If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

USC had members of the athletic dept. meet this week for among other reasons, to improve the fan experience at the Coliseum.

Since I’ve been writing about card stunts recently, maybe that’s an area in need of improvement.

“Why doesn’t USC do more stunts?” That’s a question I hear from fans. Well, here’s a couple reasons from 10 years ago. They are terrible.


Rondelli’s,  13359 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks

This restaurant became famous one night in December, 1959, when gangster Mickey Cohen dined with this fiancee, Sandy Hagen. Cohen also had his bulldog, Mickey Jr. The dog wore a checkered bib so he could eat off a plate at Cohen’s feet.

Sitting next to Cohen was his associate, Sam Lo Cigno, who described himself as an unemployed bartender/asphalt salesman but drove a new Cadillac. 

While they ate, they got a visit from Jack “The Enforcer” Whalen, who was there to collect a $390 gambling dept from Lo Cigno and George Piscitelle.

Whalen decked Piscitelle and then told Lo Cigno “you’re next.” At that point, a shot rang out and Whalen was laying on the floor, shot between the eyes.

“I never seen any gun,” said Cohen who reportedly joined the dog under the table.

Cohen was booked for the murder. Six days later, Lo Cigno turned himself into the LAPD, claiming he shot Whalen in self-defense. Cohen was still indicted but the trial ended in a hung jury.

Whalen’s daughter married former Los Angeles TV anchor/County Supervisor Baxter Ward.

  • And now for some history:

Sometimes, the USC-UCLA rivalry seems quite tame compared to the past. In 1946, things got completely out of hand in ways that would not be tolerated today. Some called what happened “riots.”

Initially, Tommy Trojan was the victim of pre-and-post game vandalism.

Then, the Monday after the game, the USC Victory Bell committee (five students, two employees) delivered the bell to Westwood (No. 4 UCLA defeated No. 10 USC, 13-6). As the committee left, it was intercepted by a group of UCLA supporters who demanded the bell and trampled the truck used by the Victory Bell Committee. It took five policemen to restore order and allow the committee to return to USC.

A group of UCLA students then decided to invade the USC campus. A UCLA football player said he came over “to whoop it up and rub it in.” The move backfired.

USC students deposit a UCLA jeep into a school fountain.

USC students overwhelmed the group and attacked their cars. There were 13 cars that had tires deflated, sparkplugs removed, upholstery damaged and paint splattered on them. It got so bad that LAPD officer Frank Perkins pulled out his revolver to restrain the USC students but they ignored him.

“There are too many (World War II) vets who aren’t afraid of guns,” said Perkins, who had to get more help.

UCLA student Lou Ella Rankin broke into tears when her car was disassembled and had to be escorted to the faculty women’s lounge.

Two UCLA students get their hair cut off by USC students following an encounter in 1946.

Six UCLA students were then captured. The USC students shaved the heads of some students, made them jump into a school fountain, put lipstick on them and made them clean Tommy Trojan.

Administrators from both schools threatened to discontinue athletic contests if students continued their disturbances. USC dean of men Carl Hancey said it was agreed by both schools that future vandalism would be subject to possible dismissal from school.

A UCLA student is forced into a fountain at USC after students clashed in 1946. You can see the UCLA student has had his hair chopped before being forced into the fountain.
  • Imagine back in 1947 that USC acutally had an on-campus eatery that was popular with the students. It was called the Wooden Horse.
  • In 1946-47, USC basketball went to Chicago Stadium and played before 18,000 fans in a 48-44 upset of Northwestern. The Trojans then played at Wisconsin, Bradley and Temple (in the Philadelphia Convention Hall) before a trip to Madison Square Garden vs. Long Island. The trip wasn’t over, however, because USC had to go to Buffalo to play Canisius.

That team featured three NBA Hall of Famers — Bill Sharman, Tex Winter and Alex Hannum. Sharman is in the Hall of Fame as a player and coach.

Alex Hannum (with ball) vs. Stanford in 1947

Hannum won NBA titles as coach of St. Louis Hawks in 1958 (beating the Boston Celtics, one of only two times Bill Russell did not win the title in his 13 years) and as coach of the Philadelphia 76ers in 1967. The Sixers were the first team to win 65 games in a season and Hannum became the first coach to win NBA titles with two teams (the others are Phil Jackson and Pat Riley).

Winter won nine titles as an NBA assistant under Jackson. With all that, it should be mentioned the captain of the USC team in 1946-47 was All-Coast forward Gene Rock.

This USC student and student-senate member later went on to become California state treasurer and speaker of the California State Assembly from 1961-69. It’s Trojan Knight Jesse Unruh pictured circa 1946-47.
  • Singer Peggy Lee performed at USC for an Interfraternity Council Dinner in 1947 with conductor Skitch Henderson.
  • Two days before No. 1-ranked Notre Dame played No. 3-ranked USC for the national title in 1947, singer Jo Stafford performed at the Shrine Auditorium. Stafford sang the USC and Notre Dame fight songs and brought out George Tirebiter, who barked “tactfully and meaningfully” when Stafford asked him about the game.
George Tirebiter appeared at a Jo Stafford concert at the Shrine Auditorium on the eve of the USC-Notre Dame game in 1947. Also pictured: Band leader Paul Weston (left) and student show chairman Howard Wagner.

What about the game? Well . . . Notre Dame won, 38-7, before 104,953.

Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) plays in a freshmen game for UCLA vs. USC in 1966.

I don’t come across many color photos from the 1995 Cotton Bowl, so this is a treat. This play was a rare positive moment for Texas Tech as USC won the game, 55-14. Keyshawn Johnson caught eight passes for 222 yards and three touchdowns. John Herpin had two interceptions, including a 26-yard pick six.

Any time I mention this game, I have to recount the scuffle between the USC band and Texas Tech’s mascot, Raider Red. If I recall correctly, the assistant band director yanked off Raider Red’s mustache.

USC QB Jimmy Jones in 1969. Jones is a member of the USC Hall of Fame.

128 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Great Friday Stuff…as usual. Thank you, Scott! [But you did miss some of the backstory on those UCLA guys who were captured and made to wear lipstick. It turns out that, after they were photographed and made to swim in the fountain, compassionate USC students came over to wipe their lipstick off before they returned to their cars—but they refused].

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      1. Ha! [Someday –when I run for office in Hawaii —I’m probably gonna get in a lot of trouble for “liking” that post —– but what the fuck, right]?

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      2. MG quit being so nice. I’ve been saying for a couple of years that Mazie Hirono is the dumbest Senator in my lifetime. And Joe Biden and his slut wife were always pretty stupid.


      3. MG how did Wendy’s employee Uvalde shooter afford $4000 in guns and accessories!? He played online video games and came across some well-funded friends. Shooter ages: Sandy Hook 20, Parkland 19, Uvalde 18.

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      4. Charles,
        Actually Mazie is smart —but her party makes her the spokesperson for all their dumbest ideas since her seat is so safe….

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      5. How dare you insult our beloved cross-town rivals. Just because Chip has implemented pillow fights as a bonding experience and has the players knit their own tea cozies….you brute!

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      6. More like $8000 worth of guns & ammo…..

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      7. [Above is my attempt to accept Charles’ advice]..

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      8. Charles –I don’t know where this reply will land but it’s a reply to your post about Mazie saying, “men need to shut up.” When she started to talk about Ford’s testimony I cupped my hand to hear what she was saying cuz there was a lot of noise from relative’s children in the room —when she got to the part where she said “men need to shut up …and do the right thing….for once” , my cupped hand turned into a middle finger at the screen …followed by an apology to the kids watching me.

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  2. Former USC QB Jimmy Jones had all the talent in the world, and had a wonderful throwing arm. Jones, out of New Jersey was probably one of the Top 5 High School recruits ever to enroll at USC. Early in his sophomore year he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated after a dominant game vs. Nebraska in Lincoln. He could really throw the long ball, but was often inaccurate on the short to medium throws. USC, was primarily a running team in those days, and the offense USC ran in those days did not feature Jimmy’s terrific talent as a passer and runner. Jones, had a wonderful Canadian football league career, but never played in the NFL due to the fact his development as a QB was slowed down while he was at USC-TAILBACK U. No question he had all the talent in the world, and in today’s pass happy offenses would have played a long time in the NFL.

    Will never forget the great deep throw he completed to Sam Dickerson in the West Corner endzone of the Coliseum to defeat UCLA. Thank you Jimmy Jones for leading the “Cardiac Kids” the name given to the Trojan teams for some of their remarkable comebacks in that era. RIP to Wide Receivers Bob Chandler, and Sam Dickerson who were major contributors to those teams also.

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    1. Yes, Jimmy had it all. I’ll never forget turning on the USC/Notre Dame game a bit late one year…and seeing that Jimmy had thrown us to a 28-0 lead. Great Trojan who deserves to be mentioned a lot more frequently when we’re listing great Trojan QB’s……
      [Oh, by the way —I’m not sure Trojans should be eating at a restaurant that calls itself The Wooden Horse. WTF?!]…..

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    2. Jimmy Jones was indeed a great one. If you watch his throwing motion on the pass to Sam Dickerson, note that his form is one in which he really turns back, almost like a baseball pitcher. You never see a QB today throw like that, so his inaccuracy may have been due to mechanics.

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      1. Wow! What a fun video..
        [You’re right —that’s a baseball delivery —look at the shoulder strength Jimmy is putting into that ‘pitch’]….

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    3. Interview with Jimmy Jones about the famous USC-Alabama game in 1970. Great stuff. Need to do this in a separate post since Scottie’s “moderator” blocks posts with more than two internet links:

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      1. That was only Part 1 of the Interview with Jimmy Jones. He goes on to say although frustrating he loved his time at SC. Yes, his mechanics were not the best with that long stride throwing the ball because of poor coaching in those days in throwing the football. Paul Hackett, and the late Bill Walsh could have corrected Jimmy’s mechanics which at times made him throw high on many short and medium throws, but wow he could throw the deep passes as well as anyone.

        People knock Paul Hackett alot. He was a poor head coach, but one of the best ever as a QB Coach just ask Vince Evans, Paul MacDonald, and many more. Vince Evans was terrible as a soph at USC, but Hackett improved his throwing mechanics, and with that great arm he played in the NFL for many years, and Jimmy Jones probably had even more raw talent than Vince which is hard to believe.

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    4. I remember Vince Evans with USC and the Bears. Good arm and running ablility. He and Jones might have flourished with today’s coaching and sophisticated offenses.

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    5. As Jimmy matriculated to professional football, he found in 1970-1 that the NFL would not allow men of his skin tone to play QB. That was the deal. Years later, It took Warren Moon (after years of success in Canada) to convince the NFL “intelligentsia” that a Black man could play NFL QB.

      Sad story. But that’s the history.

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  3. Shaving the heads of the bruins, dissembling their cars, yanking off a fake moustache…now those were Trojans. Great story about Mickey Cohen. Another Friday masterpiece.

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      1. Those were the days…talk about cops and politicians on the take. One difference from today is that even though the politicians were on the take, they did get things done. You wouldn’t have a pothole in the middle of Sunset Blvd just sit there, year after year, like today. It would get fixed. (Mickey would make sure of that).

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      2. Yeah — the Mafia has a brutal code….but at least they HAVE a code —I don’t know what you can say about those guys in D.C…..
        [I just looked up the news reports & photos of the night Jack Whalen bought it —guys are STILL eating at their tables while the police examine his body]…

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  4. Never knew that back in 1946, it Just Meant More. Pac-12 as a whole needs to get back to that level of madness that exists in other parts of the country today.

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  5. QB Jimmy Jones was from Harrisburg, PA not New Jersey as stated before. Probably was USC’s most prized QB recruit ever coming out of high school until Carson Palmer enrolled in school. Mckay, was stubborn he believed the TB should be the featured player in his offenses not the QB. Guys like Toby Page, Troy Winslow, Steve Sogge, Bill Nelson, Pete Bethard, even Jimmy would often usually only get the opportunity to showcase their talents when the tailback needed a rest, or to surprise the defenses which were stacked to stop the run. Hard to knock John Mckay with all the success he had, but he did begin to open up the passing game when his boys Haden, Mckay Jr. m and Swann enrolled in school after a very disappointing USC season in 1971, and boy did he turn things around in 1972 with what’s probably the greatest team ever in college football.

    John Mckay, should easily be in the Top 3 of all time college football coaches. To beat ND he recruited more size and speed. In the early 70’s as teams started to slow down the SC running game he made his best adjustment ever by featuring the QB, and adding more balance to the offense with the passing game. In the Clay Helton era the word balance on offense was totally forgotten in recruiting, practices, and on game day. Let’s hope Lincoln Riley can restore USC’s running game so defenses trying to slow down the Trojans will be pretty beat up and confused once they leave the Coliseum. College football has changed, but the great teams that win most of the games still run the ball in big games, or they head home with an “L”. Thank you John Mckay we all realize now more than ever what a great football coach you were because you were always many steps ahead of the competition on game day.

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    1. McKay was the best thing that ever happened to USC football. And Pat and J.K were a big part of it….

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    2. Per above, Paul Hackett was brought in to “revolutionize” the USC
      power I offense in the 70’s, as McKay/JR really didn’t know the pass game. The results were pretty good. After Hackett left, Tollner was
      likewise brought in to do the same. Norv Turner was an assistant at USC at the time and boy did he go to school with those OC’s. Both Hackett and Tollner were really nice guys who called a great passing game.
      Never should have been HC’s.

      And for QB at USC, “the rest is history.”

      We have the QB whisperer now and it’s gonna be a really fun ride.

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      1. dude…. it’s never too late to start your “influencer” gig.


        (trump could use another stable genius)

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      1. I’m sure glad the Justice Department is concentrating on the contempt of (bullshit) subpoena charges against Navarro and Bannon instead of getting to the bottom of what really happened at Uvalde…..

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      2. WOW!!!

        “Pete Arredondo, chief of the Uvalde school district police department who directed the law enforcement response to last week’s mass shooting, arrived at the scene without his radio and other communications equipment, two law enforcement sources told the American-Statesman on Friday.”

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      3. I have a good memory …but the list of names of children to pray for is almost getting too long to remember…

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      1. G.T. –This post makes me sad (that you’re not feeling great) but happy (that you’re hanging in there). As Tim Allen sez all throughout Galaxy Quest, “Never Give up, Never Surrender.”

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      3. I’m missing John too, G.T. —hope he didn’t head back to one of our “Enemy” sites —

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  6. Scooter,

    Iam LMAO at Lou Ella Rankin. She thought the Trojans were going to lay down for her while she went WOKE and Social Justice back in her day. Then she shows up in daddy’s car screaming at how mean the Trojans are. Well Woke Rankin, you came to SC and SC defended their house. Just like today but yester year with more action and showing that they represent SC and no one will stomp on SC on their watch. I would have love to hear how she explained to her dad how the car got demolished.

    Lou: Yes my sweet Woke Lou, how are you?
    Lou: I have something to tell you. The car is totally destroyed.
    Dad: Was it in an accident?
    Lou: No, just mean and big Trojans decided to practice car mechanics on it.
    Dad: What do you mean car mechanics?
    Lou: Well they ripped off the fenders, stole the tires,, ripped the upholstery, popped the tires, took the hood and trunk lids, and spray painted to change the color to Cardinal and Gold. But knowing that i am a Woke, they will be nice and fix it. I will ask.

    Back in the day, it was blood or nothing. Now a days, everyone is so nice to each other. There is no love lost between a Trojan and a ruin. May it stay that way.

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      1. Well, SUCLA & Satan are in the same category as morons who voted for this shit storm caused by Dementia Joe. No matter how much some fools try to deny it being his fault.

        They have no choice but to try and deny it or else the blame would truly be on them (which we know it is) for having voted for it.


    1. Idiot Biden voter tried to tell me a couple of days ago he “did not vote for all of this”.

      I told him how full of shit he is, because ALL of the chaos we’re seeing here and in Ukraine was completely foreseeable when you vote in a cowardly, frail, old man with dementia. Only a complete idiot wouldn’t have seen each & every one of his failures coming.

      Even Barack expected him to f*** everything up!!

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      1. At some level, this isn’t about partisan issues. It is about the implications of having a cognitively impaired POTUS. And having a backup to POTUS who is worse.

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      2. The Big Week for voters who were paying attention came when Biden looked straight into the eye of the camera and referred to himself as Mrs. Biden… then referred to Kamala as President…then referred to Booker as President ….then said 200 million Americans had died in the previous week from automatic weapons….then got excited when called a “racist” & blew out his eyeball and went through the rest of the night with one normal eye and one blood filled eye —-ALL IN ONE DEBATE…

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      3. A man goes to Heaven and meets Jesus. While Jesus is showing him around, he spots a broken clock. “What’s that there for?” he asks. Jesus says “that’s Mother Teresa’s clock it has never moved because she has never lied.” Just over here is Abraham Lincoln’s clock. He lied twice, so it has moved twice.” “Where is Donald Trump’s clock?” asks the man. Jesus answers: “It’s in my office, I’m using it as a ceiling fan

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      4. …But they’re True Lies….

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      5. Yeah, MG, when it comes to lying, Biden makes Trump look like an amateur. An idiot who was stupid enough to vote for Biden can’t admit that.

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  7. I was extremely fortunate to have had John McKay as my head coach and Jimmy Jones as my QB in my undefeated 1969 senior season!
    We went 10-0-1 undefeated and 1970 Rose Bowl Champions. We finished a disappointing 3rd Nationally!
    We should have been No 1!
    Our 1969 team was loaded with future NFL draft picks and everyone got along great!
    The “Cardiac Kids” and the “Wild Bunch “
    Took advantage of every team we played!
    Our game plan usually worked out to our advantage and Coach McKay made great halftime and second half adjustments!
    In my four years at USC, the 1969 team was the best. Even though we were National Champions in 1967 and played for the 1968 National Championship in the 1969 Rose Bowl. In those years, 1966 Undefeated Freshman team and Varsity teams 1967-69,
    We went 29-2-2 !
    Fight On!
    Bob Jensen #51 LB
    1969 Team Co-Captain

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    1. I will feel blessed if we have another run like that….starting, like, right now, Bob. We need it.

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    2. I’d love to hear Bob’s views about Romello Height once the season is underway. He is out of the Jimmy Gunn-Charlie Weaver mold, same height, same weight, same quickness and speed, I hope he will have the same ability to break up plays that the Wild Bunch had. As a senior, Height had 16 QB sacks and 27 TFL. Those are one-off numbers:


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      1. The fella is a wrecking machine when he gets into the backfield. LB position was such a weakness last year, now we have Height, Shane Lee from Alabama, Gentry (sp?) from ASU, plus Raejon Davis will finally be coached. Who would have thought that Orlando would go from mediocre to a total, unmitigated disaster in one season under the Village Idiot?

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  8. About the card stunt pictures, 10 years ago the Trojans had just gotten off the bowl ban with Lane Kiffin as coach. The people sitting in that section probably picked their tickets up on eBay. It took a while for that to sink in- thus the late post.
    The band pretty much took over halftime and a lot of people left to drain the tailgate party beer from their bladders. Those stunts were pretty much passé by that time. And don’t get me started on the apathetic student body. Who ever thought going to school was about education?

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    1. Answer to last question: Not me!
      [I actually left the LSAT 15 minutes early to go watch Ike & Tina open for the Stones…I figured, “I already have enough of a score to get the fuck outta here and go have a good time..”]

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  9. Let’s all agree on sensible gun reform. Many of these mass shootings are done by teenagers. Let’s raise the age limit to buy guns to 21. It’s not a first step to gun confiscation It just makes common sense to do this.


  10. Are we ragging on the Pleasadent? That guy doesn’t know what to say. He said, “The second amendment is absolute.”
    So is he thinking he can wipe out the second line in the bill of rights? Someone needs to explain to him the amendment doesn’t grant citizens the right to own guns, it prohibits the government from taking them.
    What law is going to stop mass shootings? It’s against the law to kill. It’s against the law to carry a gun to school. It’s against the law to have a loaded gun in your car. It’s harder to buy a gun than it is for your dead grandparents to vote for him. (Maybe because they’re brain dead too)
    Let’s spell out what “sensible gun laws” are before enacting them.

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      1. Yes, he REALLY said that and 81M morons such as the crybaby we see here on this thread were stupid enough to vote for it. Pathetic.

        Yet mention repealing abortion and they suddenly cry about the constitution, which it doesn’t even cover! They truly represent the stupidest among us.


    1. Good luck getting the rest of the country to even where WE are in CA.

      Background check? No problem.
      10 day waiting period? No problem.

      But the grip fin they require for SARs? Actually makes the firearm LESS safe, as a result of the shooter having less control.

      I don’t really care if they pass anything, since Dims don’t really care about lives, as I’ve clearly illustrated at least a couple of times. Gun control is all about control, period. Only an idiot who’s ignoring all of the other lives this administration is costing would try to deny it.

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      1. Hey So Cal… You need to fucking chill out…. get back on your meds. Your dog and pony show is getting fucking old. Go voice your stupidity on Truth Social. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I will get in touch with WordPress and have them review your account.


      2. Good luck, you whiny little bitch. I’ve posted nothing threatening anyone and nothing that isn’t true.

        If anyone is unstable it’s you. You’re just crying because you were stupid enough to vote for all of this. WordPress is not going to be upset because I don’t enjoy seeing people suffer and die, as a result of YOUR stupidity.

        “I’m going to report you! Waaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!”



      3. Btw, now we see the kind of stupidity that made Biden think he could get away with his “Ministry of Truth”.

        I don’t like what you said/wrote! It hurt my feelings, cuz I’m a total wuss!! So I’m going to report you!! LMAO

        Our country has gotten so soft.


      1. …advice to all Trojans in the “over 100 category” —-if confronted by burglar: don’t go for the head shot (you’ll miss) —upper torso will do fine….

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    1. If someone is old enough to vote for a complete failure of a President such as Biden, they should be able to buy a firearm. If they raise it for firearms, they should raise it for voting.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s because you possess common sense. But idiots like the fool on this thread who’s stupid enough to deny that Dementia Joe has caused virtually all of the problems he’s facing? They don’t possess that quality.

        They were obviously raised by losers who taught them to always blame someone else. You know, the same way Dementia Joe does! LOL


      1. I will make an exception for my destain at UCLA. My wife has been childhood friends with Delanie Wisz’s(#97) mother. We have known this young lady since she was in diapers. Her older sister Stevie, won a Natty in 2019 while playing for UCLA


    1. I hope this doesn’t make us appear small —but I feel the same way…


  11. As I mentioned a few hours ago, Biden is a lying sack of shit. Just saw video of him from yesterday saying Americans are feeling comfortable, financially!!!!

    In what world is he in?!!! Yes, those of us in the top quartile are not concerned. We’re not happy about it, but we know we’ll get by just fine. But the bottom 3 quartiles are stressed out as hell and having to change their buying habits, watching every penny!!!

    81M idiots voted for this.


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