetent than Biden & Harris, Mayorkas or Granholm speaks.

        This administration is a complete joke from top to bottom.

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      9. I like it when one of Biden’s Cabinet members tells a Congressional Committee (as one did today) that she can’t explain policy papers coming out today under her name …cuz… she’s not at the office….she’s before the Committee….

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  3. I hate preseason polls for several reasons, the biggest being they are just a scientific wild ass guess and is only there to generate clicks, which they do unfortunately. A meaningful poll will come out after about week 5, but then we will still have voters unable to change their votes because of ego, they don’t want to look stupid, and they want to save face. If Korey Foreman decides he wants to be a great player, watch him zoom to the top and bring a few other Trojans along with him. Imagine the phone call, “Hey dad, I made 4th team Pac12, aren’t you impressed?”

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      1. Me too — especially the really awesome 25 cent Summer ones where Lulu got into all kinds of adventures with Witch Hazel…..

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  4. Well, surely some of you have seen the “I did that” Biden stickers placed on gas pumps wherever you fill up.

    I’m sure some of you also know Jimmy Kimmel had Matt Damon’s picture on the urinal cakes at the Jimmy Kimmel Bowl.

    Who’s going to have Clay Helton’s picture on urinal cakes for our opening game?! LMFAO!!

    Come on! I am daring anyone to do it, even you USCPSYCO!!

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      1. Not this time, Gabby.

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    1. I guess you’re just one of those people [like me] who can’t see the unspeakable racism inherent in those dispensers….

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    2. Forces black & brown people to show their palms?! I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s where I want the soap, in my palm!!

      It’s also where I want the lotion on nights the wife has a headache, but I digress. 😛

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      1. I know you’ve mentioned this before So Cal —but allow me to repeat you — the extent to which the Left is willing to go to divide us by race, gender [vaccination status, soap dispensers —the list gets sillier] is sickening.

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      2. Hey, So Cal!!! ….Before you apply the lotion, don’t forget, that the goats with a ribbon around their tail are the “kickers”…. enjoy!


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