USC Saturday Buzz: Jason Gill On Way Out

USC will part ways soon with baseball coach Jason Gill, according to D1Baseball.

This is no surprise because USC hasn’t had a good season in three years under Gill and just finished in last place.

My thoughts on the baseball program are here.

It’s going to be hard to lure a successful Big 12 or SEC baseball coach to USC, a private school that can’t split 11.7 scholarships to the same benefit as public schools.

So USC might have to stay with a coach from the West or an assistant coach from a big program.

When USC hired Gill, the runner-up was Andy Stankiewicz of Grand Canyon, who has won four WAC titles and made the NCAA Tournament the past two years.

8 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Jason Gill On Way Out

  1. Notre Dame
    Air Force
    Those are five private institutions (4 with expensive costs of education – the AFA asks more of cadets than tuition) all of which are currently in the college baseball playoffs.

    That should force the “yeah but” crowd to shut up and stop making excuses for USC baseball.

    There is absolutely no excuse for USC baseball to be a clown show that hasn’t been relevant since before the birth of any young man currently eligible to play ball for the Trojans.

    If the five institutions listed here can succeed, so can USC. Those playoff participants are demonstrating that winning is possible despite academic standards, the 12.5 scholarship limit, and exorbitant tuition (which matters to families whose sons are only offered half-scholarships).

    Fix it. Now.

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  2. The bigger question is whether or not US. is going to fully commit to baseball as far as facilities and infrastructure. The biggest problem facing schools on the west coast are these two factors as compared to the SEC, ACC, and Big 12. California players are scattered all over the rosters of all three of those conferences.

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  3. The excuse that private schools cannot succeed in college baseball is a joke. Those that really know college baseball know this is not true.

    Money talks …….USC can, and should pay for a top coach whether that be from here in the West, SEC, or Big 12. Can USC afford it absolutely.

    Jason Gill, should have never been hired. He never did much at Loyola.
    Gill, was a Lynn Swann hire so that sums up that hire.

    I admire Mike Bohn for making the decision NOW……..USC should be at the top in the West for college baseball. Southern California is rich in baseball talent at both the JC and High School level. The last 10 years have been difficult to watch with teams like Oregon State, Washington, Cal, Stanford, UCLA, Arizona, and even Utah having better baseball programs year to year with smaller budgets for baseball.

    My top picks would be: Savage is and should be the top pick. After, Coach Savage all listed below would be great choices.

    1) John Savage- UCLA Former USC pitching coach under Mike Gillespie. USC should never have let him get away. Surely, USC should be able to give Savage a huge raise, and out bid UCLA. If you hire Savage probably the best Pac 12 baseball coach you get instant success, and weaken the strong UCLA program across town.
    2) Pat Casey- Former Oregon State Coach. Retired to take a break. Took the smaller program in Corvallis, and made it a national power with 3 national championships.
    3) Kirk Sarloos-TCU . Won a Big 12 Championship in his first year after taking over for legendary coach Jim Schlossnage who is now at TCU. Knows the private school college baseball recruiting angles.
    4) Jim Schlossnagle- Texas A & M. The best coach in college baseball at the moment. Built private school TCU into a national power, and doing the same at A & m.
    Might be too expensive, but if USC wants to win right away he is the guy, and they should pay him.
    5) George Horton- former Cal State Fullerton, and University of Oregon. He is now back in Southern California in semi-retirement, and he might be interested. Definitely, one of the better coaches in college baseball.
    6) Andrew Checketts- UCSB. Has built UCSB into a power in the West. Might be a sleeper good choice for USC. Former assistant at Oregon one of the better coaches in the West. He turned down the job before …….USC should make him an offer he can’t refuse this time as he knows he can only take the UCSB program so far with a limited athletic budget.
    7)Andy Stankiewicz- Grand Canyon. Former major league player, and graduate of the Pepperdine baseball program.

    Good move by Mike Bohn—now go out and hire a great coach this time not just one you can afford. If you can pay a Women’s Baseball Coach a million bucks a year you CERTAINLY this time can afford one of the top coaches in college baseball.

    USC baseball has a rich tradition in college baseball like USC football has in college football. Forget the private school excuse look what Vanderbilt, TCU, Gonzaga, Pepperdine, and Stanford are doing year after year.

    The top California baseball prospects use to have two choices- Attend USC or go pro. Now, all the good prospects are going elsewhere including out of state, and USC is not even in many of their top 5 choices. HEAD COACHES make a COLLEGE BASEBALL PROGRAM this time USC needs to pay for a proven winner not some second level choice or an assistant.

    RIP -Rod Dedeaux . USC owes you for all the great service to this university. It must be hard seeing your national power baseball program slip so far with so many poor coaching hires since you left us. The national championship you brought still rank USC as one of the top programs ever in college baseball I think this time Athletic Director Mike Bohn will make the right choice to bring the Trojans back to the top of college baseball.

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    1. Go with the UCSB Coach per his age, career trajectory and west coast ties . . . If he can recruit talent to Goleta, he’ll pipeline talent to LA . . . Some of the others listed are beyond their years and lack the energy to resuscitate this once glorious program . . . Have your checkbook ready to secure a skipper and too creatively offer academic grant-in-aid to prospects . . .


  4. One more big choice who just might take the USC baseball coach, and it would be a big time hire.

    Mike Scioscia- Former Angel Manager, 2021 Olympic Baseball Coach, and former Dodger Manager. Grew up and learned to manage and motivate from Mr. Tom Lasorda. Has the big name that the top baseball prospects would want to play for, and stay home or delay their pro career for a year or two. The best baseball coaches today have the analytics down, but the great ones know how to motivate which Scioscia does.

    I expect Mike Bohn to interview him. If he doesn’t reach out to him it’s a big mistake.
    The guy still lives in Southern California, and is growing tired of waiting for another major league managerial offer.

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  5. Mark Prior.

    We don’t need 60 year old has been’s. Competitive, Dodgers pitching coach, an all time USC great who loves the school.


  6. Scioscia a has been huh? I don’t think so. Let’ see that must mean Rod Dedeaux was a has been at 60, and looking at his record he won alot of games after age 60.
    Prior, would not take the job he has a great job already.
    USC should pay the bucks, and bring back Savage the UCLA coach to USC. He’s a proven winner, and is killing USC on recruiting.

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